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A revised version of bingo helps you plan your outfits!

Transitioning to a new season is always tough, especially for people who live and breathe fashion. New seasons mean new trends to keep up with, new items of clothing to invest in, and new outfits to plan; It can get pretty overwhelming. Luckily, has come up with a little game of Wardrobe Bingo to help with all that hard work.

It might seem like bingo has no place in the fashion world, being the drab, boring game that senior citizens play in stuffy bingo halls, but the game seems to have sprouted a sense of fashion in recent years. Not only have the most fashionable people of the world started to take up the game (case in point Kate Moss and Catherine Zeta-Jones, unashamed lovers of bingo), but the game itself has started blooming into a colorful experience.


Has notorious bad girl fashionista Kate Moss traded in her wild ways for bingo?RB shots for UK website 640 5

Not your average game of bingo at

No longer confined to calling out numbers in boxes, bingo has also seen powerups in the form of Greek, Roman and Egyptian gods in Bingogodz, and wild bingo competitions in Rebel Bingo. has taken bingo further into the fashion world by creating a simple game that allows the stylish to make full use of their bursting wardrobes.

Screenshot 2014-02-09 14

The principles of Wardrobe Bingo are simple: gather five items that fall under the following categories: tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories, and label each item with a number from 1-5. Participants then pick a random number for each category, put on all the corresponding clothing items, and take a photo of the final outfit.

As spring approaches, now is the perfect time to start looking for some of the key pieces that will make up your wardrobe. A quick edit through’s Wardrobe Bingo can help you plan what items of clothing to invest in next, especially when working on a budget. To play, grab a bingo card template off the internet (or create one yourself — just a 5×5 grid on a piece of cardboard), and mark each row as Tops, Bottoms, Shoes and Accessories, and each column with a number from 1-5. In each box, take down a key Spring 2014 trend that corresponds to the clothing group.

Here are some of our favorite trends to rock this season, courtesy of

For tops, off the shoulder shirts and dresses are all the rage this coming season.

Color: Orange is the new black, and pinks are perfect for spring.


Orange dress, shoes, and makeup at DKNY.


Pink trousers for a full day of chic at Karen Walker.

Flowers always bloom in spring.


Romantic florals at Rebecca Taylor. More ideas on how to wear florals here and here.

We love fierce and lavish gem embellishments.


Beautiful bejeweled Kenzo top.

For bottoms:

Crisp wide white trousers were seen on all the hottest runways.


Geomteric and minimalist cuts and prints rule this season.


Gorgeous prints and cuts at Edun.

Metallics make a strong statement.


Metallic from head to toe at Tory Burch.

Board shorts are effortless and chic.


For shoes:

Curved heels are the newest rage in shoe trends.


Walter Steiger printed curved heel pumps.

Pumps and high heels worn with socks. This trend is fun and bold, don’t be afraid to mix colors!

Mules (that’s right, the mules are making a serious comeback this spring), and for comfort look to skater shoes, as seen on uber fashionista Jourdan Dunn.


For accessories, our favorites of the spring collections were the big, bold, colorful, and DIY-inspired pieces.


Funky sunglasses at Prabal Gurung.

Now before you go out on a shopping spree, roll the dice for each clothing group, and take note of the corresponding trend. For example, rolling a 3 for bottoms means you’re going out on a quest to find the perfect board shorts, and a 5 for accessories will send you on a lookout for bright gems. When you roll a 6, pick out your trend of choice from the list.

Boohoo Wardrobe Bingo with Phlossy Roxx

Happy hunting!

V & R

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Hello fashion darlings!

Last Thursday What We Wear was invited to the launch of comfort shoes label FLY FOOT’s winter collection, and not only did we have a blast but also learned a lot!

FLY FOOT is an Italian shoe label whose motto is “The beauty in comfort.” Yes that’s right, comfortable shoes made fabulous and stylish!

The label’s winter collection puts an emphasis on offering all the latest trends and styles in shoe wear, as well as some classic styles, while never compromising the shoes’ comfort.

The collection was launched with a few words from the label’s spokeswoman who explained why FLY FOOT shoes are so special in the comfort department, and what makes them so different from other comfort shoes.

The main feature which makes Fly Foot shoes so amazing are their specially designed thin soles which are cushioned from the inside for maximum comfort, while the cushion is hidden so no one notices that you’re wearing “comfort shoes”; all they notice is fab fab fab!

The next attraction was a special instruction on how to walk in high heels, the right way! As What We Wear should be considered professional heel walkers we didn’t think anyone could tell us anything we didn’t already know; we have to admit, we learned a lot and would like to share our new wisdom with you!

