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Hello fellow fashion lovers!

We find that there’s no more inspiring fashion scene than the one found on the streets. The styles found on the streets of New York during the latest New York Fashion Week were no exception! From Olivia Palermo to Miroslava Duma, the ladies of New York fashion wowed us! One theme we particularly loved on the ladies were the different modern takes on flower prints.


Fashion big guns Natalie Joos, Miroslava Duma and Anya Ziourova wearing flower prints. Photo courtesy of

Here are some of our ideas:


Flowered Romance
Vera’s version, a romantic pleated frock in subdued fall colors, is perfect for evenings as we transition into fall.

Vera wore a one shoulder pleated flower print dress with a vintage Prada bag, peep-toe kitten heels, gold chain necklace with leaf pendants, and a link cuff.

IMG_91782 IMG_91812 IMG_91902IMG_92191 IMG_92211 IMG_92571IMG_92641 IMG_92701 IMG_92731 IMG_92801

**maternity styling tips** The empire cut of Vera’s dress is a comfortable and flattering shape for maternity, because it is sewn above the belly and from there flows down.

IMG_92881 IMG_92922 IMG_92932 IMG_92952 IMG_92961 IMG_93131

This dress can be worn during the day with a cardigan and ankle boots, or in the evening with high heels.

Rose Garden
For those of you who are having trouble letting summer go, as we are, bright colors and mismatched prints are still in style and sure to raise the mood of any fall day.

Rony wore a pop art inspired flower print top by Blueberry, flower print peplum skirt, vintage pumps, pearl and satin flower earrings by designer Lee Kodo, and oversized bright colored cocktail rings.

IMG_91991IMG_92252 IMG_92292 IMG_92351 IMG_92382 IMG_92411 IMG_92432 IMG_92462 IMG_92471 IMG_92481

The Fall 2013 collections boasted accessories and jewelry that were as colorful and intricate as the clothes.

IMG_93012 IMG_93031 IMG_93052 IMG_93061 IMG_93072 IMG_93092

The fun advantage of being architects is that we have access to cool construction sites!
Photos taken at a Givat Ada construction site.


IMG_91762 IMG_91773 IMG_91741

More ideas on how to wear flower prints here.

Follow us as we report from Israel’s fashion week, fashion and street art exhibits, and the most fabulous trends for fall!

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V & R

August is coming to an end this week and soon the weather will start to cool down and fall will arrive. Where we are it’s too hot to even start thinking about a fall wardrobe so we like to take advantage of this time before the seasons change and wear some of our favorite summer trends and staple items.

1. Tropical prints: These colorful prints are summery and fun and will always remind us of our favorite tropical get away. They can be worn during colder months with tights and a darker palette.


2. Sea-inspired fashion: We could live at the beach and love fashions that reminds us of the sea. More ideas on how to wear sea-inspired and nautical fashion here.


3. Gladiator sandals: The gladiators in their many versions have ruled the sandals scene in the past several summer seasons. Both practical and chic for the hot and humid summer months, our prediction is that the gladiators are not going anywhere anytime soon!


4. Cropped tops: While this is a trend that isn’t for everyone and isn’t so easily wearable, we absolutely love it for day and night. The crop top can go retro and romantic with a high-waisted midi skirt or sleek chic with wide legged trousers. Our little bit of advice is: don’t show your belly button and don’t wear the crop top with anything tight on bottom; no one wants to look like a 90’s teeny bopper!


5. Oversized, colorful jewelry: The fashion world has been taken over by lavish statement making jewelry. Our favorite designer is Liat Ginzburg; she makes unique one of a kind creations that can go with anything from jeans and a T-shirt to cocktail dresses.


6. Fancy slipper flats: The pointy slipper flats are so elegant and sexy that we would wear them for evening as well!


Rony wore a backless cropped top with tropical print high waisted shorts, Liat Ginzburg necklace, yellow clutch, and pointy-toed slipper flats.

IMG_88623 IMG_87541 IMG_87581 IMG_87591 IMG_87602 IMG_88051 IMG_88083 IMG_88322 IMG_88333 IMG_88373 IMG_88383 IMG_88403

IMG_88732 IMG_88771 IMG_88672

Vera wore a tropical flower print dress with a thin plaited belt, seashells necklace, and metallic gladiator sandals.

IMG_87501 IMG_87521 IMG_87781 IMG_87871 IMG_87941 IMG_88182 IMG_88261 IMG_88271 IMG_88451 IMG_88471 **Maternity styling tips** The wide A shape of the dress is a perfect fit for comfort. The bright print blurs the developing pregnancy bump while showing a bit of skin as well!

IMG_88571 IMG_88581 IMG_88542

As much as we love the hustle and bustle of the city, there’s no better surprise than finding a gorgeous garden with a fish pond to get away to! This little urban jungle not far from our offices  allows us to get away for a bit and take a break from our busy schedules.

