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Hello boys and girls!

Winter is striking hard, even for us in Israel, where we usually enjoy warm weather year-round. The gray skies and cold winds make it so hard to get out of bed and start the day. All we want to wear are our biggest and warmest sweaters!

Big winter sweaters

Oversized, masculine clothing is very in right now and shows no intention of disappearing from the fashion forecast. Oversized pieces could be anything from jackets to skirts; from your boyfriend jeans, to your boyfriend’s never-worn sweater or some plus sized tunic that can be worn as a dress! Everything goes!
Over sized pieces can be quite tricky though; If you don’t wear them right you might look a bit… well, ridiculous! Whenever wearing something really big remember to put it together with something more form-fitting to create some contrast: a tight dress or skirt, skinny jeans or leggings will do the trick. When wearing an oversized dress or tunic a belt will do the job.

Winter outfits

Vera wore an oversized striped sweater over a striped black and white mini dress with black sheer tights, red flats, glass and metal necklace and a black and white knit scarf.

Vera's outfit

Vera's outfit

Vera's outfit

Stripes all over

Glass and metal necklace

Big sweater and mini skirt Striped outfit Pop of color

Perfect day for a sweater

Rony wore a vintage oversized knit sweater with a form fitting print mini dress over dark green tights, studded boots, rope and rhinestones necklace and a checkered bag.

Rony's outfit

Rony's outfit

Rony's style

Rony's outfit

Rony's outfit

Multicolored necklace

Prints and textures

Big sweater over tight skirtWhat’s your favorite oversized item this season? Tell us all about it on our facebook page or on Twitter! Can’t get enough of What We Wear? Follow our attempts at artistic photography on Instagram!

Photos taken at The Tower plaza, Tel Aviv

The Tower Sculpture at The Tower plaza Tel Aviv architecture

Have a warm and cozy winter!
V & R

This was a very fun and inspired week for What We Wear as we attended “Flash”, a fashion event that promotes young up and coming designers.

Flash Fashion Event

The event featured the latest collections in clothing, jewelry, outerwear and even tights. All the gorgeous creations on sale were definitely a sight for sore eyes!


Flash fashion event

Among our favorite collections on display at the event:
Petitaureau: A jewelry and accessories label designed by the talented Mayan Hazan which features ultra feminine and delicate items with admirable attention to details. Everything from the pendants (or pin) to the clasps is adorned with hearts, stars, skulls, etc. Adorable!

Petitaureau jewelry

Rony wearing Petitaureau

Rony wearing Petitaureau

Itay Gonen Accessories: An eponymous label offering serious statement making jewelry made from a variety of materials. This is the kind of jewelry that could make an entire outfit, no need for anything else!

Itay Gonen

Itay Gonen jewelry

Itay Gonen

Ida Nudel: Remember our lavish photoshoot with fashion designer Adi Ashur? Ida Nudel was her classmate at Wizo Design Academy, and is just as talented. On display were feminine and adorable tops, dresses and pants. We were really impressed by the craftsmanship of Ida’s collection, particularly the hand-sewn jackets! Gorgeous works of art!

Ida Nudel

Ida Nudel

Some other designer highlights were Guapa, a collection dedicated to leggings, in every color and every print! The designer was just as cool as her pieces.

Guapa collection and designer

Miki B‘s collection offers beautiful clothes in so many colors and prints. Our favorite was a fluffy, sparkly, multicolored number that we wish we would’ve found before New Year’s Eve; it would’ve been the perfect piece to wear!

Miki B designs

The event took place at the cool and trendy Polaroid bar and was joined by cool beats courtesy of Dj Lomp & Joe.

Flash event at Polaroid bar

Jewelry at Flash

We love going to these events and finding out about talented designers and their amazing designs!

Fashion designersDesigners Ida Nudel and Mayan Hazan both wearing Petitaureau jewelry

Rony’s fashion event outfit: pink trench coat worn over a snake print frock, fishnet tights, studded oversized clutch, orange high heels and gold and leather jewelry.

Rony at flash

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Every girl has her favorite piece of clothing, a piece that she can wear with everything for everything and that makes her feel at her best! But what do you do when your favorite piece is only suitable for warm weather? Layering!

Winter outfits

Layers are always in fashion, the more the merrier! Layering not only makes the outfit suitable for almost any weather conditions, but can also conceal certain body parts and accentuate certain parts you’d like to show off.

