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Sheer clothing is so hot right now! What we love about this trend is how versatile it is: it can have a romantic, delicate look, it can go more sexy and bold and it can also be totally right as office wear! It’s all a matter of layering the fabric and putting together the outfit.


Vera wore a dotted sheer fuchsia blouse over a camisole with sheer overlay shorts, strappy wedges, and a gold and lavender rope necklace.

IMG_81371 IMG_82191 IMG_82231IMG_82271 IMG_82281


Rony wore a sheer patterned button down blouse with a blue high waisted skirt, leopard print high heeled mary janes, multicolored drop necklace, ear cuff earrings and big cocktail rings.

IMG_81321 IMG_81642


IMG_82314aIMG_82392 IMG_82451

Both of us rocked one of our favorite hot accessories of the moment – the see through clutch. Vera chose a neon yellow version and Rony a clear one.



The funnest thing about summer is that you can get away with wearing and mixing almost any colors! If you’re not comfortable with wearing bright colors in your clothes, incorporate them into your accessories as we did: Vera’s purple necklace and neon yellow purse and Rony’s multicolored necklace and bright orange ring.

IMG_81771 IMG_81802 IMG_81851 IMG_81901 IMG_81941 IMG_82011

IMG_81441 IMG_81661 IMG_81711 IMG_81551 IMG_81562 IMG_81613


One rule of thumb we always like to follow is to either reveal on the upper body or to reveal on the lower body, never both. With this trend we feel it is especially true, so that the outfit doesn’t become too over the top. And if you decide to go bold and show some skin, don’t forget to wear your best under garments!

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Photos taken at Green Gallery, Shfayim.

IMG_81291 IMG_81462 IMG_81411

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V & R

Matching sets and suits have always been elegant and classy but have lately taken on a new role and became more interesting and unexpected. The modern woman’s suit is one that should be suited to the many activities of her day. A perfect set could be made up of matching patterns or prints, colors, or cuts.

IMG_76171 IMG_76181

Vera wore a vintage pink silk and lace set composed of a button down blouse and maxi skirt.Vera matched her set with a skinny belt, and cut out kitten heels.

IMG_76751 IMG_76761 IMG_76781

IMG_76921 IMG_76231 IMG_76581 IMG_76591 IMG_76691 IMG_76701


Vera’s outfit is breezy and comfortable yet extremely chic and classy.

Rony wore a green set composed of green shorts and a green blazer. Rony wore her set with a flower print blouse and leopard print mary janes.

IMG_76871 IMG_76881 IMG_76892 IMG_76901

IMG_76291 IMG_76332 IMG_76371 IMG_76382 IMG_76451IMG_76512

Rony’s outfit is perfect for a full day of chic and can go from day to night.

Welcome to suburbia. Although we are city girls at heart there’s something nice about waking up to a white picket fence and lots of green.

Photos taken at Givat Ada.

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There’s something very sexy about a powerful, strong woman; one that can look out for herself and doesn’t need a man to protect her: a modern G.I Jane who can take on a military uniform as easily as she can a dress and stilettos.

We’ve already posted about how amazing the uniform trend is this season, whether it’s denim or prints. This time we went military gear in honor of one of the hottest trends of the season. It seems the army trend is always there, ready to attack; it defies seasons and is perfect for any kind of style.

Military outfits

As two girls who served in the Israel Defense Forces, we know how to work with a uniform and its color palette! The military trend is not just about camouflaged pieces but also khaki, olive green and even whites!

Army unifrom trend Military trend

Rony wore an olive green dress with a Sergeant Pepper cropped denim jacket, waist cinching belt, gold and rope choker, studded moccasins and a beret.

Rony's outfit Rony's army green style Rony's style Rony's outfit Rony's outfit

Rony's outfit

Rony’s beret adds a French twist to the outfit and the moccasins, while extremely comfortable, add a tough-yet-chic twist. French beret Gold choker necklace Cropped jacket and feminine dress Studded moccasins

Vera wore an olive green maxi skirt with a sparkly graphic T-Shirt, camouflaged jacket, sparkly cuff and studded flats.

Vera's outfit Vera's style Vera's military outfit Vera's army green outfit Vera's outfit Vera's style

Vera's outfit

Vera’s top gives the outfit a very cool and modern look and her cuff gives a surprising pop of color to the whole outfit.

Tough as nails camouflage Army green, silver, and purple Mixing lengths and prints Studded flats

Both these looks are sexy but in different ways that show off our personalities and different styles.

Military gear

Photos taken at Ya’akov Garden, Tel Aviv.

IMG_65801 IMG_65811 IMG_65901 IMG_65961 IMG_66911 IMG_4695 IMG_4696 IMG_4698

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Wide clothes and loose items were very big in the 1970’s to the 1980’s and made a serious statement about how femininity can be interpreted and how fashion could be worn. All of a sudden, chic could be comfortable! As an ode to our revolutionary sisters who back then made changes for all of us and for generations to come, this post is all about going wide and playing with proportions.

Our style

Wide pieces can be used to conceal body parts you are not so confident about and can allow you to draw attention to what you do feel like showing off. While the overall loose outfit worked for the hippies, we are big believers in creating contrast in an outfit – wide top with slim trousers or slimming top with wide trousers. This keeps the outfit flattering and practical.

Vera wore camel wide leg trousers with a rose patterned turtleneck and two-toned camel kitten heels. 

Vera's outfit



The wide lower part of the outfit made Vera’s upper body look very slim and toned and the wide trousers made her legs look very long.


Vera’s look is very 70’s inspired office wear and is the perfect mix of presentable work outfit and comfort.

