Hi everyone! 
We got an amazing opportunity to try out Lancôme’s visionnaire serum for a whole month on a daily basis and we are  happy to report that we are more than satisfied with the results!

The serum comes in super elegant packaging and the bottle itself implies true style! It feels great on your skin. While it has a velvety texture, doesn’t feel oily at all, yet infuses your skin with the right amount of moisture to leave it healthy and glowing. 


Only a small amount is needed to reach beautiful results so it lasts forever! From the first days of applying this product twice a day, our skin felt soft and tight.


So you can imagine how great our facial skin feels now! Even winter’s dry weather doesn’t feel so harmful on our skin with the help of this product. This product helps correct wrinkles and lines and is great for women of all ages. The sooner the better! 
What are your favorite beauty products?
If you missed our previous post on Lancôme’s vissionaire…
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We got to participate in a challenge to test Lancome’s visionnere serum, aren’t we the luckiest?

Like we’ve discussed in previous posts, winter is a critical time to take really good care of our skin. Lancome’s visionerre serum is perfect for skin that feels nourished, moisturized and healthy! We only received the product in the mail a few days ago and already feel the difference.

Skeptical about this amazing skin miracle worker? We challenge you to try it out yourselves!






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V &R

hey everyone!
Winter is upon us, it’s raining and cold and the air gets windy and dry. For some people the dry air does wonders for their skin but to the unfortunate like us, it makes our skin look red and dull and feel dry. We have tried all kinds of facial creams, from baby creams to high end brands, and unfortunately were unable to get lasting results. Last week we received a lovely little pink package from L’Oreal Paris, with their new ‘Skin Perfection’ facial cream.
The Cream
We were so excited that we tried it out on the same day. After a week of applying the cream, we must admit that we already notice great change in our skin. It feels that the skin is much tighter, smoother and softer.
The cream itself is not oily like other creams we’ve used and gets absorbed in the skin quite quickly so you can apply make up straight away without worrying that the make up will smear off. Also, the cream deals with those annoying little wrinkles and smoothens the skin. 
So, ladies and gents, if you’re looking for the perfect winter cream to indulge your skin in, we highly recommend trying the new ‘skin perfection’!
Love it!
Wishing you and warm and jolly winter season!
V & R

Capes were all the rage in the fall collections, and for good reason; what’s more fun than feeling like storybook heroines while braving the rain and the cold?!

We decided to give capes a go in one of our favorite colors – Red. Red is a very powerful, feminine, eye-catching color; exactly the kind of mood lifting color we need for those dreary cold winter days!



Rony wore a hooded Urban Outfitters cape with an Asos faux fur stole.


Under the cozy coverup she wore a button down feather print blouse, print skirt, rhinestones necklace, earrings, rings and cuff, and Steve Madden velvet peep toe wedges.

IMG_08351 IMG_08371 IMG_08411


Rony’s faux fur and piles of accessories made this outfit lavish and fit to impress.

IMG_06902 IMG_06992 IMG_07151 IMG_07251 IMG_07331 IMG_07501 IMG_08091 IMG_08181 IMG_08221

Vera wore a knit turtleneck cape.


Under her cozy coverup she wore an asymmetrical top, velvet leggings, blush red flats and a gold geometric necklace.

IMG_08551 IMG_08561 IMG_08582 IMG_08641

The great thing about Vera’s cape is its versatility: it can be worn as a cape or a scarf and create different looks.

IMG_06671 IMG_06711 IMG_06782 IMG_06811 IMG_07621 IMG_07731 IMG_07851 IMG_08001 IMG_07981

Velvet is coming back in a big way this season. We suggest wearing little touches of velvet here and there for a cool wintery effect.


One of our fun joys in life is makeup. We love playing around with it as much as we love playing with our outfits. Being the busy girls we are, our makeup routine is usually very basic. We recently received a wonderful gift: the book Makeup is Art by the Academy of Freelance Makeup, a book filled with amazing ideas and inspirations. We decided to take this opportunity and really get inspired and explore looks we don’t usually wear.


Vera went for earthly tones of brown, gold and light pink. These are the perfect makeup colors for fall and they beautifully compliment her red cape.



