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We’ve posted about our love for vintage clothes many times and we often wonder what it is about vintage that lures us in so much. We think it must be the fantasy and the romantic aura of vintage pieces, that makes us feel like we’re playing a part in an old Hollywood movie.

A similar effect we’ve grown obsessed with lately are ethnic prints. April is the month of international concepts of style! How do we know? Pick up any of the latest issues of fashion magazines and immerse yourself in a sea of beautiful prints and cuts with traditional wear vibes.

Elle Spain Mar 2013Elle Spain, March 2013


Miss Vogue Paris, April 2013

Clothes can often make you feel like you’re living in a fantasy of your own making; maybe that’s why we love them so much! The trick is not letting the “role” turn into a full on costume. Ethnic prints should therefore be worn intelligently, and why not make the outfit more interesting by throwing in inspirations from around the world?!

IMG_69161 IMG_69152

Vera wore an authentic Chinese gold and green blazer with a white buttoned down shirt, dark skinny jeans, golden toe flats, a gold and rope necklace and a frog ring.

IMG_69311 IMG_69261 IMG_69291 IMG_69431 IMG_69451 IMG_69511

Vera’s gorgeous blazer with its bold colors and intricate detailing is so attention grabbing that the rest of the outfit can be kept more minimalistic.

IMG_69491 IMG_69681

A white shirt and dark jeans make this outfit office ready.

IMG_69701 IMG_69721 IMG_69781



Rony wore an Eastern European-inspired patterned dress, South American-inspired wool poncho cardigan, 70’s inspired heels, studded and patterned cuffs and a vintage gold necklace.

IMG_69232 IMG_69242 IMG_69391 IMG_69381 IMG_69371

Mixing different prints both in Rony’s accessories and clothes made her outfit unique and interesting.

IMG_69351 IMG_69573 IMG_69593 IMG_69621

Wearing Rony’s dress with a knit pullover rather than a jacket or blazer dresses it down and makes it more day to day ready.

IMG_69631 IMG_69811

Even a plain white T Shirt can go amazingly well with that poncho that you got from Peru and never dared to wear!

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IMG_69871 IMG_69851 IMG_69921 IMG_4993 IMG_69831 IMG_4991

Photos taken at Tzemach Garden, Tel Aviv.


V & R

Hello loves!
This weekend marked the Jewish holiday of Purim, a holiday that celebrates the Jews’ deliverance from massacre and destruction in the ancient Persian Empire. In order to commemorate their salvation, Jews around the world celebrate in a day of feasting and rejoicing which includes dressing up in costumes and public celebrations.

We absolutely love costumes and dressing up so needless to say this is our favorite holiday!
Rony dressed up as a red-hot devil, wearing a red tutu, red corset, bright red wig and red horns.

Rony's costume Rony's Purim costume

Devil may care

Besides hundreds of parties everywhere you look, the biggest party of all took place in the streets!

As in every year during Purim, the city of Tel Aviv organized a huge street party which took place on a main road and included performances by the hottest DJ’s around, parades, headphone parties and most importantly, dancing in the street!

Tel Aviv Street Party Tel Aviv Street Party Tel Aviv Street Party

Headphones party

Ran into some bunnies Getting a lift Super creative costumesThis year pets took a huge part in the celebrations, so many people brought out their dogs, and the dogs were dressed to impress too, of course!

Ballerina dog Dog in bee wings

Happy Purim to all, may we never stop being merry and celebrating life!




Happy anniversary to our blog! What We Wear is a year old, and what a year it has been!!

What started from an idea of posting random pictures of our daily outfits here and there became an amazing worldwide fashion community! It all happened thanks to you, our amazing followers and readers! All the support gave us the motivation to build up a platform of fashion for “real people”, which expanded with forays into art, design, travel and culture all through our personal point of view.

What We Wore

How it all started!