IMG_64021 IMG_64041 IMG_64151


Rony wore a vintage sailor cropped blouse with black legging and black and white Oxfords.

IMG_63813 IMG_63711

Wearing an oversized top allows Rony to wear leggings without looking like she was on the way to the gym and keeps the outfit from looking too tight or revealing while at the same time showing off Rony’s toned physique. IMG_64331

IMG_64111 IMG_64131 IMG_64141

These outfits got us through a day at the office and after the photoshoot we strolled through the streets for the whole rest of the day. We felt completely comfortable and at ease!

Tel Aviv Living – Hashoftim St.
This quiet and charming street is populated by minimalistic apartment buildings separated from the street by beautiful gardens. Each building has its barrier of bushes and shrubs which allows for privacy, a noise buffer and green space.

IMG_63691 IMG_63681

We loved the architecture of this particular group of buildings – minimalistic and open, allowing the outside to blend into the building’s lobby.

IMG_64181The play on geometries was a nice background to our play on proportions.

IMG_63742 IMG_64001


So really, proportions aren’t just in clothing and fashion but in architecture and design as well!

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V & R

Hello fashion darlings,

Israel is known for its rich natural scenery and landscapes that seemingly change with every step you take. From beautiful forests and green mountains up north to Mediterranean beaches to never ending deserts in the south, there’s lots to see here. This time on our travels we visited the Golan Heights, close to the northern border of Israel.






The Golan Heights with their green mountains are known to be hiker friendly with lots of caves and historic areas among the sites. One of the latest sites that we discovered is Ein kshatot (“Um El-Kantar”), an archeological site of ruins of a Roman-era Jewish city, most prominent of which are the remains of an ancient synagogue. This amazing site is still under reconstruction but one can already experience the rich history of Judaism imprinted in this site. The synagogue is assumed to have been built somewhat between the 1st and the 2nd century A.C and is one of the most significant historical sites to have been discovered in Israel. The site was discovered in 1885 by Lawrence Olliphant, a British writer and diplomat, who had written in his findings that the place was abandoned. The site was later on rebuilt and refurbished (and is still undergoing reconstruction) by an Israeli archeologist, Yeshua Drey.












Ein Kshatot



Vera was the perfect mountain girl in a green and turquoise flannel buttoned up shirt, jean leggings and a green oversized cardigan. She completed the look with turquoise Keds sneakers and black and white woven scarf!



So get your hiking shoes on, grab a camera and share with us the natural sights you have in your area! Share your snapshots on our facebook page!

The olives we collected

The olives we collected

V & R

Hi everyone!

Fashion is not just about clothing and accessories; it doesn’t only have to do with what’s trendy and fabulous. As Coco Chanel said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”.


Men and women that are aware of their appearance and have their own sense of style will always look fashionable, no matter what they wear.

So really fashion is all about the visual – whether it be a Chanel jacket, modern urban architecture or a beautiful garden.

This weekend we discovered an amazing park just forty minutes outside of Tel Aviv where the visual was an awe-inspiring one. The park, called Ramat Hanadiv, was created in commemoration of Baron Edmond De Rothschild and his close family. The baron was a wealthy French man who donated a lot of his wealth during the British Mandate in Israel for the welfare of the first Jewish settlers of the new state.

Ramat Hanadiv

The park is divided into several different gardens and offers visitors a range of pleasurable pursuits. Throughout the Park are different hiking trails where one will pass through typical Mediterranean terrain, beautiful views at the observation point, sites of prehistoric settlement, and hidden spring – all meant to help preserve the ancient landscape of Israel.

The eastern view from the park

We were highly impressed by the level of maintenance of the beautiful gardens and by how the ecosystems in the park are being sustained. The trees and the foliage are a combination of European and Mediterranean species, creating a visual that is very European with Spanish influence, and at the same time very Israeli.

Rose Park

Rose park



The park Information Center building is the first and only existing LEED certified building in Israel – a building which follows international rules of sustainable architecture. The building was built inside of a hill, maintaining the natural terrain and designing architecture that goes along with its natural habitat. Electricity at the site is created solely from solar power collected using special solar panels. The plants and trees are all grown at an onsite greenhouse and are watered by a recycled gray water irrigation system.

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Ada Karmi-Melamede Architects

Courtesy of Ada Karmi-Melamede Architects

Courtesy of Ada Karmi-Melamede Architects

Courtesy of Ada Karmi-Melamede Architects

Courtesy of Ada Karmi-Melamede Architects

Courtesy of Ada Karmi-Melamede Architects

As designers and architects we were inspired by the design solutions achieved at the park’s landscape and architecture!

Whenever you feel you have had enough of the city we recommend visiting a beautiful park and taking a breath of unpolluted fresh air!

Photos are taken at Ramat Hanadiv, Zichron Yaakov

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Hello fashionistas!

Shorts with tights: hot or not? We’ve heard different opinions.

We believe the following: if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Especially when it comes to legs, which Vera and I both have miles of. Shorts are a great way of showing off your legs, and why have to give that up in winter?!

For this reason exactly we decided to shoot outfits with some of our favorite shorts and prove that you can make them work in winter, and even make a very sophisticated look out of them!

Vera agreed with the park scenery in her flower petal green shorts which she wore with a yellow sweater, black suit jacket, gingham peep toe heels and a charm necklace.

I went for a color burst in my high waisted red vintage shorts worn with a white button down shirt, knit  kimono cardigan, moccasin wedges, patent bottle-green tote and gold and red-enamel earrings.

Keep us posted on what you think of this look and how you plan on keeping it hot while the weather is still cold.

Photos taken at Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv

xoxo Vera&Rony

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