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Tomorrow Israel celebrates its 66th Independence Day, and we of course celebrate in style.

IMG_73011This year, as in every Independence Day celebration, we like to dress in blue and white, the colors of the Israeli flag. Not only is this a sign of our patriotism and love for our country, but also happen to be classy colors you can’t go wrong with!

Here’s what we’re wearing this holiday:

Rony is wearing a blue dress with white espadrilles, white cuffs and white earrings.


Vera is wearing a black and blue patterned frock with strappy wedges and an oversized silver necklace.


Happy 66th, Israel and happy celebrations to Israelis around the world!
V & R

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We love the holidays because to us they always mean big celebrations, big holiday dinners and lots of quality time with our families. Another great thing about the holidays is that they’re an awesome excuse to dress up and feel ladylike in our favorite dresses.

Vera wore a lace overlay mint cocktail dress with bow tied kitten heels and silver jewelry.


IMG_7197Rony wore a layered dark gray halter dress with metallic heels and an oversized gold necklace.




IMG_23121 IMG_7202


We wish a wonderful Passover to those who celebrate, and a fabulous upcoming Easter! We’d love to see what you wore this holiday, share photos on our facebook page!

V & R

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Love is in the air, everywhere I look around. Love is in the air, every sight and every sound.


We know it’s so cliché to wear red on Valentine’s Day, but it is the holiday of everything red: hearts, blushing, etc.

To give Red a bit of a twist of our own we decided to dress it up with denim, leather, lots of spikes, and a bit of a funky punky flair. Because you know, sometimes love hurts but it’s definitely worth all that trouble.

IMG_15081 IMG_15051

For a cool Valentine’s date at a concert, a stroll through the park or dinner and a movie, Vera wore:

Rolling Stones T-Shirt over a layered polka dot dress, studded jean jacket, rhinestones collar necklace and bow-adorned pumps.

IMG_15571 IMG_15591 IMG_15631 IMG_15871
Vera’s outfit says: I’m cool enough to hang with your buddies and still look super chic.

IMG_15021 IMG_14991 IMG_14931 IMG_14971 IMG_15351 IMG_15441 IMG_15481

For a sexy Valentine’s date at a cool wine bar or a night of dancing, Rony wore:


Patterned pink crop top, high waisted vintage puffy skirt with studded belt, studded leather jacket, patterned tights, leather and gold necklace and studded mary janes.


IMG_15741 IMG_15792 IMG_15821

Rony’s outfit says: I’m confident and fun and not afraid to show it.

IMG_14781 IMG_14851 IMG_14891 IMG_14793 IMG_14862 IMG_15221 IMG_15171

IMG_15132 IMG_14771 IMG_15141

***Styling tip*** Always leave room for a bit of spontaneity on the date and wear shoes that you can walk in for more than a few feet!

IMG_14721 IMG_14731

We like to celebrate love every day of the year; we don’t need a special occasion to show the ones we love how much they mean to us. Spread the love you fabulous people!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
V & R

Need help planning what you’ll wear this coming spring? Check out our Spring 2014 styling guide!

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We hope everyone enjoyed their New Years Eve celebrations! We always take time at the end of the year to reflect on the past year and take the time to think about our resolutions. We’ve both had an amazing and very important year and can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!

May we all have the most amazing, happy, healthy, fun, and successful year!

new year

Don’t forget to share your New Years Eve outfits on our facebook page!

V & R

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Hello lovely fashionistas and fashionistos,

We hope you are enjoying your holiday season! Next week is New Years Eve and we plan on starting the new year in style. In the following days leading up to December 31st we will be posting styling ideas for what to wear to a fabulous New Years Eve party, dinner with friends, and any other celebration you may have planned.

Holiday Sparkle


Rony wore a sequined crop top, high waisted harem trousers, studded leather jacket, high heeled ankle boots and a coach bag. This is an edgy, sexy look perfect for a cool holiday party. Style your hair up in a ponytail and rock minimalistic accessories to complete the look.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season,
V & R

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Happy Halloween to our friends around the world!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday, partied and ate lots of sweets!! We love dressing up and any excuse to wear costumes is a cause for celebration!! Here’s what we wore this Halloween:
















Vera dressed up as a slutty nun (who got knocked up)!

IMG_63271Rony dressed up as a black kitty cat!

IMG_63261Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!


More What We Wear on facebook, twitter, and instagram!

V & R

Tomorrow is Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement, one of the holiest days in the Jewish religion. Jews observe this holy day of atonement and repentance by fasting and praying for 24 hours and asking for forgiveness from those we believe we’ve wronged. While we’re not very devout or religious we think there’s something really beautiful about taking a pause from our hectic lives and taking time to atone for what we believe we’ve done wrong and to appreciate everything we have.


This picture was taken in Israel’s southern desert, on the long road that leads from the South to Tel Aviv, in the center. To us this picture symbolizes the long and winding, yet rewarding journey we’ve had in the past year.

We wish you all a wonderful weekend and easy fast to those who observe Yom Kippur.

More photography on our instagram page.

V & R

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