You can also watch the video Here.

The first thing you need to know is: When walking in heels, put your whole weight on the heel rather than on the cushion of the foot. If you are unable to do this it means that the heel is too high. Whenever you see a girl walking weird it means her heels are too high for her. While this looks ridiculous, it’s really not funny for her back, knees, feet, etc.
The second thing is: Take small steps, remember you’re not in a marathon and surely you want to look graceful. Treat the sidewalk as your runway!
The third thing is: Practice; as in everything in life, practice makes perfect!

The funnest part of attending fashion launches are the goodies! Our reward was an amazingly chic and of course incredibly comfortable pair of booties!

Have a great week and remember, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who feels good about herself!

V&R, What We Wear

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Hello fellow fashionistas!

Us modern women are always busy – whether we juggle family, studies, work, supporting our men, a million errands and running a household and of course try to leave a little time for shopping. We don’t always have time to plan our outfits and really think about what to wear on certain occasions. What’s easier than wearing a matched set?! Minimum thought is required, 100% fabulousness achieved.

The return of 80’s and 90’s fashion brought back the perfectly matched sets. The modern take on this trend is much more exciting though: sets that are made effortlessly by putting together similar prints, colors, fabrics, etc. This goes hand in hand with the current fashion attitude of making the outfit all your own and letting your confidence and creativity shine.

Rony wore a sheer owl print chiffon blouse with sheer chiffon overlay shorts, gray fedora, gray peep toe booties, and leather satchel.

The matching fabrics and similar patterns and colors of the pieces Rony wore made this a perfect set and the masculine hat together with the ultra trendy booties made Rony’s outfit uber cool.

Vera wore a flannel button down shirt, turquoise denim skirt and green blazer with checkered All Stars.

Vera’s layered outfit is perfect for the in between seasons. While the jacket and skirt are all modern business woman, Vera’s slap-on-and-go shoes will make this outfit comfortable for any girl’s hectic day.

So when choosing what to wear for the busy day ahead of you we suggest using your creativity to put together your perfect set. One way you could always change it up and keep the matching interesting is with your makeup and nailpolish.

Photos taken at Ra’anana Park.

Coming up next: What We Wear collaborate with a fabulous up and coming young designer, the latest on travel, fashion, and styling, best places to shop and much more!

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Hello friends!

We have recently noticed that Vogue magazine, in its fashion spreads, has been noting not only which designer the clothes featured were designed by, but also the models wearing them. This goes to show that the model wearing the clothes matters; She (or he) is no longer just a hanger but a personality that is just as important in making the outfit what it is. Anyone can buy the latest trends, if not by the designer who made them then by the million stores that imitate them. However, not everyone can wear the latest trends and own them and make them all their own. In a world where the most successful pop stars are the kookiest (case in point Lady Gaga and Nikki Minaj) and fashion bloggers become style icons, we are entering an era of personal style where the statement matters more than the clothes.

 M.I.A wearing mixed prints, Paris fashion week. Photo courtesy of

In that spirit, the current rage in the fashion world is prints: the more the merrier, bold prints mixed together against all rhyme or reason. In this trend all rules go out the window; forget what you’ve been told before about what “clashes”, now it’s up to you to put together whatever you see fit and whatever makes you happy! What an exciting time!! Mixed Prada prints at London fashion week. Photo courtesy of

We decided to dedicate a post to this because we’ve always believed that it’s all about the person wearing the clothes and how they put their outfit together. Vera Watts is a Russian Born fashionista who was raised in Israel, grew up on punk rock, loves cats and has a background in modeling. Ever the punky funky chick, Vera always likes to put together outfits that keep everyone on their toes. This time she chose a totally unique look by putting together prom queen chic with punky accessories. Vera wore a sheer polka dot blouse over a print dress. She accessorized with a plastic and metal necklace, studded belt, and studded leather moccasins. Rony Shapira was raised in the United States, has been putting together outfits for herself and others since the age of three, collects fashion magazines obsessively, and has a background in art which won her nationwide awards and recognition. Always a lady, Rony has always been into the retro feminine look. This time she chose retro 70s, a look that is very big right now, and put a girly twist on the flower children chic. Rony wore a toucan print peplum blouse with heart print cropped pants. She accessorized with a rope and gold necklace, big cocktail rings, silk hair tie, and peep toe booties.
Besides being fashion fanatics, Vera and Rony aspire to open an architecture firm together. What about you? Tell us about yourself and your personal style statement!

Go on and shock everyone with your most plentiful and print-full outfit! Don’t forget to dare and let your personality shine!

