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This weekend marked Tel Aviv’s annual T-Market event, a fashion event that celebrates local young talents in design. Although the central idea behind this event started as a T-shirt market, it has expanded beyond and now features clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and even art, as well as cool live music and cheap booze.



The whole layout of the event had a very market place feel, which we loved. It made the atmosphere cool and laid back and allowed the designers to get really creative with their displays. Not to mention that the designs on display were sold at (almost) market prices. The sales were insane and we just couldn’t resist. The accessible prices and fun young atmosphere made this a kind of fashion event for the masses.

Here are some of our favorite designs:
Shani Jacobi‘s interesting geometric jewelry incorporates leather, gold and Swarovski crystals for a look that is sure to make a statement.

IMG_23271 IMG_23281Rony picked out Jacobi’s minimalistic gold rings.

T-Market sold amazing clutches in just about every color, size and texture.

IMG_23301 IMG_23311 Rony picked out an oversized wicker clutch.


Punchaos is a jewelry and accessories label with girly and retro designs. It is clear that designers Jessica and Yuval love to experiment with material and color and the results are beautiful.

IMG_23171 IMG_23161 IMG_23191We love seeing how designer Odelia gets better and better each time we see her designs. Her beautiful nature-inspired display caught our attention and we loved the designer’s new rings collection.

IMG_23481 IMG_23491 IMG_23511 IMG_23551 IMG_23521You may remember Odelia’s chic clutches from last year’s event. Rony scored Odelia’s delicate and beautiful gold heart bracelet.


Sackpack had a very chic adult version of that sack pack we used to have as kids, in various materials, textures and colors.

IMG_23611 IMG_23631

One of the coolest displays by far were by Dima Gorbachev, who had his super cool T-Shirts taped to the walls.


Natalie Motlis, the designer behind jewelry label Lilla My, is one that never fails to make us feel a serious sugar rush because her designs are so sweet and creative.

IMG_23641You may remember the label from this post and this post. From the adorable creatures adorning her jewelry (bulldogs, kitties, fish, rocking horses and many more) to the unique pieces they are made of, to the gorgeous display, Lilla My is always a treat!

IMG_23651 IMG_23671 IMG_23691

Rony wore a houndstooth print crop top with high waisted long shorts, peep toe bow pumps, blue and orange clutch, colorful necklace from Madrid and hair tie.


IMG_23563Rony and her T-Market haul.


Stay fabulous lovely readers!
V & R

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What We Wear is two years old and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with you, our amazing readers!

On this joyous occasion we decided to share with you some of our favorite outfits from our past year in blogging.


Playing with black and white textures and patterns in Black and White and Patterned IMG_62642

IMG_60953 IMG_61001

Rocking colorful blazers in Blazer Yourselves529791_349228275185829_1601457305_n

Getting color happy in I Scream Colors
IMG_67161 308129_356523724456284_376881064_n IMG_64673

Some rules are meant to be broken. Mixing denims in Jean on JeanIMG_64571 IMG_4698

Ready for combat in G.I. Jane

Artsy at Tel Aviv’s Cinematec in Blue and White and Patriotic all Over644427_364635213645135_328332730_n

Mixing romantic vintage with edgy modern pieces in Modern VintageIMG_69232

Getting inspired by cultures around the world in International Concepts of Style
IMG_69441 IMG_70991

Mixing sportswear with our Ready to Wear in Without Breaking a Sweat165411_378402005601789_2028991266_n6780f5eab71e11e28faf22000a1f99f9_7

Proving that you don’t have to break the bank to look fabulous in Cheap and ChicIMG_73332 IMG_81462

See through blouses and see through clutches in Sheer TransparencyIMG_78951 IMG_79562

Putting together sexy dresses with fun T-Shirts in The New Party Dressd7d6249ad8bc11e2b61c22000a9f4de7_7 1052663_399986800109976_214833824_o

Redefining The Suit in Well Suited1048973_399984226776900_1064421188_o IMG_6097

Making office wear comfort wear in Working GirlsIMG_86251 IMG_86061


Pants are never boring in Pants PartyIMG_73632

Getting inspired by urban architecture in Urban GeometriesIMG_6092

Letting our inner wild animals shine in Animal InstinctIMG_6199

Playing with our favorite tropical prints in Tropical UrbanityIMG_08461

Keeping warm in some of our favorite capes in Little Red Riding HoodsIMG_07501IMG_64601 IMG_09561

Channeling timeless classic Annie Hall in TomboysIMG_09671 IMG_14481

Welcoming Spring early and playing with flirty florals in Spring AwakeningIMG_6662

As you probably already know, we love mixing prints and piling on the accessories!