IMG_87422 IMG_87671 IMG_87401 IMG_87723 IMG_88091


Photos taken at Kiryat Sefer Garden, Tel Aviv.


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Have a wonderful last week of August everyone!
V & R

Summertime is here! The perfect time to go sailing and spend as much time by the pool or at the beach as possible! Us working girls don’t always have the kind of time to sunbathe all day so what’s better than wearing the perfect summer dress to make you feel like you are at sea?!
Nautical-inspired clothing is the kind of the trend that comes back every summer season and leaves us feeling like the coolest skipper in town!

IMG_5918 IMG_5898

Sailboats on the beautiful Mediterranean at Gordon beach, Tel Aviv. 

Rony wore a wave print T Shirt dress with a striped quilt bag, rope and gold necklace, patterned and studded cuffs and cage high heeled sandals.

IMG_84551 IMG_84611 IMG_84621 IMG_84632 IMG_84641 IMG_84821 IMG_84082 IMG_84092IMG_84122 IMG_84141 IMG_84152 IMG_84372 IMG_84382 IMG_84493

Vera wore a cut-out striped dress with a rope belt, layered charm necklace, gold plate necklace and vintage cat heel sandals.


IMG_84691 IMG_84731 IMG_84751 IMG_84771 IMG_84781 IMG_83972 IMG_84012 IMG_84041 IMG_84072

IMG_83982 IMG_84351 IMG_84281 IMG_84301

The great thing about these dresses is that they could be worn with heels to a party on a yacht or can be worn over a bikini for the hottest look at the beach. All it takes is the right shoes and accessories!

IMG_84184 IMG_84193 IMG_84212

Photos taken at Cinematec Tel Aviv.
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Have a lovely summer!


V & R

Summer is officially here, and what a way to kick summer off with the month of July, the month of both our birthdays!

Days and nights are getting warmer and the humidity is getting more intense. Time to break out some easy breezy, comfortable summer wear!
Our favorite summer uniform is long loose dresses, classy ones that labels such as Oscar de la Renta and Diane Von Furstenberg have been perfecting each season. Ones that you can wear all day in sandals or slip on a pair of heels and wear in the evening.


Here are some of our favorites:
Rony wore a midi strapless print dress with a waist cinching belt, gold leather sandals, rope and gold woven clutch, wide brimmed hat and lots of vintage jewelry.


Rony’s outfit is perfect for long days in the sun. The right accessories keep it stylish and chic.



IMG_83661 IMG_82581 IMG_82621 IMG_82631 IMG_82711

IMG_82491 IMG_83161 IMG_83201 IMG_83501 IMG_83511



Vera wore a loose fitted print baby doll mini dress with cork wedges and a large beaded necklace.


Vera’s dress is so comfortable it can last you through an entire hot day. Vera’s accessories offset the cuteness of the dress and make the look more grown up – ready to tackle business as well as pleasure!

IMG_83831 IMG_83841 IMG_83851 IMG_83801

IMG_82821 IMG_82851 IMG_82871 IMG_82891 IMG_82901 IMG_82941 IMG_83041 IMG_83321 IMG_83361 IMG_83371 IMG_83391 IMG_83441 IMG_83491

We found the most amazing location for this photoshoot: a section of Herzlia park that was recently remodeled with a wooden walkway surrounded by tall reeds and trees. The perfect spot for a picnic or a summer stroll!

IMG_83091 IMG_83111 IMG_82911 IMG_83251 IMG_83291 IMG_83301 IMG_83901

Photos taken at Herzlia Park.

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V & R

It’s so inspiring to see an artist’s work process and to see them in their element.
We were invited to Hagar Satat’s studio to experience some of her work process as she launches her new collection. As two girls who live and breathe fashion sometimes we feel that we’ve seen all. Satat’s work, however, surprised and excited us!


Hagar Satat is a celebrated Israeli jewelry and accessories designer. She graduated from the prestigious Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and soon after opened her first design studio and launched her first collection. She has her own stores in Tel Aviv and sells her designs at retailers across the country, as well as in North America and Europe.

While Hagar’s education focused mostly on jewelry, she also explored different areas of fashion and textile. These different disciplines are displayed nicely in Hagar’s creations, her accessories are focused on creating the perfect dialogue between the materials she uses – silver and gold, leather, plastic, and fabrics.

IMG_80412 IMG_80421 IMG_80433 IMG_80441

IMG_80921 IMG_80621 IMG_80642

We were lucky enough to have been treated to a private tour of the studio, while Satat herself explained her design process in each collection. We then snooped around every shelf and nook of the studio, trying to take in as much design as possible!