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Photos taken at Ha’arba’a Street construction site, Tel Aviv

xx V&R

Hello fashion people!!

We don’t know if you’ve noticed but lately the media is filled with fairy tale stories, reviving some classic ones and putting a modern twist on them. From “Mirror Mirror” starring Julia Roberts and Kristen Stewart’s “Snow White and the Huntsman” to the successful television series “Once Upon a Time” and “True Blood” sexy take on fairies; wherever you look it’s fantasy time!

Rony wore a strapless white lace dress with cutout silver flats and Tiffany’s Jewelry (fit for every fairy princess!)

The dress is very flowy and breezy and the romantic lace gives the ultimate fairy look. Rony’s dress could be dressed up or down depending on the shoes and accessories it is worn with, and is perfect for events as we transition from summer into fall.

Vera wore a two piece dress with a cream silk top and a layered tulle and fluff skirt on the bottom. This dress is also perfect for summer and spring events, especially for daytime events!

We turned to our favorite makeup store, The Eye Shadow store, for looks to fit the fantasy. Vera went for lilacs with a golden hue and Rony wore pinks and orange. We both wore lots of glitter all over to spark some magic!

We used the following Eye Shadow Store colors to achieve our looks:

Vera used the purity, devotion, lilac, lavender, and dimension eye shadows. Rony used flame, softness, hot pink, passion, and dimension.

Photos taken at Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv.

For all the eye shadows and brushes used in this post and for some amazing tips on how to do your makeup visit The Eye Shadow Store.

Check out and “Like” their facebook page for updates on their latest products and tips!

Have a magical week!

xx V&R

Hey all!

What is fashion without makeup?! The right makeup combination can do wonders for your look! We’re usually no-effort-required-makeup girls; the most we put on when we leave the house is mascara. However, when we really feel like bringing out our inner divas we like to wow them with our makeup!

For this post we paid a visit to our favorite eye makeup store, The Eye Shadow Store, for tips and guides on how to use your make up wisely to upgrade your daily and nightly looks with the help of the right products! We recently discovered The Eye Shadow Store on the internet and were thrilled to find a makeup collection with an incredible range of beautiful colors, high quality powder shadows and brushes and amazing tips on how to apply makeup like a pro!


So here’s the step by step guide on how to get that smoky eye effect we’ve been lusting after!

1. Apply some primer or a concealer on your eye lid.

2. Choose a base color eye shadow and apply on the eye lid and a bit under the corner of the eye.

3. Choose a color a bit darker then the base and apply from the corner of the eye to the middle of lid and blur with the “Fluff’ brush.


4. Choose s dark tone and apply just like before but a little closer to the brow

5. Choose an even darker tone, black for evening, and apply on the tip of the corner towards the brow

6. Apply the base tone again on the middle of the lid and towards the inner corner of the eye.

7. Apply a concealer under the eye


8. Apply a very thin line with a dark tone eyeliner and a thick dose of mascara!

9. You are ready for the makeup foundation.

10. Don’t forget some blush and a touch of rouge!

Another amazing tip we got from The Eye Shadow Store is: when using the smoky eye effect you want all the attention to go to your eyes so use a nude lip color to keep from looking like the circus clown!





Eye Shadow Store products used to achieve our looks:

Evening look – Royalty, Lime, Sunshine, Glory, Power, Sapphire, Purity.

Day look – Lavender, Surprise, Devotion, Purity.

The brushes used to apply the eye shadows were: C213, C138, C209, C200, SS006, AC009, C153.



For the day look, Vera wore a patterned sheer envelope blouse with a cloth aquamarine skirt and gladiator wedges. Vera’s top made the outfit feminine summery and fresh and the skirt kept it office appropriate. She kept to the same theme in her makeup with very settled and calm, yet feminine pink and purple shades.







For the night look, hemlines can get shorter and the makeup can get bolder! Rony wore a neon sheer blouse, high waisted black skirt, high heeled oxfords and accessorized with a purple clutch. For her night out look the makeup upgrades her outfit and gives it another party boost! The marine green palette of eye shadows not only compliments the color of her top but also Rony’s large brown eyes. Whether rocking out on the dance floor or having drinks at the coolest newest bar, Rony’s makeup is perfect for the chic nightowl.






So next time you do your makeup think what shades will complete your outfit and what are the right colors for each occasion!



For all the eye shadows and brushes used in this post and for some amazing tips on how to do your makeup visit The Eye Shadow Store at

check out and “Like” their facebook page for updates on their latest products and tips



Hello there job seekers!