Pattern mixing in Layers of FallIMG_08351

Faux fur and statement jewelry in Little Red Riding HoodsIMG_84641

Gold, studs and patterns in Let’s go to the Beach EachIMG_93061

Mixing flower prints and oversized cocktail rings in Flower PowerIMG_00694

Pattern mixing in Mad as a HatterIMG_13811

Mixing prints and textures with bold colorful jewelry in Spring AwakeningIMG_6657

This year we got to collaborate with some amazing designers:


Visiting Hagar Satat’s studio in Inside the Designer’s StudioIMG_80681 IMG_03892

Modeling stunning jewelry by Liat Ginzburg in A Ginzburg WonderlandIMG_01142 IMG_02251 IMG_6357

Modeling for inspiring designer Adi Ashur in Black SwansIMG_96801 IMG_96341

IMG_95323 IMG_95563


And attended some fabulous fashion events and exhibits:


Getting high on accessories at Tel Aviv’s Accessory Market EventIMG_78062


Taking in the stunning art at the opening of Grimanesa Amoros’ exhibit IMG_60292


Luxury shopping and celeb sightings at Tel Aviv’s Fashion Night Out eventIMG_94905

Cool designer finds at Tel Aviv’s T:Market eventIMG_94931 IMG_89163

Beautiful street art at The Seventh Floor street art exhibitIMG_89722 IMG_93862

Behind-the-scenes peek into the design process of fabulous shoe designers Couple OfIMG_6135

An exhibit all about fashion and love

Exhibit featuring designs by legendary milliner Stephen Jones

This year was very meaningful for both of us, but especially for Vera, whose pregnancy was documented on the blog. It’s not easy to be a fashionista while pregnant but Vera never gave up her style.

new-image IMG_84012

First signs of pregnancy in Let’s go to the Beach EachIMG_92831

Growing belly in Flower PowerIMG_91662

Showing off her pregnancy in Animal InstinctIMG_06251

Fabulous layering in Layers of FallIMG_63271

Pregnant humor: dressing up as a pregnant nun for our Halloween postIMG_13681

Post pregnancy style in Spring Awakening

Thank you so much everybody for your endless support, for reading, “liking” and commenting on our posts here and on our various social media sites and mostly for inspiring us! The most amazing thing about the internet is getting to know people from around the world, that has truly been a pleasure!

And the most amazing gift we could’ve received: A fashion illustration of us by the amazingly talented katybabyart! Thank you for this wonderful gift!!



Here’s to another fabulous and fashionable year!

Check out last year’s blogaversary post!

love always,
V & R

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Flowers have so much meaning in different cultures around the world. To us, they signify the coming of spring, of warm weather and picnics in nature and the feelings of excitement and expectation.

Flower motifs have always been in style, from the days of Marie Antoinette to today, they have remained relevant and feminine. Flower prints decorated our clothes when we were little girls and continue to, to this day.

Flowers usually have big presence at the spring collections, this year’s collections were no exception, and we have styled them for warm weather outfits here and here. This time, however, we decided to bring spring into our lives a little early and make the trend cold-weather appropriate too!


A Rose by any other name


Vera wore a sequined oversized asymmetrical cut top over a striped and polka dotted dress and hip hugging mini skirt. She wore flower and butterfly print pale tights, over the knee boots and a rose print scarf.




IMG_13831 IMG_13881

Vera’s sequined top and edgy boots gave her romantic pale tights more of a hip edge.

IMG_12982 IMG_13111

IMG_13041 IMG_13141 IMG_13231 IMG_13261

Rony wore a flower print asymmetrical cut skirt with an oversized sweater and a white button down shirt. She wore rose print tights, high heeled ankle boots and a green wool scarf.

IMG_13551 IMG_13561 IMG_13591 IMG_13631 IMG_13891

Rony’s forest green scarf is the perfect addition to this garden-themed outfit. Rony’s print mixing made the outfit interesting and cool; she kept it from getting too busy by putting the prints together with neutral colors.