Rony decided to mix colors and went for turquoise and antique pink on her eyes and bright pink on her lips. These colors bring out Rony’s brown eyes and give her outfit an edgy flair.



Along with the fabulous book, we also received a massive package of Joy treats (oh the perks of being fashion bloggers). Joy treats are a new product launched and manufactured by Strauss Group, an international food and beverage company based in Israel.


The idea behind “Joy” is to give consumers just that – a big joy they can enjoy for breakfast, on their break at work, or when they get home from a busy and exhausting day. The treats come in awesome flavors (our favorite is the chocolate with coconut bits) which include fruit chunks and chocolate sprinkles and other delicacies.

Strauss also launched a Joy %0 fat treat so we can enjoy all that chocolaty taste without feeling guilty.

IMG_10291What we like to enJOY when we get home: Fashion magazines and Joy treats!

IMG_10331Besides fashion, sweets are definitely some of our greatest joys in life, especially when they come packaged in such pretty fall colors! Yes, we see fashion in everything!

More tips for makeup that can transition from day to evening here and here.

Photos taken at Cinematec, Tel Aviv.



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V & R

Hello fashion people!!

We don’t know if you’ve noticed but lately the media is filled with fairy tale stories, reviving some classic ones and putting a modern twist on them. From “Mirror Mirror” starring Julia Roberts and Kristen Stewart’s “Snow White and the Huntsman” to the successful television series “Once Upon a Time” and “True Blood” sexy take on fairies; wherever you look it’s fantasy time!

Rony wore a strapless white lace dress with cutout silver flats and Tiffany’s Jewelry (fit for every fairy princess!)

The dress is very flowy and breezy and the romantic lace gives the ultimate fairy look. Rony’s dress could be dressed up or down depending on the shoes and accessories it is worn with, and is perfect for events as we transition from summer into fall.

Vera wore a two piece dress with a cream silk top and a layered tulle and fluff skirt on the bottom. This dress is also perfect for summer and spring events, especially for daytime events!

We turned to our favorite makeup store, The Eye Shadow store, for looks to fit the fantasy. Vera went for lilacs with a golden hue and Rony wore pinks and orange. We both wore lots of glitter all over to spark some magic!

We used the following Eye Shadow Store colors to achieve our looks:

Vera used the purity, devotion, lilac, lavender, and dimension eye shadows. Rony used flame, softness, hot pink, passion, and dimension.

Photos taken at Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv.

For all the eye shadows and brushes used in this post and for some amazing tips on how to do your makeup visit The Eye Shadow Store.

Check out and “Like” their facebook page for updates on their latest products and tips!

Have a magical week!

xx V&R

Hey all!

What is fashion without makeup?! The right makeup combination can do wonders for your look! We’re usually no-effort-required-makeup girls; the most we put on when we leave the house is mascara. However, when we really feel like bringing out our inner divas we like to wow them with our makeup!

For this post we paid a visit to our favorite eye makeup store, The Eye Shadow Store, for tips and guides on how to use your make up wisely to upgrade your daily and nightly looks with the help of the right products! We recently discovered The Eye Shadow Store on the internet and were thrilled to find a makeup collection with an incredible range of beautiful colors, high quality powder shadows and brushes and amazing tips on how to apply makeup like a pro!


So here’s the step by step guide on how to get that smoky eye effect we’ve been lusting after!

1. Apply some primer or a concealer on your eye lid.

2. Choose a base color eye shadow and apply on the eye lid and a bit under the corner of the eye.

3. Choose a color a bit darker then the base and apply from the corner of the eye to the middle of lid and blur with the “Fluff’ brush.


4. Choose s dark tone and apply just like before but a little closer to the brow

5. Choose an even darker tone, black for evening, and apply on the tip of the corner towards the brow

6. Apply the base tone again on the middle of the lid and towards the inner corner of the eye.

7. Apply a concealer under the eye


8. Apply a very thin line with a dark tone eyeliner and a thick dose of mascara!

9. You are ready for the makeup foundation.

10. Don’t forget some blush and a touch of rouge!

Another amazing tip we got from The Eye Shadow Store is: when using the smoky eye effect you want all the attention to go to your eyes so use a nude lip color to keep from looking like the circus clown!