This allows the comeback of your favorite summer staples, but is also a very economical attitude – rather than buying new, revive your favorites by wearing them with new layers and accessories.

Rony and Vera

Rony’s favorite piece from summer is a blue and pink-collar cut out romper. To make it suitable for the cold months of winter she wore it over a striped button down blouse and print tights. Rony completed her outfit with leopard print slipper flats, cream and pink bag and neon chain necklaces.

Romper, blouse, chain necklaces and tights

Rony's layered outfit


Rony's outfit

Rony's outfit

Trench coat

Romper over a blouse

Neons and pastels

Print tights with leopard print slippers

**Tip for mixing prints**: Keep the outfit in the same color palettes or color families so that even if you wear three or more different prints, they will agree with each other rather than clash. Rony did so with her striped blouse, the same color family as her romper and trench, together with print tights that go with her bag.

Layers of pastel

Layers of prints

Vera’s favorite summer pieces are an oversized pale pink tunic and a burgundy cotton skirt. To make these items cold-weather ready she put them together with a cream knit sweater, faux fur fluffy cardigan, and light brown tights. To complete the outfit Vera wore brown brogues, black leather bag and an oversized ring pendant chain necklace.


Vera's layered outfit

Vera's outfit

Vera's outfit

Vera's outfit

Layering in cold weather

Faux fur and knits

Oversized pendant necklace

Brown brogues

**Tip for mixing colors**:  Keep the outfit in similar shades and texture for each color. Vera did so by working up the shade and color scale, from cream to light pink to brown to plum to deep wine red.


Layers of colors

A trench is a must during the rainy Israeli winter, so both of us topped the outfit off with our favorite trench coats.

Trench favorites

Another great way to bring some summer sunshine into your life is by wearing bright shades of nail polish! Vera chose bright pink and Rony chose bright orange.

Bright nailpolish

We’d love to see how you revive your favorite summer staples, share your outfits on our facebook page, or tweet them to us!!

Vera's style

Rony's style
Photos taken at The Tower plaza, Gindi Tower plaza, and Katznelson Street, Tel Aviv

Lots of kisses and cuddles,

Happy Winter fashionistas!

Flowers in the forest

The mini? the maxi? what skirt length will it be this winter? We vote Midi! Midi is the perfect length to keep covered up, but not all the way: not too revealing and not too concealing; perfect for every occasion, from office to dinner party, and flattering on every figure! The great thing about the midi is its versatility, it all depends on how you wear it!

In case you’re not yet convinced, this skirt was the star of the hottest winter collections and was seen on the most fabulous fashionistas!

Winter Fashions

Vera’s tight denim pencil skirt was form fitting to create feminine curves so she set it off with an oversized masculine cut sweater over a long top. Vera completed her outfit with striped tights, cowboy boots, flower print scarf, long coat and a cap.

Vera's outfit

Vera's outfit


Vera's winter look

Cap and scarf

Long coat

Oversized sweater and pencil skirt

Cowboy bootsVera’s look was feminine and edgy but at the same time comfortable. The vintage sweater was one of her picks from the fashion fundraiser sale we organized a couple weeks ago.

Rony put her A-lined midi together with the biggest trend of the year, peplum. She wore a red midi skirt with a lace peplum blouse over a button down shirt. She wore high heeled leather boots, a flower print scarf, felt and leather oversized coat, and an oversized canvas bag.

Rony's outfit

Rony's outfit

Rony's winter look

Lace and pearls

Lace and flowers

Peplum cut

A-lined midi

Knee high boots

The peplum cut accentuates Rony’s waist and compliments the flow of the skirt.

Both of our handmade vintage scarves were given to us by our grandmothers as a souvenir from their Russian ancestry, we love them!

Vintage print scarves

Another one of our cold weather favorites is layering: pile on the tights, skirts, tops, knits, coats scarves and hats to create a warm and chic look.

Winter layers

There’s nothing more romantic than a stroll through the woods after a rainstorm, the forest looks almost magical like a place out of fairy tales.


Enjoy your winter and keep warm!
Photos taken at Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv

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Hello fashion darlings,

Israel is known for its rich natural scenery and landscapes that seemingly change with every step you take. From beautiful forests and green mountains up north to Mediterranean beaches to never ending deserts in the south, there’s lots to see here. This time on our travels we visited the Golan Heights, close to the northern border of Israel.






