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You know that time of the week when you can almost smell the weekend approaching and all the stress of work and errands and all the things on your mind seem to just fade away? We love that time!

The weekend is finally upon us! We like to use our weekend time to relax and rest from our crazy week, and get our bodies and minds ready for another one.


This picture, taken during a spontaneous stroll through the beautifully rural Givat Ada in northern Israel, is the image of relaxation and peace of mind.

Stay tuned for a post on our favorite weekend wear, coming up next!
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As the temperatures drop and the weather gets rainier and colder, we love taking advantage of the last bit of warm sunshine to travel and explore. This weekend’s choice destination was Rosh Hanikra, a beautiful geological site on the Mediterranean coast in northern Israel.

ImageIn order to access the geological site, one must take a cable car into the site and on the way enjoy stunning scenic views. The first stop to visit is the old railroad built by the British during the British Mandate in Israel. This railroad was built in attempt to create train access from Israel to Europe that would travel from Tel Aviv to London through Lebanon, Turkey and other countries.

The idea of a railroad that travels from the Middle East into Europe seems like a wonderful dream that in today’s reality seems impossible due to the Middle Eastern conflict.
The next stop are the beautiful grottos: cavernous tunnels formed by sea friction on the soft chalk rocks. We took a stroll inside the grottos and enjoyed the stunning views, some of the world’s most beautiful views in our opinion! The turquoise Mediterranean water was splashing everywhere and sunlight that crept in through the openings made this place appear even more magical.
ImageImageImageImageImageA nice ending to the trip was a long walk in the old city of Acre (see Acre travel guide and recommendations here) and lunch at one of the local seafood restaurants.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and wishing you a great week ahead!
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Happy almost-weekend fellow fashionistas!

We chose this week’s picture because it really reminds us of fall. You can almost feel the cold wind blowing through the tree. Where we are fall is just starting to show face, so we’re getting very excited about our fall wardrobes. Next week we’ll be sharing our fall essentials and tips for fabulous fall styling!


This photo was taken at Edith Wolfson park, one of the most beautiful parks in Tel Aviv, where the architecture was designed by artist and architect Dani Karavan. We love this place so much we shot two posts here: Black Swans and Ladies in Trousers.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, enjoy the romantic weather!

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This week’s pick was taken while relaxing at one of our favorite spots for a weekend escape, Alexander River, which flows from the mountains of Samaria to the Mediterranean Sea. This is the natural habitat of giant tortoises, crocodiles, catfish and other beautiful species of fish; it is a great location for a walk through nature or a fun picnic.

194fe9ec734611e2bcc122000a1fa49d_7 (1)Now is the perfect time to enjoy convenient weather, not too hot and still not very cold, before winter starts, and have a lovely picnic in nature with loved ones!

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Enjoy your weekend!
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Tomorrow is Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement, one of the holiest days in the Jewish religion. Jews observe this holy day of atonement and repentance by fasting and praying for 24 hours and asking for forgiveness from those we believe we’ve wronged. While we’re not very devout or religious we think there’s something really beautiful about taking a pause from our hectic lives and taking time to atone for what we believe we’ve done wrong and to appreciate everything we have.


This picture was taken in Israel’s southern desert, on the long road that leads from the South to Tel Aviv, in the center. To us this picture symbolizes the long and winding, yet rewarding journey we’ve had in the past year.

We wish you all a wonderful weekend and easy fast to those who observe Yom Kippur.

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V & R

Summer is officially here, and what a way to kick summer off with the month of July, the month of both our birthdays!

Days and nights are getting warmer and the humidity is getting more intense. Time to break out some easy breezy, comfortable summer wear!
Our favorite summer uniform is long loose dresses, classy ones that labels such as Oscar de la Renta and Diane Von Furstenberg have been perfecting each season. Ones that you can wear all day in sandals or slip on a pair of heels and wear in the evening.


Here are some of our favorites:
Rony wore a midi strapless print dress with a waist cinching belt, gold leather sandals, rope and gold woven clutch, wide brimmed hat and lots of vintage jewelry.


Rony’s outfit is perfect for long days in the sun. The right accessories keep it stylish and chic.



IMG_83661 IMG_82581 IMG_82621 IMG_82631 IMG_82711

IMG_82491 IMG_83161 IMG_83201 IMG_83501 IMG_83511



Vera wore a loose fitted print baby doll mini dress with cork wedges and a large beaded necklace.


Vera’s dress is so comfortable it can last you through an entire hot day. Vera’s accessories offset the cuteness of the dress and make the look more grown up – ready to tackle business as well as pleasure!