We are big fans of Hagar’s designs and were delighted to get a glimpse into the behind the scenes of the designer’s work. Satat’s jewels have the capability not only to upgrade an outfit, but even to make the outfit and become the main attraction rather than the background piece.

Our favorite pieces:
We are absolutely in love with Hagar’s gold, PVC and leather cuffs!

IMG_80681 IMG_80392 IMG_80671

They slip on the wrist, no need for annoying clasps that scratch your skin. they come in gorgeous colors, perfect for summer. They make a statement all on their own but also look amazing piled up! These are definitely going on our birthday wish list!

IMG_80722 IMG_80732

Satat recently launched a new collection, Perlin, offering jewelry that can be suited for younger clients and is more accessible and day-to-day ready.

IMG_80941 IMG_80451

The best part of the event was that Hagar treated us to our own leather and gold bracelets! We got to pick the color of the leather braid, both of us picked a gorgeous green color, and are now proud owners of a limited edition Hagar Satat bracelet!

IMG_80852 IMG_81101 IMG_81012 IMG_81032
Have we mentioned how much we love being fashion bloggers?!

Hagar looked lovely in an oversized print tunic, minimalistic sandals, and her own leather and gold drop necklace.

IMG_81063What We Wear and Hagar Satat

Vera wore a sparkly graphic print T Shirt with a layered midi skirt, mustard cardigan, studded moccasins and collar necklace, and a knit bag.

IMG_81131 IMG_81161 IMG_81172

Rony wore a toucan-print peplum top with a layered miniskirt, gray patent stilettos, vintage silk and Perspex purse and a layered necklace.

IMG_81182 IMG_81192 IMG_81232

For more of Hagar Satat’s jewelry and store locations visit her website here.
More of our favorite local accessories designers here.
Want to know more about how to make your favorite graphic T Shirt ultra chic, as Vera did? More ideas here.

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V & R

Happy Sunday everyone!

Last night we went to Asaf Avidan’s concert in Caesaria’s amphitheater and are still enchanted by Avidan’s spell!


Asaf Avidan is an internationally renowned Israeli musician and multitalent. He sings, writes songs, plays the guitar, electric guitar and harmonica and casts a spell on his bewildered audience. We’ve always been big fans of his music but nothing could’ve prepared us for such an incredible, nearly three hour live show!

IMG_5549 IMG_5550 IMG_5553

The concert took place in Caesaria, home to one of the most beautiful archeological sites in the world, dating back to the Roman Empire. The performance was held in a Roman amphitheater, adding to the dramatic effects and powerful acoustics.


Rony at Caesaria’s amphitheater.IMG_55681

One of our favorite songs from Asaf Avidan’s latest album (Different Pulses), Love it or Leave it.

Visit Asaf’s website here for more info and tour dates. We highly recommend listening to his music and going to his concerts!



You know those days when you’re fed up with all the clothes you own and feel like wearing something new and refreshing? Both of us get in that kind of a mood every once in a while and instead of buying something new each time, our solution is to mix items in a new, unexpected way!

Our favorite combinations are made by putting our party dresses to good use and making them more day-to-day ready while giving them an extra kick of cool . What’s better than putting together your favorite T-Shirts with your hottest dresses and piling on accessories?!

IMG_78702 IMG_78711


Vera wore a collared Little Black Dress with her cheeky “No Silicon” T-Shirt.

IMG_79881 IMG_79961 IMG_79991 IMG_80011That’s right boys and girls, this girl is all real! Vera accessorized with red velvet bow pumps, red clutch, and cuffs she made herself out of magazine cutouts!


Rony wore a pink dress with a men’s T-Shirt she got in Peru. Clothes we buy while traveling around the world are always our favorite part of the outfit – they bring back wonderful memories from our travels!

IMG_79731 IMG_79811 IMG_79821 IMG_79832

Rony accessorized with checkered peep toes, multicolored satchel and a pearl collar necklace.


We both wore spiked headbands, which we are absolutely obsessed with at the moment!

IMG_79922 IMG_79801

IMG_78871 IMG_78891 IMG_78932


IMG_79131 IMG_79241 IMG_79281 IMG_79361 IMG_79341 IMG_79371 IMG_79401

IMG_78761 IMG_78732 IMG_78793 IMG_78802 IMG_78831 IMG_79412 IMG_79422 IMG_79472 IMG_79521

IMG_79484 IMG_79532 IMG_79562 IMG_79682

Photos taken at Ra’anana Park.

IMG_78621 IMG_79111 IMG_80081 IMG_80171 IMG_80291 IMG_80241 IMG_78691

We would love to see your ideas on how to fabulously layer clothes and accessories, share them on our facebook page! Follow us on twitter and instagram for more fashion and styling ideas!

