Skin Perfection!

hey everyone!
Winter is upon us, it’s raining and cold and the air gets windy and dry. For some people the dry air does wonders for their skin but to the unfortunate like us, it makes our skin look red and dull and feel dry. We have tried all kinds of facial creams, from baby creams to high end brands, and unfortunately were unable to get lasting results. Last week we received a lovely little pink package from L’Oreal Paris, with their new ‘Skin Perfection’ facial cream.
The Cream
We were so excited that we tried it out on the same day. After a week of applying the cream, we must admit that we already notice great change in our skin. It feels that the skin is much tighter, smoother and softer.
The cream itself is not oily like other creams we’ve used and gets absorbed in the skin quite quickly so you can apply make up straight away without worrying that the make up will smear off. Also, the cream deals with those annoying little wrinkles and smoothens the skin. 
So, ladies and gents, if you’re looking for the perfect winter cream to indulge your skin in, we highly recommend trying the new ‘skin perfection’!
Love it!
Wishing you and warm and jolly winter season!
V & R
  1. My skin is too damn dry at all times, need to try this one..

  2. A. Blake said:

    I am loving my L’Oreal Cell Renewal creams and serum. You did a good job with this review.

  3. My skin is a combination but it gets really dry especially during winter. I believe that this item is a must-try thanks for your review. 🙂 Stay gorgeous and keep in touch always. 🙂

    TWITTER | INSTAGRAM: @raysofraya

  4. giana said:

    Thanks for sharing the review. Have you tried other l’oreal products?


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