We may attempt to pose like we’re gracing the pages of Vogue, but we never take ourselves too seriously. For this very special Blogaversary post we decided to share with you the “behind the scenes”, some of the funniest and most awkward moments from some of our posts over the past year:

Flower Children

We have so much fun we tend to forget ourselves; the camera can keep rolling and rolling.. More from this post here.

Blue Jeans

We try to reinvent posing. Vera: Horse face is the new duck face! More from Blue Jeans here.

Summer sunshine in a Winter Wonderland

Tongues are The Thing in our post Summer Sunshine in a Winter Wonderland


Balloons do wonders for your hair!Makeup Your Mind

We too have to brave the elements: sun in our eyes and wind in our face in Makeup your Mind

Fashion Playground

We don’t always look graceful in high heels. Rony’s high heeled platforms sinking in the sand in our post Fashion Playground.

Hitchcock Heroines

We get really silly. Vera gets a bit too into the horror movie theme in Hitchcock Heroines

Hot Pants!

We pay for buying cheap! Vera in Hot Pants

Who runs the World? Girls!

We get really possessive. “That’s my necklace! No, mine!” 

Midriff Barers

We can somehow magically switch haircolor. Vera being the blonde: “Wait, what..??”

Color Blocking

We are afraid of big bad monsters. Rony: “OMG is that a bee?!”

Midriff Barers

We’re great at multitasking, even while shooting our post Midriff Barers. Uber-fashionable pool cleaner anyone?

The Skirt Chronicles

We get really really tired. Rony takes a nap while shooting The Skirt Chronicles ZzzzZZZzzZzzzz.

But in all seriousness, our blog has given us an “excuse” to visit and document some of the most wonderful sites Tel Aviv has to offer.

Cut it Out

Rony at Tel Aviv’s Habima Theater, designed by architect Ram Karmi, in our post Cut it Out

…and attend some exclusive fashion events.

Tel Aviv Fashion Week

Fashion presentation we attended during Tel Aviv Fashion Week. Photo courtesy of Societe Perrier

And at the end of the day we always have fun because we are, afterall, best friends!

Casual Glam

Having a silly moment while shooting our post Casual Glam

This is the perfect opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us over the past year: our friends and families, those who allowed us to style them, those who allowed us to photograph them, the photographers and collaborators, the city of Tel Aviv and Israel in general for being the perfect backdrop, and most of all our amazing readers!

So what’s coming up next you ask? A lot of fashion of course, more cooperative work with the most amazing local designers, soon to come our own fashion column in a popular British website, full coverage of the local fashion events, more Street Style stars, personal styling tips and much more!

Getting Inspired

With hopes of delivering amazing content in the future,
For more What We Wear visit our facebook page, follow our twitter and our instagram!

Rony Shapira and Vera Watts

love always,
V & R

We caught up with Marina on a particularly sunny and uncharacteristically warm winter day and loved her effortless chic style! Marina immediately caught our attention with her supermodel good looks and endless legs and we were very pleased to find out that the beauty is also brainy!

Who: Marina, 26, Architecture student


Wore: Knit cardigan by Pull & Bear, sheer mint blouse by Forever 21, white top and mustard carryall by Studio Pasha, gray high waisted skirt by Twentyfourseven, multicolored sandals by Aldo, , and gold necklace and bracelet.

As a busy hard working student, Marina’s first concern when putting together an outfit for a full day of studying and working, is practicality. The girl makes it work!

Who will be our next Street Style Star??

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Rain drops keep falling on my head… but that don’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red!

Tel Aviv winterWinter in Tel Aviv. Photo courtesy of Ha’aretz, photographed by Moti Milrod

Winter is here! Of course Europe and the US have been enjoying wintery weather for a while now but Israel has only started getting rain and cold in recent months. So finally it’s time for us to break out the scarves, boots, umbrellas and our all time favorite winter must-have, the trench coats!

Made a style icon by Burberry, the trench coat is a must have for every winter wardrobe and goes with everything for everything: day to evening, high to low. This kind of fabulousness makes us wish it was raining all the time… ok well maybe not all the time!