IMG_78883 IMG_79081

V & R

Matching sets and suits have always been elegant and classy but have lately taken on a new role and became more interesting and unexpected. The modern woman’s suit is one that should be suited to the many activities of her day. A perfect set could be made up of matching patterns or prints, colors, or cuts.

IMG_76171 IMG_76181

Vera wore a vintage pink silk and lace set composed of a button down blouse and maxi skirt.Vera matched her set with a skinny belt, and cut out kitten heels.

IMG_76751 IMG_76761 IMG_76781

IMG_76921 IMG_76231 IMG_76581 IMG_76591 IMG_76691 IMG_76701


Vera’s outfit is breezy and comfortable yet extremely chic and classy.

Rony wore a green set composed of green shorts and a green blazer. Rony wore her set with a flower print blouse and leopard print mary janes.

IMG_76871 IMG_76881 IMG_76892 IMG_76901

IMG_76291 IMG_76332 IMG_76371 IMG_76382 IMG_76451IMG_76512

Rony’s outfit is perfect for a full day of chic and can go from day to night.

Welcome to suburbia. Although we are city girls at heart there’s something nice about waking up to a white picket fence and lots of green.

Photos taken at Givat Ada.

More ideas on how to put together chic sets here.
More ideas on how to mix and match different prints here.

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As architects, there’s nothing that inspires us more than an open plaza overlooking the city’s buildings – the square shapes, the different proportions, the geometries. As fashionistas, there’s nothing we love more than mixing prints and wearing things our own way.


Geometric prints have ruled the fashion scene for the past couple seasons and show no sign of slowing down. Whether it was checkered dresses at Vuitton or rhombus print suits at Prada, this trend is everywhere you look! We particularly loved the pop art qualities of the lavish prints and decided to paint a picture of our own:

IMG_73632 IMG_73642

Rony wore an Escher-esque print puffy sleeved dress with a checkered Prada bag, studded moccasins and lots of big and bold geometric jewelry.

IMG_74661 IMG_74691

IMG_74702IMG_74711 IMG_74671

Quick fix up for a bad hair day: tie your hair up in a tight ponytail and braid it for a look that is chic, classy and pulled together.


IMG_73993 IMG_74001 IMG_74021 IMG_74092 IMG_74141

IMG_74153IMG_74171 IMG_74302 IMG_74331 IMG_74234 IMG_74602 IMG_74622 IMG_74632

IMG_73702 IMG_73712

Vera wore a Lichtenstein-esque star printed cut out tunic with red high waisted trousers, black blazer, big and bold geometric silver jewelry, leopard print glasses and studded flats.


IMG_74811 IMG_74821 IMG_74851 IMG_74881

Vera’s tunic is so versatile – it can be worn as a dress or tucked in as a blouse and can be casual or office ready with a fitted blazer.

IMG_74861 IMG_73851 IMG_73881 IMG_73911 IMG_73921 IMG_73981 IMG_73901 IMG_74341 IMG_74421 IMG_74561

The ultimate city girl isn’t afraid to wear attention-grabbing bold prints and stop traffic!


Photos taken at the Millennium Building Plaza, Tel Aviv.


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V & R

Happy Monday everyone!

We like to lead a healthy lifestyle, we eat healthy and take care of our figures by exercising regularly. We try not to compromise our style, and stay fashionable even while sweating at the gym. If we make an effort to infuse fashion into our sportswear why not do the opposite as well: infuse comfort into our fashion wear! We did so by turning some of our favorite sportswear items into chic wardrobe staples that can be worn just about anywhere!

IMG_70991 IMG_71002

Sportswear and ready to wear have been mixing a lot recently, from designer collaborations at the big athletic clothes brands (case in point Stella McCartney for Adidas), to sneakers that sport the trendiest prints and colors. What’s not to love about a trend that doesn’t only look good but is also so easily wearable, flattering and comfortable!


Rony wore vintage pink running shorts with a striped button down blouse, gray oversized jacket and beige and pink flats.

IMG_71891 IMG_71861 IMG_71871 IMG_72071 IMG_71851

Rony’s super short shorts look great with oversized items on top, so as not to reveal too much skin.

IMG_70932 IMG_71391 IMG_71481 IMG_71343 IMG_71193 IMG_71521 IMG_71572 IMG_71602Vera wore an Adidas pencil skirt, striped button down blouse, yellow jacket, studded belt and studded flats.

IMG_71981 IMG_71991 IMG_72001 IMG_71961 IMG_72021 IMG_71931

Vera’s look is ready to tackle a long day at the office.

IMG_71281 IMG_71331 IMG_71271 IMG_71081

IMG_71092 IMG_71621 IMG_71671 IMG_71741 IMG_71761

Photos taken at Cinematec, Tel Aviv.

IMG_71051 IMG_71781 IMG_71801 IMG_71812

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Wishing you all a wonderful week,
V & R


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