IMG_83831 IMG_83841 IMG_83851 IMG_83801

IMG_82821 IMG_82851 IMG_82871 IMG_82891 IMG_82901 IMG_82941 IMG_83041 IMG_83321 IMG_83361 IMG_83371 IMG_83391 IMG_83441 IMG_83491

We found the most amazing location for this photoshoot: a section of Herzlia park that was recently remodeled with a wooden walkway surrounded by tall reeds and trees. The perfect spot for a picnic or a summer stroll!

IMG_83091 IMG_83111 IMG_82911 IMG_83251 IMG_83291 IMG_83301 IMG_83901

Photos taken at Herzlia Park.

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Hello lovely fashionistas and fashionistos!
June is almost here and the weather is getting warmer. Time to stock your wardrobe with the perfect items for summer!
Here’s what we’re obsessed with this summer: whites!

The color White symbolizes many things in different cultures; in western culture it is the epitome of purity, cleanliness, and romanticism. One thing is for sure though, it is the ultimate color to survive the hot and sweaty summer months with. Whether worn in the form of a wedding gown or an everyday dress, it will always look more special, festive and royal!


Vera wore a vintage embroidered dress with a thin brown plaited belt and plaited sandals.

IMG_75942 IMG_75961 IMG_76011 IMG_76031 IMG_76091

IMG_75181 IMG_75261 IMG_75281 IMG_75461 IMG_75561




Rony wore a chiffon and tulle pearl-adorned dress with bow peep toe pumps and a cream leather and brass oversized clutch.

IMG_75833 IMG_75842 IMG_75854 IMG_76142 IMG_76041 IMG_75802


IMG_75054 IMG_75071 IMG_75112 IMG_75131 IMG_75141 IMG_75602 IMG_75631

Both dresses are made from breathable, comfortable fabric and both could be worn as a more casual look, or be the perfect dresses for fabulous summer parties.



We can almost feel the summer breeze now…

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Photos taken at Givat Ada

IMG_5236 IMG_75021 IMG_74891 IMG_76081 IMG_74982


Rony recently returned from an amazing trip to South America. Here she shares some of her travel diaries from three main destinations – Ecuador, Galapagos and Peru.

Ecuador Highlands

Ecuador is home to the Andes mountain range, which includes some of the tallest active volcanoes in the world.

Quilotoa Volcano lake

Quilotoa Volcano lakeQuilotoa Volcano lake

Cotopaxi Volcano

Cotopaxi VolcanoEcuador highlands Ecuador highlands Ecuador highlands Ecuador highlands Ecuador interiros

Ecuador interiors

What to wear
Horseback riding gear while riding horses through the mountains: traditional poncho and chaps.

Rony's hourseback riding gear Horseback riding through the mountains

Amazon rainforest

Comprising more than half of the world’s remaining rainforest, the Amazon rainforest is home to an incredible variety of animals, trees and plants that seemingly only exist in fairy tales.


Canoe ride through the Napo river into the heart of the rainforestIMG_29441 IMG_29121

Lodge in the heart of the jungleIMG_2905 IMG_3285 IMG_32161 IMG_33181 IMG_32641 IMG_31221

What to wear

Wear your jungle pants and lots of insect repellent to keep from getting bitten by the hundreds of species of insects!


Canopy walk above the forest


Being a city girl at heart, Rony was of course drawn to Ecuador’s capital, Quito, and its rich culture, history and architecture.

IMG_33371 IMG_33381 IMG_33561 IMG_33781 IMG_34141 IMG_33881 IMG_33921

IMG_33451 IMG_33471


Made famous by Charles Darwin’s studies and consequent theory of evolution, this archipelago is well known for its diversity of endemic species and how well preserved the wildlife is.


Landing on San Cristobal Island, GalapagosIMG_2382 IMG_23911 IMG_24491 IMG_25241 IMG_25461 IMG_25631 IMG_26351 IMG_26131 IMG_26661 IMG_27741 IMG_28051 IMG_27861

The most famous of Galapagos’ creatures, the giant tortoiseIMG_27191 IMG_26571 IMG_27001 IMG_28221

What to wear

Always have your wetsuit at the ready in order to explore the incredible wildlife under the sea, such as dolphins, penguins and the world’s biggest sea tortoises who just swim by you as if you were another fish!