Job interviews are an experience that most of you have passed and probably will pass many times again, whether you are fed up with your current job, got fired or like us- got your degree and are ready to shake the market!We are all aware of the huge importance of a good resume but, while it can assure your invitation to interviews, it doesn’t promise you’ll get the job.

First impressions on potential employers are very important. Other than how you answer the questions asked and how you carry yourself, appearance is highly crucial. The interviewer will be able to tell a lot by the way you are dressed and it is important to dress appropriately for the position, as well as the establishment.

First thing in picking our an outfit for an interview is to define your style by the job you are seeking. In other words, don’t wear your nicest dress to an interview at McDonalds. We were getting ready for an interview at an architecture firm so we kept our outfits neutral but stylish and classy..

Rony wore a black tailored top with corset-like stitching with a brown faux leather skirt and a pearl necklace. The tailored top compliments Rony’s figure yet doesn’t show too much skin. The faux leather skirt gives her outfit a stylish twist in an understated way so as not to be too flashy. She completed the look with ballerina flats that kept the outfit neutral and comfortable and kept it from going too sexy.


I wore a beige sleeveless knit with an A shaped checkered skirt. Although both items are patterned, they fit perfectly because of their neutral colors. The A shaped skirt is highly recommended because it is very classy and mature. I completed the look with brown and beige chunky heels, which made the outfit more sophisticated.

Job interviews are easy when you are confident and trust us, the first rule for confidence is feeling good about yourself and your outfit! Try to research the establishment where you are getting interviewed and who will be interviewing you so that you can plan your outfit accordingly.

Good luck!


Rony & Vera

Hello fashionistas!

As we’ve told you before, Vera and I have a tendency to wear matching outfits without ever planning to or discussing it; we like to call it style telepathy. It just so happens that we both bought the same layered H&M skirt in different colors.

Skirt Chronicles: One skirt worn two different ways, different body types and different personal styles, and lots of color!

Vera wore her maroon version with an antique looking sea green button down crinkled shirt, large beaded bangles, silver hoops necklace, and gray suede pumps.

I wore my pink and orange version with a bright blue zip front top, print silk scarf, gold and formica necklace, navy and cream satchel, waist belt, and peep toe heels.

The great thing about this skirt is it can go so many ways, casual, summery and day chic as I wore it, or posh, office or dinner date ready as Vera wore it.

Isn’t it awesome how the same skirt can look so different when worn in different colors and when put together with different tops, accessories and shoes?!
The lesson this time is mix your colors boldly; don’t be bashful, show off a little!

Photos taken at Tel Aviv’s sea port

xoxo Vera & Rony

We truly hope that spring has arrived to your home town because it surely hit ours!

The lovely warm weather and all the flowers that are blooming right now make us crave flowy dresses, hats and of course our favorite accessory- vests. So of course we decided to go boho chic on this post and show you how the look can be achieved.

Rony wore an  A-lined collar navy and white checkered dress. The layers of the dress along with the striped brownish gray vest looked fabulous on Rony and really flattered her shape. She wore nomad-like suede flat booties and a men’s straw panama hat. Sometimes it’s fun to steal from the boys, masculine accessories give feminine dresses a cool twist.

I wore a long floral dress sewn by none other than my mother and moi! The short puffy sleeves of the dress flatter my arms and the high waisted shape combined with the long length would give anyone a beautifully long silhouette. My strappy camel wedges probably helped with the long silhouette 🙂 But flats will look fabulous as well!

Oh the bohemian life… flowy dresses, cool jewelry, awesome music and art and a chilled lifestyle.. sound good? Sounds amazing to us!

So take a walk on the beach, enjoy the sand and the breeze and the sun! But don’t forget to stop for some refreshments in the hot weather!

Photos taken at Herzlia beach

For more on hippy style for spring

See you soon

❤ Rony & Vera

Hello fashionistas!

Shorts with tights: hot or not? We’ve heard different opinions.

We believe the following: if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Especially when it comes to legs, which Vera and I both have miles of. Shorts are a great way of showing off your legs, and why have to give that up in winter?!

For this reason exactly we decided to shoot outfits with some of our favorite shorts and prove that you can make them work in winter, and even make a very sophisticated look out of them!

Vera agreed with the park scenery in her flower petal green shorts which she wore with a yellow sweater, black suit jacket, gingham peep toe heels and a charm necklace.

I went for a color burst in my high waisted red vintage shorts worn with a white button down shirt, knit  kimono cardigan, moccasin wedges, patent bottle-green tote and gold and red-enamel earrings.

Keep us posted on what you think of this look and how you plan on keeping it hot while the weather is still cold.

Photos taken at Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv

xoxo Vera&Rony

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