Vera's trench

Vera wore her windbreaker version with a puffy knit turtleneck, plum skirt, cowboy boots, bright blue knit hat, leather drawstring bag and drop pendant necklace.

Vera's rainy day outfit IMG_51711

Vera's outfit

Vera's outfit

Vera's outfit

Blue and plum

sweater and skirt

cowboy boots

Rony wore her navy ruched sleeved version with a cowl neck sweater, print maxi skirt, knit scarf, faux fur booties, oversized patent leather bag, drop earrings and multicolored PVC and ribbon necklace by Marni for H&M.

Rony's trench

Multicolored jewelry

Rony's trench coat

Rony's outfit

Rony's winter outfit


Rony's outfit

Knit sweater and PVC necklace

Maxi print

Wedge booties

Share your favorite trench coats with us! What do you love to wear in winter?

Have a lovely winter!


Photos taken at the Cinematec square, Tel Aviv.

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Street performanceAs girls who have travelled and partied around the world, we can vouch for the fact that Tel Aviv has parties like nowhere else in the world.

The latest one we got to experience was a daytime street party which featured live dj and rock band performances, a runway show and some serious street dancing.

Rock star performanceWe loved what the singer of this band wore! So Couture!

Rock star performance

Dj live setSuper cool dj booth

Shenkin Street, a center of young and hip designer and vintage boutiques and a focal point for some of the city’s hottest individuals, had been undergoing renovations for the past few months. As the construction on the street ended, the city of Tel Aviv decided to throw a sort of “relaunch” party to celebrate the culture and fashion of Shenkin.

Street dancing

Crazy street dancing

IMG_39291Advertisements for the fashion event around the city

We had a blast!


Rony’s day party outfit: chiffon pearl-adorned romper, leather jacket, studded boots, and a print quilt bag

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Ladies and Gents, we are thrilled to introduce our new Tel Aviv Street Style column! Tel Aviv is an up and coming fashion capital with its own say and unique quirky style. Some of the city’s more inspiring fashion stars are just the people walking down the street. Since we love to people watch so much, we decided to start documenting as well!

Come find us out and about in Tel Aviv or on one of our photo shoots and you may become the city’s brightest fashionista!

Who: Sandra, 26, works in Fashion Networking.

Wore: Peplum pale pink dress by Sandro, studded leather jacket by Bec & Bridge, high heels by Zensu, studded leather satchel by Zadig & Voltaire, gold bracelet by Sass & Bide, and oversized stone ring by Israeli designer.

Sandra, who is constantly travelling between Tel Aviv, Paris and Sydney, loves to wear steeper brands but will never buy their products at full price; rather, she has a way of finding all the hottest sales!

Who will be our next Street Style Star??

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Tel Aviv Fashion Week is in full force and while the city is filled with super fashionable people and designer runway shows, the boutiques are celebrating as well!

You know those boutiques that are so beautiful you just have to stroll through them even if you can’t afford to buy anything? Such is Razili, a boutique selling all the biggest names in Israeli fashion and design innovation.

Of course we were thrilled to attend the boutique’s Fashion Night event, as part of Fashion Week.

Razili has a very unique approach to fashion and works hard on promoting young and promising Israeli designers. Their clothes are made from top notch fabrics and innovative sewing and cuts. Even better, if you ask us, are their accessories! One of our favorite jewelry labels is Noritami. If you recall, Rony rocked their wood and gold necklace at Tel Aviv’s Ready to Wear event. Noritami design accessories using a mix of unconventional materials, such as wood, polymer and fabric with all kinds of metals. The designs themselves are very architectural, which we are of course drawn to.

We loved seeing how the girls in the store put together their outfits, each giving the beautiful clothes and accessories their own twist!

The event was joined by a very romantic rainstorm that marked the much awaited official start of fall in Israel!

Rony wore a maxi asymmetrical navy skirt with a cream knit turtleneck, brown leather jacket, camel booties, golden lace necklace, and a Coach bag.

