A Desert Escape

Israel’s Beresheet boutique hotel and spa was recently named one of the world’s sixty best hotels. Of course, we had to check out what all the fuss is about.

Beresheet sits atop a cliff overlooking Ramon crater in the southern Negev desert of Israel. Ramon crater is part of Israel’s biggest national park, the Ramon Nature Reserve.

The aptly named Beresheet (named after the Hebrew word for Genesis) appears to have risen from the sand in its primeval landscape like the beautiful rock formations surrounding it. The architecture was designed by Israeli architecture office Faigin Architects in cooperation with the British ARA Design.

We were deeply impressed by the architectural attempt to blend into the desert landscape and create something inherent to the site rather than something foreign.

The hotel offers top quality facilities and dining, a pool overlooking the crater, and a spa complete with amazing massages and treatments with which to spoil yourself.

What to do in the area:
The vast desert area offers lots of beautiful trails to hike through, whether above and around the Ramon crater or further north into the desert.

You’re sure to run into some mountain goats or the local ibex.

By the northern part of the hotel, right along the crater is a sculpture garden which you can hike through and enjoy breathtaking views of the Ramon crater.
If you crave a bit of fashion and style, the nearest town, Mitzpe Ramon has some very cool (and very cheap) vintage and second hand shops you can browse through to take a break from the hot desert sun.

On our next travel guide we will be covering some beautiful and exciting destinations in South America. Follow us for some more travel, styling, fashion, what to do and what to see, and of course, What We Wear!

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  1. Oh my god. I am so jealous! The pictures are gorgeous and after reading about it I really wanna go. Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon btw? The pictures just made me think of it, and I absolutely loved it there!

  2. I have been! yea they are similar in many ways, they both really make you appreciate the beauty and power of nature!
    Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. WOOOOOW! it’s a beautiful place, and the hotel looks incredible… I want to be there, I want “jumper” power haha

    • it is sooo beautiful! Haha I wish they would invent some sort of “jumper” device! I would teleport myself all over the world!

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