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Rain drops keep falling on my head… but that don’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red!

Tel Aviv winterWinter in Tel Aviv. Photo courtesy of Ha’aretz, photographed by Moti Milrod

Winter is here! Of course Europe and the US have been enjoying wintery weather for a while now but Israel has only started getting rain and cold in recent months. So finally it’s time for us to break out the scarves, boots, umbrellas and our all time favorite winter must-have, the trench coats!

Made a style icon by Burberry, the trench coat is a must have for every winter wardrobe and goes with everything for everything: day to evening, high to low. This kind of fabulousness makes us wish it was raining all the time… ok well maybe not all the time!

Vera's trench

Vera wore her windbreaker version with a puffy knit turtleneck, plum skirt, cowboy boots, bright blue knit hat, leather drawstring bag and drop pendant necklace.

Vera's rainy day outfit IMG_51711

Vera's outfit

Vera's outfit

Vera's outfit

Blue and plum

sweater and skirt

cowboy boots

Rony wore her navy ruched sleeved version with a cowl neck sweater, print maxi skirt, knit scarf, faux fur booties, oversized patent leather bag, drop earrings and multicolored PVC and ribbon necklace by Marni for H&M.

Rony's trench

Multicolored jewelry

Rony's trench coat

Rony's outfit

Rony's winter outfit


Rony's outfit

Knit sweater and PVC necklace

Maxi print

Wedge booties

Share your favorite trench coats with us! What do you love to wear in winter?

Have a lovely winter!


Photos taken at the Cinematec square, Tel Aviv.

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Hello fashion darlings!

Last Thursday What We Wear was invited to the launch of comfort shoes label FLY FOOT’s winter collection, and not only did we have a blast but also learned a lot!

FLY FOOT is an Italian shoe label whose motto is “The beauty in comfort.” Yes that’s right, comfortable shoes made fabulous and stylish!

The label’s winter collection puts an emphasis on offering all the latest trends and styles in shoe wear, as well as some classic styles, while never compromising the shoes’ comfort.

The collection was launched with a few words from the label’s spokeswoman who explained why FLY FOOT shoes are so special in the comfort department, and what makes them so different from other comfort shoes.

The main feature which makes Fly Foot shoes so amazing are their specially designed thin soles which are cushioned from the inside for maximum comfort, while the cushion is hidden so no one notices that you’re wearing “comfort shoes”; all they notice is fab fab fab!

The next attraction was a special instruction on how to walk in high heels, the right way! As What We Wear should be considered professional heel walkers we didn’t think anyone could tell us anything we didn’t already know; we have to admit, we learned a lot and would like to share our new wisdom with you!

You can also watch the video Here.

The first thing you need to know is: When walking in heels, put your whole weight on the heel rather than on the cushion of the foot. If you are unable to do this it means that the heel is too high. Whenever you see a girl walking weird it means her heels are too high for her. While this looks ridiculous, it’s really not funny for her back, knees, feet, etc.
The second thing is: Take small steps, remember you’re not in a marathon and surely you want to look graceful. Treat the sidewalk as your runway!
The third thing is: Practice; as in everything in life, practice makes perfect!

The funnest part of attending fashion launches are the goodies! Our reward was an amazingly chic and of course incredibly comfortable pair of booties!

Have a great week and remember, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who feels good about herself!

V&R, What We Wear

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We truly hope that spring has arrived to your home town because it surely hit ours!

The lovely warm weather and all the flowers that are blooming right now make us crave flowy dresses, hats and of course our favorite accessory- vests. So of course we decided to go boho chic on this post and show you how the look can be achieved.

Rony wore an  A-lined collar navy and white checkered dress. The layers of the dress along with the striped brownish gray vest looked fabulous on Rony and really flattered her shape. She wore nomad-like suede flat booties and a men’s straw panama hat. Sometimes it’s fun to steal from the boys, masculine accessories give feminine dresses a cool twist.

I wore a long floral dress sewn by none other than my mother and moi! The short puffy sleeves of the dress flatter my arms and the high waisted shape combined with the long length would give anyone a beautifully long silhouette. My strappy camel wedges probably helped with the long silhouette 🙂 But flats will look fabulous as well!

Oh the bohemian life… flowy dresses, cool jewelry, awesome music and art and a chilled lifestyle.. sound good? Sounds amazing to us!

So take a walk on the beach, enjoy the sand and the breeze and the sun! But don’t forget to stop for some refreshments in the hot weather!

Photos taken at Herzlia beach

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See you soon

❤ Rony & Vera

Spring is in the air: The birds are chirping, the air is getting warm and the flowers are in bloom. What a romantic time! Now is the perfect opportunity to wear your most romantic, hippy clothes and be sure to wear some flowers in your hair 🙂

Lace, flower prints, flowy fabrics, embroidery, light vests should all be part of your fashion vocabulary this season. Spring time is great time to wear closed shoes and booties without the need for tights and before it gets too hot and balmy.

Vera was hot in 70’s chic with an embroidered handmade blouse from the Ukraine which she wore with a denim jacket, boot cut dark jeans, brown braid belt, two-toned faux croc heels and gold jewelry.

I wore an embroidered flower print dress with a vintage lace vest, waist cinching belt, colorful scarf which I wore as a head band, high heeled booties and a vintage gold necklace.

Now is a great time to get in touch with nature, explore and hike. Or if you’re a city girl/guy like we are, look for a spot of nature in the city where you can find your serenity.

Let’s be nice to planet Earth and be environmentally friendly; after all it is our only home!
Photos taken at the Yarkon Park lake, Ramat Gan

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xoxo Vera & Rony

Hello fashionistas!

Our own Vera made it on HaAretz newspaper’s best dressed list! We are soooooo proud!!

Vera was photographed at the recent exhibit opening we blogged about

and was chosen out of all the celebs at the opening to be featured on the best dressed list! My little girl is all grown up, I couldn’t be more proud!!!

Vera wore a knee length strapless dress over a black mesh top with a leather jacket and bag and lace up booties. The necklace was her own concoction, to match the coffee table she exhibited at the opening, how ingenious! The earings were designed and created by her dad.

Congradulations Vera!

About the exhibit:

For those of you who read Hebrew, the article Vera was featured in:

Winter can be such a drag with all those layers, especially when boots can be so standard and boring.

This is exactly why we decided to post about some of our favorite boots, which are quite the opposite of boring. We wore these outfits to school on a particularly rainy day and they immidiately lifted our moods!

Vera’s choice was chic black cowboys which she paired with a navy tunic, a patterned cardigan, gray velvet leggings and a pink coat, an awesome color boost!

I expressed my animal instincts in leopard print booties which I mixed with a faux fur vest, a patterned  scarf and pleather leggings.

We were totally puddle ready without neglecting our style!


So for our first post I’ve decided to post a pic from one of our latest dates.. Rony just got this amazing pair of booties with a matching scarf after a long-time-no-seen shopping spree in Ramat Gan! (one of our favorite shopping destinations) and I finally got a chance to wear that oversized dress-shirt (size 44) with my huge wedges that I allow myself to wear only with Rony!


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