Snorkeling in Galapagos

01060001 01060002 01060003 01060009 01060007

Swimming with the penguins sea tortoises and sea lions01090020 01060020 01060005

Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru

The sacred valley of the Incas in Peru spans from mountaintops to beautiful valleys in rural Peru and includes some of the most important sites in the history of the ancient Inca Empire.

IMG_3593 IMG_35881


Enjoying the view at OllantaytamboIMG_3605


The Incan archeological sites are absolutely awe-inspiring in their locations and in how architecturally advanced the Incans were in such ancient times. IMG_36851 IMG_37041

Machu Picchu – a UNESCO World Heritage SiteIMG_37071 IMG_37161 IMG_37191 IMG_37401 IMG_37721 IMG_37881

What to wear

Explore the valley and the mountains in your most comfortable clothes and get ready to do some serious hiking! Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and apply lots of sunscreen, at +3000 km altitude radiation can get pretty intense!

Rony at Machu Picchu


To young Israelis travelling in South America, Cusco is Peru’s Tel Aviv. The city is rich with history, culture, explorers from around the world and a vivacious scene.

IMG_41821 IMG_35021 IMG_34911

IMG_34881 IMG_34821

IMG_40401 IMG_40431 IMG_40251 IMG_39951 IMG_40201 IMG_3525 IMG_3514

At times the city seems very modern, but it’s never a surprise to run into a llama walking down the street.

Cusco Llama

From a fashion and textile design standpoint, it was intriguing to see the indigenous women’s traditional clothing and how they hand dye and weave their clothes using different natural materials.

IMG_34981 IMG_4101 IMG_4122 IMG_4142 IMG_38031

We highly recommend visiting, and very much look forward to exploring the rest of South America’s countries in the future!

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Hello fashion darlings,

Israel is known for its rich natural scenery and landscapes that seemingly change with every step you take. From beautiful forests and green mountains up north to Mediterranean beaches to never ending deserts in the south, there’s lots to see here. This time on our travels we visited the Golan Heights, close to the northern border of Israel.






The Golan Heights with their green mountains are known to be hiker friendly with lots of caves and historic areas among the sites. One of the latest sites that we discovered is Ein kshatot (“Um El-Kantar”), an archeological site of ruins of a Roman-era Jewish city, most prominent of which are the remains of an ancient synagogue. This amazing site is still under reconstruction but one can already experience the rich history of Judaism imprinted in this site. The synagogue is assumed to have been built somewhat between the 1st and the 2nd century A.C and is one of the most significant historical sites to have been discovered in Israel. The site was discovered in 1885 by Lawrence Olliphant, a British writer and diplomat, who had written in his findings that the place was abandoned. The site was later on rebuilt and refurbished (and is still undergoing reconstruction) by an Israeli archeologist, Yeshua Drey.












Ein Kshatot



Vera was the perfect mountain girl in a green and turquoise flannel buttoned up shirt, jean leggings and a green oversized cardigan. She completed the look with turquoise Keds sneakers and black and white woven scarf!



So get your hiking shoes on, grab a camera and share with us the natural sights you have in your area! Share your snapshots on our facebook page!

The olives we collected

The olives we collected

V & R

Israel’s Beresheet boutique hotel and spa was recently named one of the world’s sixty best hotels. Of course, we had to check out what all the fuss is about.

Beresheet sits atop a cliff overlooking Ramon crater in the southern Negev desert of Israel. Ramon crater is part of Israel’s biggest national park, the Ramon Nature Reserve.

The aptly named Beresheet (named after the Hebrew word for Genesis) appears to have risen from the sand in its primeval landscape like the beautiful rock formations surrounding it. The architecture was designed by Israeli architecture office Faigin Architects in cooperation with the British ARA Design.

We were deeply impressed by the architectural attempt to blend into the desert landscape and create something inherent to the site rather than something foreign.

The hotel offers top quality facilities and dining, a pool overlooking the crater, and a spa complete with amazing massages and treatments with which to spoil yourself.

What to do in the area:
The vast desert area offers lots of beautiful trails to hike through, whether above and around the Ramon crater or further north into the desert.

You’re sure to run into some mountain goats or the local ibex.

By the northern part of the hotel, right along the crater is a sculpture garden which you can hike through and enjoy breathtaking views of the Ramon crater.
If you crave a bit of fashion and style, the nearest town, Mitzpe Ramon has some very cool (and very cheap) vintage and second hand shops you can browse through to take a break from the hot desert sun.

On our next travel guide we will be covering some beautiful and exciting destinations in South America. Follow us for some more travel, styling, fashion, what to do and what to see, and of course, What We Wear!

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