The Golan Heights with their green mountains are known to be hiker friendly with lots of caves and historic areas among the sites. One of the latest sites that we discovered is Ein kshatot (“Um El-Kantar”), an archeological site of ruins of a Roman-era Jewish city, most prominent of which are the remains of an ancient synagogue. This amazing site is still under reconstruction but one can already experience the rich history of Judaism imprinted in this site. The synagogue is assumed to have been built somewhat between the 1st and the 2nd century A.C and is one of the most significant historical sites to have been discovered in Israel. The site was discovered in 1885 by Lawrence Olliphant, a British writer and diplomat, who had written in his findings that the place was abandoned. The site was later on rebuilt and refurbished (and is still undergoing reconstruction) by an Israeli archeologist, Yeshua Drey.












Ein Kshatot



Vera was the perfect mountain girl in a green and turquoise flannel buttoned up shirt, jean leggings and a green oversized cardigan. She completed the look with turquoise Keds sneakers and black and white woven scarf!



So get your hiking shoes on, grab a camera and share with us the natural sights you have in your area! Share your snapshots on our facebook page!

The olives we collected

The olives we collected

V & R

Last weekend we threw a fashion fundraiser which featured a vintage sale, music, bubbly, and lots of beautiful people!

Fashion fundraiser at re:LoftAs you all know as the seasons change so does our wardrobe; all the summer clothes get replaced by winter clothing and vice versa, which is a great opportunity to get rid of all those clothes you don’t wear anymore.

The initial idea behind the event was a closet cleanout: we all have clothes that just sit there in our closets and collect dust and that, no matter how much we try to convince ourselves otherwise, we will never wear again. We encouraged some of the best dressed fashionistas, bloggers and boutiques to get rid of all that clutter and donate it to our event.

Clothing donations

Besides demonstrating bold acts of recycling both by those who donated and by those who bought secondhand, all proceeds from the event were donated to an organization supporting children living in southern Israel, who have been subjected to acts of terrorism and who are emotionally and physically scarred.

Everyone pitched in and donated! Fashion bloggers, shops and boutiques, our families and friends, fashionistas, and other people just looking to do good. The amount of clothes we received was unbelievable, as was the support and positive feedback! The event was a great success, in attendance were women of all ages and sizes looking to find treasures for their wardrobe and at the same time offer their support for the future of our children.

Fundraiser sale

Fundraiser sale

Fundraiser sale

In accordance with the theme of recycling for a better future, the event was held at re:Loft, an art and design loft studio which deals with recycling in art and design. The owner of the loft, Danielle Dafni, is a multitalent: video editor by profession, as well as an artist, designer and event planner.

Danielle’s loft was the perfect backdrop to the eclectic mix of items in the sale; its spacious terrace offers panoramic views of Tel Aviv and it is filled with amazing furniture, some designed by herself and her father, others by world renowned designers such as Ron Arad and Charles and Ray Eams. The beautiful art was painted by Danielle herself.

View of Tel Aviv


Fashion blogger Liora at re:Loft

Fashion at re:LoftHere’s what we wore:

Vera wore a tulle overlay Little Black Dress with a metal and PVC collar necklace and studded leather moccasins.

Vera Watts

Vera and a guest at the event

Rony wore a heart print sweater over a polka dot dress with a studded belt, gray tights, peep toe platforms and a pearl bib necklace.Rony and a guest at the event

Rony's special friend: Johnny and the scarves

More pictures from the event here!
Photographers: Yossi Huli and Yarden Dafni

Thank you to everyone who donated, bought, and participated in the event, to the talented photographers who voluntarily photographed the event, and a huge thank you to Danielle for so graciously offering her loft!

What We Wear and Danielle DafniWhat We Wear and loft owner, video editor, designer and artist Danielle Dafni

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What We Wear

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One of our favorite holidays of the year, New Years Eve, took place last night. We of course celebrated and welcomed 2013 in style!

New Years Eve 2013Vera went to a dinner party and wore a vintage print peplum dress with suede pumps, a cardigan and dainty jewelry.

Vera's New Year styleVera's outfit

Rony went out to celebrate at a dance party and wore a lace overlay backless dress with a woven clutch, strands of pearl jewelry and peep toe booties.

Rony's outfit




Rony's New Years style

what did you wear to celebrate the new year?

Happy New Year to our friends, families, readers and followers all around the world!! Wishing you all a very happy, successful, love-filled and of course, very fashionable 2013!! ♥


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