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America’s sultry new pop princess, Lana Del Ray, sings about Blue Jeans as if they were a loaded gun ready to rip her heart. We are obviously totally envious of her sexy voice and are inspired by the song’s raw appeal so we decided to dedicate this post to denim.

These aren’t just your regular jeans though; we will show you how to wear denim in a way that’ll wow them, just like Lana does.

Vera looked like a starlet out of Grease in a cropped dark wash skinny jeans with a vintage button down blouse, red patent flats, canvas bag, silk colorful hair tie, charm bracelets and a cherries necklace.

I wore a denim tunic, vintage golden bow front peeptoes, knit hat, leather and lace white bag, bangles, and gold and Formica necklace.

When looking for good denim, whether it be jeans, shorts, dress etc, there are several factors to consider. The wash of it may look good on the hanger but isn’t always flattering on the body, the cut is also a determining factor in whether the jeans will be flattering on the body or not. Vera’s jeans for example, dark and skinny, flatter her figure and make her look long and lean. Sometimes the funnest way to wear denim is in an unexpected item, like my denim tunic worn as a dress: slouchy and comfortable but short and sexy.

Photos taken at Old Bavli neighborhood, Tel Aviv

Coming soon: Lavish jewelry, DIY skirts and accessories, the clothes recycle, sexy punks, tips on successful dressing for job interviews and on the job, and many more fabulous fashions!

Stay tuned, Folllow us for more!
Vera & Rony

Hello you fashion people,

On this episode of Wardrobe 101 What We Wear styled Carine Baker, a very busy girl with a background in fashion who doesn’t have much time or energy for it anymore.

Carine turned to us at What We Wear to help her sort through all the strong items she has but doesn’t know how to put together. Carine’s original style is very much Las Vegas, where she grew up: sweats during the day and everything flashy and revealing at night. She has a lot of short shorts, see through tops and sky high heels. While these pieces are all fabulous separately, together they may look a bit too revealing and tacky. Our goal was to show Carine how to wear these separates in a new classy and chic way that would also flatter her figure.

Carine used to style fabulous outfits for herself and her friends but she complained to us that somewhere along the line she lost her mojo. Our job was not only to put together her favorite clothes but also bring back her flare and the stylish touch she used to have. We think it worked quite well!

Outfit number 1
Summery prints: Print flowy blouse, print shorts, gold bangles, pearl necklace, peach purse and two-toned peeptoes

Outfit number 2
Sleek and ready for business: Gray trousers, layered top, silver chain belt and jewelry, platform sandals and a men’s hat

Outfit number 3
Office fashionista: Ripped white jeans, 3 toned shirt, print scarf, pearl necklace worn as bracelet, pearl earrings, and tan wedge pumps. We also tried this look with polka dot peep toes which would be more doable to wear for a full day

Outfit number 4
LBD Carine style: Sleeveless Little Black Dress, beaded fringe vest, golden chain belt, gold bangles, python sandals. We also went for shiny faux croc heels to give the look a different feel.

Outfit number 5
Punk rocker: Mesh hooded top, high waisted shorts, oversized stones necklace, feather earrings, and peep toe wedges

Outfit number 6
City weekend outfit: Flower print mesh blouse, jean shorts, oversized knit cardigan, print scarf, and high heeled espadrilles

Outfit number 7
Sweet for summer: print shorts, print mesh top, sleeveless knit vest, fish pendant necklace, bangles, and multicolored rope sandals

Outfit number 8
Chic Mademoiselle:
Civilian Clothing tee shirt, high waisted skirt, waist belt, knit hat, high heeled peeptoes

Thank you Carine for participating in this styling experience!

Until next time,

xoxo Vera & Rony

The month of May is the month of Mother’s Day; in honor of our wonderful mothers and powerful mothers everywhere we decided to do a photoshoot to celebrate and empower women.

We dressed up as the successful executives we one day hope to become. While we went for bold silhouettes and fabrics that are comfortable enough to wear for long hours at the office, we were sure to show our personal style and femininity.

Vera wore a layered tulle and lace blouse, denim vest, pinstriped slouchy trousers, oxford-like ballerina flats, and spiced up the look with lots of bling: oversized pendant necklace and gorgeous huge cocktail rings.

I wore an oversized white button down mesh blouse with leggings, men’s dress jacket, men’s suit vest, high heeled studded sandals and bulky gold jewelry.

When wearing something loose and big, like Vera’s voluminous pants and my men’s jacket, it’s best to offset it with something more form fitting, like the denim vest Vera wore and the leggings I wore. This way the outfit is chic and flattering and not overly big.

Don’t forget that makeup can also be an accessory, we used bright lip colors to bring out our girliness.

The architectural scenery definitely empowered us and made us feel at the top of our game.

Photos taken at Tel Aviv’s G Center overlooking Tzameret and Yoo towers

An exhibit we participated in at G Center:
More on how to wear masculine trousers:

Coming soon: Blue Jeans inspired by Lana Del Ray, tutorials on how to make your own to-die-for skirts and shoes, how to recycle clothes, styling made easy and much much more fabulous fashions!

xoxo Vera & Rony

Hello fashionistas!

As we’ve told you before, Vera and I have a tendency to wear matching outfits without ever planning to or discussing it; we like to call it style telepathy. It just so happens that we both bought the same layered H&M skirt in different colors.

Skirt Chronicles: One skirt worn two different ways, different body types and different personal styles, and lots of color!

Vera wore her maroon version with an antique looking sea green button down crinkled shirt, large beaded bangles, silver hoops necklace, and gray suede pumps.

I wore my pink and orange version with a bright blue zip front top, print silk scarf, gold and formica necklace, navy and cream satchel, waist belt, and peep toe heels.

The great thing about this skirt is it can go so many ways, casual, summery and day chic as I wore it, or posh, office or dinner date ready as Vera wore it.

Isn’t it awesome how the same skirt can look so different when worn in different colors and when put together with different tops, accessories and shoes?!
The lesson this time is mix your colors boldly; don’t be bashful, show off a little!

Photos taken at Tel Aviv’s sea port

xoxo Vera & Rony

Back when horror was still a chic genre, Alfred Hitchcock made films that were not only blood-chillingly frightening and brilliant but whose starlets screamed in style. From Kim Novak to Grace Kelly to Marlene Dietrich and Doris Day, Hitchcock’s films featured some of the most prominent and stylish actresses of the 1940’s to 60’s. While the heroines of his films were plagued by horrors such as murderous birds and neighbors with homicidal tendencies, they always faced them head on as strong, well dressed women. And while they were at it they also set trends and made style statements that effected modern fashion and the way we dress to this day.

Since we are so inspired by Hitchcock and his heroines we decided to do a photoshoot as an homage to the Hitchcock genius.

Vera was fragile and delicate but at the same time pale and creepy in her pearl adorned asymmetrical cut shirt and layered tulle skirt. She made the look feminine and dainty with her crème peep toes, monogrammed bag and pearl jewelry.

I emulated 50’s screen sirens in a voluminous layered polka dot dress worn with a waist belt, head scarf, huge sunglasses, pearl necklace, and a vintage blue silk minaudiere. I continued the monochrome prints look with my zebra print kitten heels.

Go retro and you’ll feel like you stepped out of an old Hollywood movie. Not in a scary way, but rather in the best, most fabulous way possible!

Photos taken at Ha’Kofim Garden, Ramat gan

xoxo Vera & Rony

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