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Hello world!

As students of design we are constantly looking for inspiration. Here are pictures from an exhibit we visited at Tel Aviv’s ZeZeZe Architecture gallery.

What’s cool about this exhibit is that the display could be viewed from various points of view, one could roll around in the chairs offered at the exhibit and enjoy the projects from underneath, from the side, and be surrounded by the project from all directions

To find out about exhibits at the gallery visit:

Hello fellow fashionistas!

This picture is actually from fall of 2010 but we just had to share it!

Color is a great way to make an outfit really pop out, especially in the gray fall season. It really lifts the spirit and gives you a boost of confidence.

Don’t be afraid to use color in your wardrobe!!!

Color me happy tights


So for our first post I’ve decided to post a pic from one of our latest dates.. Rony just got this amazing pair of booties with a matching scarf after a long-time-no-seen shopping spree in Ramat Gan! (one of our favorite shopping destinations) and I finally got a chance to wear that oversized dress-shirt (size 44) with my huge wedges that I allow myself to wear only with Rony!


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