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Our favorite part of the week has arrived, the week-end!
Thank god for Friday and for this time we get to relax and spend quality time with our loved ones!


We hope you enjoy your weekend; relax, party, laugh, read, wine and dine, and do whatever makes you happy!!

Lots of love,
V & R

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As Aerosmith sings, “Pink it’s my new obsession”. Well we’ve actually been obsessed with pink for as long as we can remember; since we were babies our mothers have been dressing us in the color of all things girly, and it has followed us into our adult lives.


We decided to go full on Legally Blonde style on this one and indulge in all Pink everything!


Vera wore a knit cardigan over a one shoulder frilly dress with canvas flats and layered silver jewelry.
IMG_26041 IMG_26082 IMG_26102 IMG_26311

IMG_25111 IMG_24991 IMG_25041 IMG_25062IMG_25081 IMG_25171

Rony wore a patterned knit cardigan over a cowl neck dress with patent high heeled pumps and an oversized stones necklace.

IMG_26141 IMG_26232 IMG_26242 IMG_26301 IMG_25211

IMG_24781 IMG_25201 IMG_25282 IMG_25292 IMG_25322

We like to have a good cardigan wherever we go in this transitional weather.


Mix things up by adding another bright color nail polish, like Rony’s light blue.


Photos taken at Poleg Beach boardwalk.

IMG_25381 IMG_25352 IMG_25512 IMG_25552 IMG_25562 IMG_25591 IMG_25603

IMG_25441 IMG_25451
IMG_25881 IMG_25931

IMG_25771 IMG_25801 IMG_24871 IMG_24962

What’s your favorite color? Share your outfits on our facebook page!
V & R

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The big question on everyone’s lips is how to look fashionable and trendy at the office while staying office-appropriate.
We put together some of our favorite office-cool outfits with our must-have staple item: A patterned button-down.


Rony wore a patterned button-down shirt with a tweed skirt, green patent bag, red patent mary janes, and a multicolored statement necklace.

IMG_27411 IMG_27451 IMG_27531
The secret to successfully mixing prints is all about the colors: Mix prints with similar shades of a certain color or with complimentary colors. This will allow the prints to go well together and not clash.


Vera wore a sheer snakeskin print button down shirt over a tank top with a high waisted skater skirt, thin studded belt, patent leather moccasins, patent leather bag, and sheer tights.

IMG_27631 IMG_27661 IMG_27701

If you wear a sheer top to the office make sure to wear it with a top underneath; you want people to be talking to your face, not your bra.


The bold print of Vera’s top is best worn with classy solid pieces on the bottom so as not to look too flashy.

The accessories are where you can get really creative, mix colors and add bold pieces.

IMG_27571 IMG_27751

Our suggestion is to wear comfortable shoes and not go crazy with the heels; you don’t want to be limping by the end of the work day!

IMG_27821 IMG_27801

More cool office appropriate styles here and here.

IMG_26391 IMG_26451 IMG_26531 IMG_26591 IMG_26631 IMG_26651 IMG_26701 IMG_26711 IMG_27251 IMG_27301 IMG_27381 IMG_26761 IMG_26781 IMG_26861 IMG_26951 IMG_26971 IMG_26981 IMG_27041 IMG_27091 IMG_27151 IMG_27171 IMG_27181
Wishing you all a successful rest of the week at the office, share your favorite work outfits on our facebook page!

IMG_26411 IMG_26421

V & R

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This photo shoot took place in Caesaria, a city with heritage that dates back to the Roman Empire, with an archeological site and ruins to prove it. With its gorgeous Mediterranean beaches, elegant restaurants, mix of tourists, locals and fishermen and beautiful traditional architecture, this city is a mix of old and new, raw and chic.
What could be better suited to this laid back, yet chic attitude than lace?


Vera wore a hand-knitted lace dress over a tank top and denim shorts. She accessorized with golden toed flats, vintage cream bag, and a gold chain necklace.

IMG_24611 IMG_24641 IMG_24661 IMG_24681 IMG_24711 IMG_24701 IMG_24731 IMG_24103

IMG_24311 IMG_24321 IMG_24341 IMG_24351 IMG_24371 IMG_24381
Rony wore a puffy sleeved olive green lace dress over a green strappy dress. She accessorized with high heeled sandals, wicker clutch she got at a fashion event, layered gold and turquoise necklaces and a print scarf she tied in her ponytail.

IMG_24501 IMG_24513 IMG_24531 IMG_24542 IMG_24551 IMG_24571 IMG_24751



IMG_24032 IMG_24401 IMG_24411 IMG_24441

These dresses are very versatile, they can be sexy, office-appropriate, perfect for down time, and very comfortable, all depending on what they are layered with and how they are styled.

IMG_23872 IMG_23952
Vera layered her knit dress over understated items for a cool casual look. Her dress could also be worn over a bikini for a very luxe beach look.


Rony accessorized her dress with lots of gold and metallic touches for a cool evening look and added the scarf hair accessory for an extra boost of glam.


IMG_24271 Photos taken at Caesaria Port.


IMG_23741 IMG_23751 IMG_23771 IMG_23791

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!

V & R

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Tomorrow Israel celebrates its 66th Independence Day, and we of course celebrate in style.

IMG_73011This year, as in every Independence Day celebration, we like to dress in blue and white, the colors of the Israeli flag. Not only is this a sign of our patriotism and love for our country, but also happen to be classy colors you can’t go wrong with!

Here’s what we’re wearing this holiday:

Rony is wearing a blue dress with white espadrilles, white cuffs and white earrings.


Vera is wearing a black and blue patterned frock with strappy wedges and an oversized silver necklace.


Happy 66th, Israel and happy celebrations to Israelis around the world!
V & R

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