IMG_13273 IMG_13291 IMG_13311 IMG_13382

IMG_13371 IMG_13311IMG_13431

We encourage all of you fabulous fashionistas to boldly mix prints, it’s so much fun!

Ready for Spring


Vera wore her spring-inspired tights with a white button down blouse, purple knit cardigan, chiffon overlay skirt, moccasins, and lots of colorful jewelry.


IMG_14391 IMG_14411 IMG_14431 IMG_14451 IMG_14701

The mix of colors in Vera’s outfit is perfect for the coming spring. Her knit cardigan makes the outfit wearable during the transition between the seasons.

IMG_14201 IMG_14251 IMG_14261 IMG_14281 IMG_14291 IMG_14301

Rony wore her flowered skirt and tights with a white button down shirt, asymmetrical cut blazer, velvet green pumps and colorful jewelry.

IMG_14481 IMG_14551 IMG_14581



Rony’s light blazer makes this outfit business-like and office ready.

IMG_14051 IMG_14071



The inspiration for the post came from the beautiful roses at ProFlowers! Click here to smell the roses even if flowers aren’t blooming yet where you are!

More oversized sweaters perfect for this season here and here.

Feel free to “Like”, tweet, and share our post. After all, sharing is caring!

V & R

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Happy almost-weekend fellow fashionistas!

We chose this week’s picture because it really reminds us of fall. You can almost feel the cold wind blowing through the tree. Where we are fall is just starting to show face, so we’re getting very excited about our fall wardrobes. Next week we’ll be sharing our fall essentials and tips for fabulous fall styling!


This photo was taken at Edith Wolfson park, one of the most beautiful parks in Tel Aviv, where the architecture was designed by artist and architect Dani Karavan. We love this place so much we shot two posts here: Black Swans and Ladies in Trousers.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, enjoy the romantic weather!

V & R

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If you’re a follower of our blog you may have noticed that we love street art. We find it very inspirational and meaningful, at times more than art displayed in museums.


Mural by Dana Decktor.

From an urban perspective, street art is a way in which people can contribute to a cityscape and can express themselves anonymously (or not) for all of the world to see.

While sometimes graffiti can be perceived as sort of scribbles that do nothing but mar public space, it can have really beautiful graphic qualities: from typography to color and composition, street art is at times the freest form of art and expression out there.


Nitzan Mintz mural – a study in Hebrew typography.

IMG_89102 IMG_90171 IMG_90181IMG_90162Signer Afk mural.

For all these reasons, we were thrilled to find out about The Seventh Floor, a street art exhibit held at Tel Aviv’s central bus station, where about a thousand square meters of walls are now covered with art by local artists and artists from abroad.



Some of the art is colorful, some is aggressive and in-your-face and some has a very clear agenda.

Artist Natalie Mandel used the loose cables coming out of the walls along with old phone chargers to create a sort of vine spanning the ceiling, creating a juxtaposition between something from nature and an industrial polluted bus station.

IMG_89851 IMG_89911 IMG_89981

IMG_89971 IMG_62432An addition to this piece were huge grasshoppers built out of old scraps of metal.

IMG_89922 IMG_89941

“If only we can find the language of peace we could live together and forever as one” by Murielle Cohen.


We loved the graphic qualities of this piece, made out of yarn, by artist Maya Gelfman.

IMG_62412 IMG_90101 IMG_90112

“Batman can’t save you.” Quite moving work by Zak Shiff.


Beautiful Japanese culture-inspired art by Melbourne graffiti artist Haha.


Stunning murals incorporating pasted newspaper and paint by illustrator Marian Boo.

IMG_89791 IMG_89712 IMG_89722 IMG_89702

An impressive abstract mural by illustrator and animator Dioz.


A piece by interactive artist Debi Oulu encouraging passersby to “do art”.


Murals by Utro and Ross Plazma.


Cute creatures creeping on the telephone by Adi Sened.


Trapped in the wall. Work by Holy Era.


Amazing color combination and Greek-mythology graphics by &BE&.


A piece by illustrator Zivink.


Very threatening mural by Shell Uno.


Pieces by Ori Gami and Alice Mizrachi.


Urban decay by German graffiti artist Markus.


One of our favorites by Lavi>Safam Boards.


The fact that this exhibit was held at the central bus station is meaningful in itself. Regretfully, this is an under-maintained, run down, awful building. The presence of the art almost makes up for the lack of design in the place, because at least the old and decrepit walls are being used for a good cause. The notion that public buildings that thousands of people pass through in a given day could be used as “rental space” for free art is a very exciting one!