Vera wore forest green skinny jeans with an oversized gray sweater, green men’s cardigan, gray scarf, oversized necklace, satchel, and the Fly Foot booties we got during Fly Foot’s collection launch party.

Rony felt very artistic that night…

Photos taken at Hatahana, Tel Aviv

We hope you’re enjoying a very romantic autumn!



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What We Wear was in attendance as Maya Negri showcased her new collection for an intimate and exclusive crowd of celebs, fashion people, and internationally renowned bloggers.

The clothes and accessories were gorgeous, the music was awesome and the vibes were fun!

Maya Negri is an Israeli fashion designer whose unique line incorporates design, innovation and top quality all natural fabrics. True to the Israeli minimalist look, the collection featured a lot of monochromatic pieces -black, gray, cream and brown. The shapes and cuts of the clothes, however, make them very feminine and delicate.

This event was part of “Vibe Israel”, a blessed project launched as part of the effort of Nonprofit organization Kinetis. Kinetis is an organization dedicated to promoting the recognition of Israel internationally as a vibrant and inspirational source of creativity. As part of “Vibe Israel”, Kinetis invited five bloggers who are extremely influential in the fashion and design world, to learn, experience and document the creative side of the country. We were honored to take part in this project as we too believe that while it isn’t recognized as a fashion capital, Tel Aviv is progressive, innovative, and inspiring.

During the event we mingled with local fashion people and of course with the fashion bloggers.

Designer Maya Negri, Adi Kaplan senior project manager at Kinetis who lead the “Vibe Israel” project,  and the international bloggers

Rony and writer and blogger Robb Young, wearing matching cuffs

Rumi Neely and Bryan Boy

One very important tip we got from one of our favorite fashion bloggers, Daniel Dykes, was that success in this kind of media comes from doing your own unique thing and knowing the right people, like lot of other things in life! Hopefully someday the “right people” will take a chance on us

Vera and Daniel P Dykes of

Rony even got herself a goodie: Gray felt cropped vest!

Here’s how we dressed to impress:
Vera wore a flapper style shift dress adorned with stones, knit cardigan, leather satchel, and mustard kitten heels.

Rony wore an asymmetric shift dress, print scarf, men’s hat, vintage heels, woven clutch, and golden cuffs.

Keep it simple and stay fabulous!

xx V & R

For more pictures from Vibe Israel events and the bloggers’ tour of Israel visit Kinetis facebook page.

Fashion week Tel Aviv is coming up and we’re your main women for all the big events! Follow us for more fashion events, styling, travel and much more fabulousness!
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Hello friends!

A monochromatic palette is always in fashion! Black white and gray are colors that always look sharp and stylish; the secret is how to make them look unique and new each time.

This photoshoot was taken at (and inspired by) the new extension to Tel Aviv Museum, designed by American architect Preston Scott Cohen. The unique geometric structure of the building gives it complexity both from the outside and in the interior space created.

The building was built out of premade slabs of concrete supported by a premade steel structure, all designed using parametric design softwares. The simplicity of the geometries and the concrete “look” together with the innovative way in which the building and interior spaces were designed inspired us to put together outfits that are simplistic in their color palettes yet interesting and modern.

Vera wore a monochrome stained print tunic with gray studded leggings and a gray vest.

To mix different styles with the grayish tones Vera wore a metal and plastic necklace and a studded belt and black ballerina flats that softened the whole look.

I wore a sequined miniskirt with an off the shoulder lacy white blouse and a black men’s vest.

By wrapping the vest around my waist with a gray obi-like belt, I made the vest very feminine and flattering.

I completed the look with a print cuff, beige strappy wedges and a yellow clutch that gave the outfit a pop of color.

To keep a monochromatic outfit from going dull we like to wear items that add a bit of sparkle, such as sequins and studs which are very big right now!

Photos taken at Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Have a wonderful and inspiring day!

xoxo Rony & Vera

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