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We love being feminine, and being the girly girls we are, we can greatly appreciate a good skirt or dress.

However, there’s nothing sexier than a woman who can carry off a good pair of trousers, the more masculine the better.  Pants can be elegant and dressy in a very cool, non-obvious way.

What better way to display our pants than with an architectural, metropolitan backdrop?!

Unfortunately the strong wind knocked down my camera and we had no choice but to continue the photo shoot with our iPhones. But don’t despair! The fun continued as we played on the beautiful concrete sculptures.

Vera wore wide legged pants that with all the wind and volume looked like a very cool maxi skirt. She put together an edgy look with a striped top, gray vest, studded belt, ballerina flats, silver chain necklaces and a massive rhinestone ring.

I wore jockey-like balloon pants, one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I own, with a button down shirt, high heeled oxfords, vintage Ray Bans, big rings, and peachy necklace and earrings.

While we did decide we wanted to post about some of our coolest trousers, we never agreed on color, and somehow we ended up coordinating our color palettes. What can we say, great minds think alike!


Photos taken at Edith Wolfson Park, Tel Aviv, where the sculptures were designed by architect Dani Karavan.

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xoxo Vera & Rony

Hello fashionistas!

Shorts with tights: hot or not? We’ve heard different opinions.

We believe the following: if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Especially when it comes to legs, which Vera and I both have miles of. Shorts are a great way of showing off your legs, and why have to give that up in winter?!

For this reason exactly we decided to shoot outfits with some of our favorite shorts and prove that you can make them work in winter, and even make a very sophisticated look out of them!

Vera agreed with the park scenery in her flower petal green shorts which she wore with a yellow sweater, black suit jacket, gingham peep toe heels and a charm necklace.

I went for a color burst in my high waisted red vintage shorts worn with a white button down shirt, knit  kimono cardigan, moccasin wedges, patent bottle-green tote and gold and red-enamel earrings.

Keep us posted on what you think of this look and how you plan on keeping it hot while the weather is still cold.

Photos taken at Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv

xoxo Vera&Rony

We like to keep our outfits interesting and unexpected; wearing bold prints is a great way to put together a creative outfit. Sometimes even mixing different prints can be a visual fete, as long as it’s done wisely.

Vera channeled Jackie O in a houndstooth shift dress which she wore with her skyscraper-high platform booties, a beautiful ornamental gold necklace, gold adorned bangle and a black leather jacket.

I was all about the romance in a pale pink leopard print puff-sleeved dress, heart print tights, camel pumps, silk hair tie, and lots of big jewelry. Sometime the best place to shop is your friends’ closets; my brown leather jacket is from my best friend (it wasn’t Vera’s closet I raided this time!)

One thing’s for sure about prints, you will definitely not go unnoticed while wearing them! So go put on some fabulous prints and get ready to stop traffic!

Photos taken around Tel Aviv’s Neve Tzedek neighborhood.

xoxo Vera&Rony

Hello loves!

Our friend Mariana, a very busy Biology student who doesn’t have much time for shopping, complained to us that she doesn’t know how to wear and put together some of her favorite clothes. Vera and I came to the rescue and jumped at the opportunity to style someone other than ourselves 🙂

It turns out that Mariana has great closet staples, from skirts to tops, shoes to accessories. We just helped her put together the outfits and had a blast doing it. While usually conservative in her fashion choices, Mariana was the perfect subject and model! She was totally open to our suggestions and got creative with us, putting her own say into the outfits.

Lessons learned from this styling experience:

– Opposites do attract: big with small, flowy with tight, even opposite prints and colors.

– While we all go for the trend, the most important value of the outfit is that your personality shines through it and that you don’t become just a hanger.

– Dress for your body, not everything is flattering on everyone.

– Most importantly, fashion is all about being open minded, letting loose and having fun!


Hello boys and girls,

Geek is in! Every one of us has their inner geek, it’s all a matter of whether we chose to embrace our geekiness or not. Vera and I say why not show your nerdy self in the best way possible?!

For our first photoshoot, which we are sooo excited about, we dressed like our proper nerdy school girls-selves and the result? Très chic!

Vera was office ready in her Ray Ban glasses and a pinstriped button down shirt tucked into a high waisted skirt. She put a cool twist on the look with her furry booties and represented in an English flag cardigan.

I wore a vintage school girl dress with knee-high socks and ballerina flats and a briefcase-like bag. I offset the good girl look with a cropped leather jacket and a gray scarf.

until next time, xoxo

All photos taken at Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv.

Hello fashionistas!

Our own Vera made it on HaAretz newspaper’s best dressed list! We are soooooo proud!!

Vera was photographed at the recent exhibit opening we blogged about

and was chosen out of all the celebs at the opening to be featured on the best dressed list! My little girl is all grown up, I couldn’t be more proud!!!

Vera wore a knee length strapless dress over a black mesh top with a leather jacket and bag and lace up booties. The necklace was her own concoction, to match the coffee table she exhibited at the opening, how ingenious! The earings were designed and created by her dad.

Congradulations Vera!

About the exhibit:

For those of you who read Hebrew, the article Vera was featured in:

Hello fellow tights lovers!

This time we decided to show you that not only do we know how to dress but we’re also super creative and talented! 😛

During the last semester we had a two week workshop in cooperation with HaAretz daily newspaper in which we had to create and design with recycled newspaper. Rony and her partner designed this amazing light fixture made out of folded newspaper, they called it “Page 22” because they used only this page in their work (Duhh)!

My partner and I made a coffee table in the shape of an exclamation mark: the table has two parts, one is made of paper mache and the other is cartboard covered with articles from the newspaper that have anything to do with the sociocultural evolution happening in Israel… both of our works were valued at 3500 NIS, the highest priced projects on display at the exhibit!!

Here are some photos showing our work process and some pics from the La grand opening event!

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Rony & Vera

Purim is our favorite jewish holiday! We love to dress up and this year, as in previous ones, we celebrated in style!

I dressed up as Alice in Wonderland and I have to say this is one of my all time favorite costumes! Vera dressed up as a princess fairy and wore a tutu she sewed herself. Vera’s sister in law was an Indian in a green Sari which was very complementary to her red hair, and Vera’s cousin was the Pink Panther in an all pink outfit she sewed herself.

Happy Purim everyone!

Winter can be such a drag with all those layers, especially when boots can be so standard and boring.

This is exactly why we decided to post about some of our favorite boots, which are quite the opposite of boring. We wore these outfits to school on a particularly rainy day and they immidiately lifted our moods!

Vera’s choice was chic black cowboys which she paired with a navy tunic, a patterned cardigan, gray velvet leggings and a pink coat, an awesome color boost!

I expressed my animal instincts in leopard print booties which I mixed with a faux fur vest, a patterned  scarf and pleather leggings.

We were totally puddle ready without neglecting our style!

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