International Concepts of Style

We’ve posted about our love for vintage clothes many times and we often wonder what it is about vintage that lures us in so much. We think it must be the fantasy and the romantic aura of vintage pieces, that makes us feel like we’re playing a part in an old Hollywood movie.

A similar effect we’ve grown obsessed with lately are ethnic prints. April is the month of international concepts of style! How do we know? Pick up any of the latest issues of fashion magazines and immerse yourself in a sea of beautiful prints and cuts with traditional wear vibes.

Elle Spain Mar 2013Elle Spain, March 2013


Miss Vogue Paris, April 2013

Clothes can often make you feel like you’re living in a fantasy of your own making; maybe that’s why we love them so much! The trick is not letting the “role” turn into a full on costume. Ethnic prints should therefore be worn intelligently, and why not make the outfit more interesting by throwing in inspirations from around the world?!

IMG_69161 IMG_69152

Vera wore an authentic Chinese gold and green blazer with a white buttoned down shirt, dark skinny jeans, golden toe flats, a gold and rope necklace and a frog ring.

IMG_69311 IMG_69261 IMG_69291 IMG_69431 IMG_69451 IMG_69511

Vera’s gorgeous blazer with its bold colors and intricate detailing is so attention grabbing that the rest of the outfit can be kept more minimalistic.

IMG_69491 IMG_69681

A white shirt and dark jeans make this outfit office ready.

IMG_69701 IMG_69721 IMG_69781



Rony wore an Eastern European-inspired patterned dress, South American-inspired wool poncho cardigan, 70’s inspired heels, studded and patterned cuffs and a vintage gold necklace.

IMG_69232 IMG_69242 IMG_69391 IMG_69381 IMG_69371

Mixing different prints both in Rony’s accessories and clothes made her outfit unique and interesting.

IMG_69351 IMG_69573 IMG_69593 IMG_69621

Wearing Rony’s dress with a knit pullover rather than a jacket or blazer dresses it down and makes it more day to day ready.

IMG_69631 IMG_69811

Even a plain white T Shirt can go amazingly well with that poncho that you got from Peru and never dared to wear!

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IMG_69871 IMG_69851 IMG_69921 IMG_4993 IMG_69831 IMG_4991

Photos taken at Tzemach Garden, Tel Aviv.


V & R

  1. I love Vera’s ethnic print jacket and Rony..that dress is gorgeous.

  2. So true about April. Looove Vera’s intricate blazerand that super cool ring. Rony rocked the ethnic look in that great dress, and funky shoes. Don’t know which outfit I like more 😉

    XOXO Nensi

  3. Donald said:

    Rony I’m obsessed with your dress and Vera your dress is gorgeous!!


  4. I love that dress and cardigan together! 🙂

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