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Happy Monday loves!

This past weekend we visited a beautiful and inspiring fashion exhibit and had to share some photos and thoughts with you!

IMG_29732 IMG_29271

The exhibit took place at the Holon Design Museum, you may recognize the name from previous exhibits we visited, such as Stephen Jones’ fabulous hats exhibit, or Yohji Yamamoto’s amazing exhibit.IMG_29281 IMG_29301 IMG_29371 IMG_29691

Every item on display was crafted out of recycled plastic bottles. The designer said the exhibit addresses relevant social and cultural issues – “The 21st century is a time of uncertainty in terms of population overgrowth and a depletion of resources. While fashion and trends are temporary, designers must think of the long run.” Miyake’s way of deleopment and innovation is producing clothes that will have long term usage.

IMG_29411 IMG_29451 IMG_29501 IMG_29511
Miyake’s designs were inspired by and crafted with techniques taken from Origami, an ancient craft from his native Japan.

IMG_29631 IMG_29621 IMG_29601 IMG_29331 IMG_29351
Rony wore a print kaftan dress with orange ankle boots and a leather satchel.




What are some of your favorite designers and what exhibits have you visited recently? Share on our facebook page!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!
V & R

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Tomorrow Israel celebrates its 66th Independence Day, and we of course celebrate in style.

IMG_73011This year, as in every Independence Day celebration, we like to dress in blue and white, the colors of the Israeli flag. Not only is this a sign of our patriotism and love for our country, but also happen to be classy colors you can’t go wrong with!

Here’s what we’re wearing this holiday:

Rony is wearing a blue dress with white espadrilles, white cuffs and white earrings.


Vera is wearing a black and blue patterned frock with strappy wedges and an oversized silver necklace.


Happy 66th, Israel and happy celebrations to Israelis around the world!
V & R

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In the fickle world of fashion, where trends are constantly changing, we are being told to “keep up” and wear the latest whims of the fashion forecasters and designers. We personally pick and choose which trends we embrace and which ones we ignore. Every once in a while there comes a trend that is so “us” that we don’t want it to ever go out of style! The midi skirt is one of those trends. This mid-length (hence midi) skirt cut is feminine and classy, reminiscent of our favorite Old Hollywood starlets, and is also extremely flattering on almost all shapes and sizes!


Here’s how we styled our midis:


Vera wore a vintage lace overlay pink midi skirt with a striped top, asymmetrical cut blazer, kitten heels, gold necklace and a vintage tote.

Vera offset the retro feminine vibe of the skirt with the ultra modern and cool blazer.

IMG_22731 IMG_22801 IMG_22821 IMG_22861 IMG_22881The vintage tote perfectly complimented Vera’s feminine outfit.

IMG_21931 IMG_21941 IMG_22001 IMG_22071 IMG_22101 IMG_22131

Rony wore an asymmetrical pleated midi skirt with a keyhole blouse, stone studded peep toe heels, head band, and piled on the colorful jewelry.


The great thing about wearing a predominantly white outfit is that it makes a great blank canvas for piles of fabulous accessories.


IMG_22671 IMG_22691 IMG_22701 IMG_22931


IMG_21731 IMG_21761 IMG_21832


These outfits have a “city girls Blair and Serena go to the Hamptons” look. That’s Gossip Girl, for those of you who aren’t as obsessed with the show’s styling as we are! The skirts are perfect for the office but also perfect for leisure.


IMG_22282 IMG_22303 IMG_22351 IMG_22362 IMG_22371 IMG_22381 IMG_22471 IMG_22501 IMG_22511

The most fun thing about these skirts? they’ll make you feel like breaking out into dance in the middle of the street! So go ahead, do a little twirl!

IMG_22522 IMG_22541

Photos taken at Herzlia Marina.

IMG_22021 IMG_7276 IMG_21661
More of our favorite Midis here. What are your favorite skirts? Share them on our facebook page!
V & R

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As the temperatures drop and the weather gets rainier and colder, we love taking advantage of the last bit of warm sunshine to travel and explore. This weekend’s choice destination was Rosh Hanikra, a beautiful geological site on the Mediterranean coast in northern Israel.

ImageIn order to access the geological site, one must take a cable car into the site and on the way enjoy stunning scenic views. The first stop to visit is the old railroad built by the British during the British Mandate in Israel. This railroad was built in attempt to create train access from Israel to Europe that would travel from Tel Aviv to London through Lebanon, Turkey and other countries.

The idea of a railroad that travels from the Middle East into Europe seems like a wonderful dream that in today’s reality seems impossible due to the Middle Eastern conflict.
The next stop are the beautiful grottos: cavernous tunnels formed by sea friction on the soft chalk rocks. We took a stroll inside the grottos and enjoyed the stunning views, some of the world’s most beautiful views in our opinion! The turquoise Mediterranean water was splashing everywhere and sunlight that crept in through the openings made this place appear even more magical.
ImageImageImageImageImageA nice ending to the trip was a long walk in the old city of Acre (see Acre travel guide and recommendations here) and lunch at one of the local seafood restaurants.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and wishing you a great week ahead!
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V& R

Last night we attended one of our favorite fashion events of the year: Fashion Night Out Tel Aviv, the kick start event for Tel Aviv Fashion Week. This is only the second year the event takes place in our city, last year’s event was such a success that it was bound to become an annual fashion tradition!


