Polka Party

Long time no see darlings! It is so good to be back, and what better outfit to make a comeback in than retro, the style that keeps coming back?!


We love feminine and ladylike fashions and the 50’s is one of our favorite fashion eras! High waisted, A-lined, midi length, all cuts that are super pretty and chic and very flattering too.

Rony wore a polka dotted crop top with a high waisted red midi skirt and blue peep toe heels.

IMG_28411 IMG_28451 IMG_27961 IMG_27981 IMG_28141 IMG_28151 IMG_28171 IMG_28182 IMG_28161 IMG_28191 IMG_28481 IMG_28491
We love mixing ladylike with more sexy edgy pieces. Rony’s crop top is the perfect mix of sweet and naughty!


Vera wore a polka dotted A-lined mini dress with blue ballerina flats and a blue satchel.

IMG_28341 IMG_28321 IMG_28371 IMG_28381 IMG_28511 IMG_28021 IMG_28031 IMG_28221 IMG_28251 IMG_28271 IMG_28281 IMG_28291
Vera proves that wearing one color from head to toe can be refreshing and classy!


what are your favorite retro styles? share them on our facebook page!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

V & R

  1. Ok, it’s official, I am jealous of you gorgeous ladies – I so want to rock that polka dot crop top, love vera dress too.

  2. Love the 2 piece ensemble! We have also compiled some of our top picks for 50s fashion in our blogpost “The 50s” at http://timelesslook.me Hope you can check it out πŸ™‚

  3. Looking wonderful in polka dots, ladies! I personally like the midi skirt, with its high waist, it seems retro to me! xo- Elaine

  4. Unfortunately the retro styles never suited me but they both look great on you two. Polka dots are always fun prints to wear. I have a great polka dot bag I must get out and start using again. Happy weekend.

  5. Abbi said:

    I love the crop top and skirt combo. I have a few 50s style dresses and I love 70s and 80s style.

  6. Beautiful you ladies look! No such thing as too much polka πŸ™‚

  7. deutschtrailer said:

    Beautiful and sexy pictures, thank you…❀❀❀

  8. Martin said:

    I love the red and the blue in combination! O and dots are so so pretty!!!!! Its the same with stripes! Love your looks!!


  9. Kenny Devine said:

    Really cute. Very purdy. Spot on!

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