IMG_89171 IMG_89482

IMG_89461 IMG_89592

IMG_89782 IMG_898011e8794ce1ac511e39c4c22000a9e0896_7

IMG_90531 IMG_90551 IMG_90561

What’s amazing though, is how people take this kind of art for granted and don’t even give it a second glance. We noticed that many people walked by completely oblivious, and only started to notice the writing on the walls (pun very much intended) when they saw us taking pictures.



Rony wore a Made by Lilamist graphic crop top with a vintage pleated midi skirt, peep toe heels, leather clutch, wood printed sunglasses and layered gold pendant necklaces.


Follow us as we report from more events surrounding Holon Fashion Week!

More photography of Tel Aviv street art here.
More photography of Barcelona street art here.
More photography of London street art here.

More photography, art, design, and fashion on our facebook, twitter and instagram!

V & R

We may not be professional photographers but we are pretty proud of our photography skills! Here we will share with you some of our favorite photos from our instagram page, many of which were taken on the locations of our fashion photoshoots!

Spatial Origami

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Our pick of the week is a photo we took while visiting Tel Aviv’s Museum of Art’s new addition which was designed by American architect Preston Scott Cohen. Pictured is the intriguing interior space and play on light the architect created. We love how the concrete structure appears to be paper origami!

This museum was the location of our photoshoot for the post Shades of Gray.

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Have a lovely weekend!


Ladies and gentleman,

Big things are happening for What We Wear! Starting in the coming month, we are going to be contributing writers with our very own column on a very cool up and coming design website!

High Fives for Everyone is a website that features amazing photography and design by a very talented multitasker (who also happens to be a good friend), as well as features on some of the latest and coolest ideas and inventions in the world of design!

Here’s an interview we gave for the website, as a way of introducing us to the site’s audience:       What We Wear interview for High Fives for Everyone

Enjoy and follow the website for future updates from our column!


V & R

Whether you won it in some contest, borrowed it from your boyfriend, or wore it only around the house, every T-shirt has a story, which makes them more sentimental than most items in your closet. Plus, T-shirts are some of the most comfortable clothes you could own; they require no effort, you just put them on and go. But can T-shirts be chic and stylish? Absolutely!

When worn with such feminine skirts, the T-shirts make the outfit cool and unexpected. Putting together an elegant item with a casual or athletic item makes the outfit more relaxed and cool and appropriate for almost any occasion.
Here are some of our favorite T-shirts and how we made them look chic:

Outfit 1: Mad as a hatter

Vera wore a Civilian army green sleeveless T-shirt with a form fitting black zippered skirt, cropped vest, gold link necklace and platform booties

I wore a print T-shirt with a vintage puffy skirt, link stretch belt, top hat and strappy high heeled sandals.

Outfit 2: Candy Colors

Vera wore a yellow printed Civilian T-shirt with a green wash denim skirt, studded belt, beaded necklace, and leather moccasins

A great way to dress up a T-shirt outfit is by wearing big bold accessories. We did so with our belts, shoes and eye catching jewelry.

I wore a printed fuchsia T-shirt (worn tied up) with a high waisted studded skirt, glasses necklace, zebra ring and studded canvas moccasins

Outfit 3: Play on Plaid

Vera wore a printed glitter T-shirt, plaid A-line skirt, orange leather belt, beaded necklace, and plaid peep toes

It’s a common and outdated cliché that different prints and clashing colors don’t go together. That cliché has been proven wrong, so don’t be afraid of mixing patterns and prints! Just make sure to keep some of the prints calmer to emphasize a certain item or piece of clothing.

I wore a light blue Civilian T-shirt, plaid high waisted skirt, leather studded belt, metal and plastic collar necklace, zebra ring, and strappy high heeled sandals

This is a fashion tip that is relevant to both ladies and gents: pick your favorite, coolest T-shirts and put them together with a more posh item from your wardrobe, add some bold accessories and voila, a look that’ll take you from day to evening!
In the words of fashion guru Tim Gunn, “make it work people!”

For more Civilian clothing visit

Coming up next: what to wear on a fabulous date, what to wear on a job interview and some of Tel Aviv’s must-sees!!
Vera & Rony, What We Wear

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