Eye Shadow Store products used to achieve our looks:

Evening look – Royalty, Lime, Sunshine, Glory, Power, Sapphire, Purity.

Day look – Lavender, Surprise, Devotion, Purity.

The brushes used to apply the eye shadows were: C213, C138, C209, C200, SS006, AC009, C153.



For the day look, Vera wore a patterned sheer envelope blouse with a cloth aquamarine skirt and gladiator wedges. Vera’s top made the outfit feminine summery and fresh and the skirt kept it office appropriate. She kept to the same theme in her makeup with very settled and calm, yet feminine pink and purple shades.







For the night look, hemlines can get shorter and the makeup can get bolder! Rony wore a neon sheer blouse, high waisted black skirt, high heeled oxfords and accessorized with a purple clutch. For her night out look the makeup upgrades her outfit and gives it another party boost! The marine green palette of eye shadows not only compliments the color of her top but also Rony’s large brown eyes. Whether rocking out on the dance floor or having drinks at the coolest newest bar, Rony’s makeup is perfect for the chic nightowl.






So next time you do your makeup think what shades will complete your outfit and what are the right colors for each occasion!



For all the eye shadows and brushes used in this post and for some amazing tips on how to do your makeup visit The Eye Shadow Store at

check out and “Like” their facebook page for updates on their latest products and tips



You don’t have to be rich to look like a billion dollars! Coco Chanel, the epitome of style and chic said “a girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.” We absolutely agree and to us being posh and exuding opulence is all in how you carry yourself.

For our day looks we both wore form fitting dresses with flared overlay. These dresses accentuated our curves and made us feel feminine and confident.

Vera wore her strappy navy version with rhinestone and topaz tear drop earrings and pendant necklace, moonstone amethyst and peridot cocktail rings and bow tie suede pumps.

I wore my red version with a black 80’s hat, ruby rhinestone and diamond necklace and earrings, ruby and rhinestone cocktail rings and leopard print platform mary janes.

For evening we chose dresses that reveal on top but are long and dressy. These dresses are cut to show off a long neck and frame the upper body nicely for a classy, poised look.

Vera wore a blue satin dress with a thin black belt, ruby rhinestone and diamond earrings, sapphire peridot and rhinestone cocktail rings and navy pumps.

I wore a ballerina-like halter dress with a skirt overlay with a semiprecious stone drop pendant necklace, sapphire and amethyst cocktail rings and suede cutout heels.

Take some time off and pamper yourself with wine, fashion magazines, and lots of art for inspiration! You deserve it!

All jewelry in this post was designed by us. Price upon request, for more details contact us at our Contact Us page.

Vera& Rony

The month of May is the month of Mother’s Day; in honor of our wonderful mothers and powerful mothers everywhere we decided to do a photoshoot to celebrate and empower women.

We dressed up as the successful executives we one day hope to become. While we went for bold silhouettes and fabrics that are comfortable enough to wear for long hours at the office, we were sure to show our personal style and femininity.

Vera wore a layered tulle and lace blouse, denim vest, pinstriped slouchy trousers, oxford-like ballerina flats, and spiced up the look with lots of bling: oversized pendant necklace and gorgeous huge cocktail rings.

I wore an oversized white button down mesh blouse with leggings, men’s dress jacket, men’s suit vest, high heeled studded sandals and bulky gold jewelry.

When wearing something loose and big, like Vera’s voluminous pants and my men’s jacket, it’s best to offset it with something more form fitting, like the denim vest Vera wore and the leggings I wore. This way the outfit is chic and flattering and not overly big.

Don’t forget that makeup can also be an accessory, we used bright lip colors to bring out our girliness.

The architectural scenery definitely empowered us and made us feel at the top of our game.

Photos taken at Tel Aviv’s G Center overlooking Tzameret and Yoo towers

An exhibit we participated in at G Center:
More on how to wear masculine trousers:

Coming soon: Blue Jeans inspired by Lana Del Ray, tutorials on how to make your own to-die-for skirts and shoes, how to recycle clothes, styling made easy and much much more fabulous fashions!

xoxo Vera & Rony

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