As in last year’s event, FNO was held at Kikar Hamedina, Tel Aviv’s central square of luxury shopping.


The square’s luxurious boutiques opened their doors to fashion enthusiasts, society ladies, models, journalists, and innocent passers-by enjoying the celebrations.

This year’s event was extra special though, as it featured a modern art exhibit by artist Eran Shakine, held at the square’s Zemack Gallery.

IMG_04281 IMG_04301 IMG_04441 IMG_04351
We really enjoyed this exhibit; you know how much we love our art, and especially art inspired by fashion. The bronze heels sculptures could be likened to three dimensional fashion illustrations.


“John Galliano trying on one of his creations” Genius!IMG_04331 IMG_04411 IMG_04361 IMG_044011

We browsed the amazing sales the boutiques had to offer. We were obviously blinded by all the Gucci, Burberry, Lanvin, Prada, etc, but our favorite boutiques were the ones selling local labels, from the well-known to the obscure, and really unique clothing.

IMG_04211 IMG_04481 IMG_04512

Mother to be Vera admiring the lovely kids’ clothing boutiques.IMG_04713

IMG_04741 IMG_04771

Amazing prints and textures at Manoush.IMG_04791

Some store displays were especially festive and eye-catching!


Theatrical drama at Amor.IMG_04471 IMG_04572


We sipped some bubbly (Well, Rony sipped bubbly while pregnant Vera enjoyed her soda). and developed a serious sugar high from all the amazing sweets!


Vera wore a maxi button-down flannel dress with a rhinestone studded denim jacket, fringe booties, thin waist-cinching belt, gold jewelry and a leather tote.

IMG_6266 IMG_04181

Rony wore a vintage bow tied blouse with a striped skirt, asymmetrical cut studded leather jacket, high heeled booties, striped quilt bag and a hair bow.

IMG_6267 IMG_04164

Follow us as we report on more events from the upcoming Tel Aviv Fashion Week. Coming up next are photoshoots with our favorite designers!


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Have a wonderful, fashion-filled weekend everyone!

V & R

Hello fellow fashion enthusiasts!
Fashion weeks from all over the world are filling up our schedules and all the fashion websites we come across. The Israeli fashion weeks won’t disappoint either, from the more conceptual fashion week in Holon to the fashion extravaganza in Tel Aviv! We bring you reports with the inside scoop!

Fashion Week is a very exciting time because, other than runway shows and celeb sightings, each city hosting fashion week also opens a series of fashion and design exhibits for all the public to enjoy. These amazing exhibits show a new and different look into the Israeli fashion industry.

Couple Of


We attended From Sketch to Shoe, a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the design process that goes into the creation of shoes at fashion house Couple Of, one of the most unique shoe-makers in Israel.
The exhibit featured beautiful illustrations that designers Shelly Satat and Eilon Combor develop and perfect as part of designing their “perfect shoe” – one that is both unique and functional, and the technology used to create the final product – CAD tools and laser cutting.

IMG_93861 IMG_93832 IMG_93903 IMG_93931 IMG_93952

The exhibit was held at Holon Institute of Technology, one of the best design schools in the country, where the courtyards are decorated with innovative projects.

One of our favorites: a garden chair made out of old CD’s, bringing together recycling, design and innovation.

IMG_93982 IMG_94012

From Jewel to Practicality

Our next stop was an amazing jewelry exhibit inspired by puzzle games. The exhibit was divided into four groups of puzzle games, each group exhibiting different variations of jewelry styles.
The idea behind the designs is simple yet very sophisticated and allowed designer Yael Fridman to create beautiful pieces that any girl would love to wear.

IMG_94061 IMG_94402

The exhibit went further to discuss the possibility of jewelry becoming a game or a toy rather than just an object of aesthetics.


Fridman’s jewels were designed and developed using computer technology and 3D printing machines both during the research process and while creating the final product. This was intriguing to us because, much like in the field of architecture, computed aided production and manufacturing is the way of the future and is sure to change how we think and create as designers.

IMG_94561 IMG_94461

More fashion exhibits coming up next, stay tuned on our blog, facebook, twitter, and instagram!

V & R

This week’s pick was taken while relaxing at one of our favorite spots for a weekend escape, Alexander River, which flows from the mountains of Samaria to the Mediterranean Sea. This is the natural habitat of giant tortoises, crocodiles, catfish and other beautiful species of fish; it is a great location for a walk through nature or a fun picnic.

194fe9ec734611e2bcc122000a1fa49d_7 (1)Now is the perfect time to enjoy convenient weather, not too hot and still not very cold, before winter starts, and have a lovely picnic in nature with loved ones!

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Enjoy your weekend!
V & R

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