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Happy anniversary to our blog! What We Wear is a year old, and what a year it has been!!

What started from an idea of posting random pictures of our daily outfits here and there became an amazing worldwide fashion community! It all happened thanks to you, our amazing followers and readers! All the support gave us the motivation to build up a platform of fashion for “real people”, which expanded with forays into art, design, travel and culture all through our personal point of view.

What We Wore

How it all started!

We may attempt to pose like we’re gracing the pages of Vogue, but we never take ourselves too seriously. For this very special Blogaversary post we decided to share with you the “behind the scenes”, some of the funniest and most awkward moments from some of our posts over the past year:

Flower Children

We have so much fun we tend to forget ourselves; the camera can keep rolling and rolling.. More from this post here.

Blue Jeans

We try to reinvent posing. Vera: Horse face is the new duck face! More from Blue Jeans here.

Summer sunshine in a Winter Wonderland

Tongues are The Thing in our post Summer Sunshine in a Winter Wonderland


Balloons do wonders for your hair!Makeup Your Mind

We too have to brave the elements: sun in our eyes and wind in our face in Makeup your Mind

Fashion Playground

We don’t always look graceful in high heels. Rony’s high heeled platforms sinking in the sand in our post Fashion Playground.

Hitchcock Heroines

We get really silly. Vera gets a bit too into the horror movie theme in Hitchcock Heroines

Hot Pants!

We pay for buying cheap! Vera in Hot Pants

Who runs the World? Girls!

We get really possessive. “That’s my necklace! No, mine!” 

Midriff Barers

We can somehow magically switch haircolor. Vera being the blonde: “Wait, what..??”

Color Blocking

We are afraid of big bad monsters. Rony: “OMG is that a bee?!”

Midriff Barers

We’re great at multitasking, even while shooting our post Midriff Barers. Uber-fashionable pool cleaner anyone?

The Skirt Chronicles

We get really really tired. Rony takes a nap while shooting The Skirt Chronicles ZzzzZZZzzZzzzz.

But in all seriousness, our blog has given us an “excuse” to visit and document some of the most wonderful sites Tel Aviv has to offer.

Cut it Out

Rony at Tel Aviv’s Habima Theater, designed by architect Ram Karmi, in our post Cut it Out

…and attend some exclusive fashion events.

Tel Aviv Fashion Week

Fashion presentation we attended during Tel Aviv Fashion Week. Photo courtesy of Societe Perrier

And at the end of the day we always have fun because we are, afterall, best friends!

Casual Glam

Having a silly moment while shooting our post Casual Glam

This is the perfect opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us over the past year: our friends and families, those who allowed us to style them, those who allowed us to photograph them, the photographers and collaborators, the city of Tel Aviv and Israel in general for being the perfect backdrop, and most of all our amazing readers!

So what’s coming up next you ask? A lot of fashion of course, more cooperative work with the most amazing local designers, soon to come our own fashion column in a popular British website, full coverage of the local fashion events, more Street Style stars, personal styling tips and much more!

Getting Inspired

With hopes of delivering amazing content in the future,
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Rony Shapira and Vera Watts

love always,
V & R

Hello there fashion world!!

We don’t know if you noticed but belly shirts are so back! It’s funny how fashion recycles itself, back when we were in elementary school in the 90’s these shirts were huge and everybody wore them. Guess it’s time to get back to stomach crunches and sit ups!

It’s not just belly shirts that are coming back, lately it’s all about the 90’s: neon colors, ripped jeans, flannel shirts, sheer blouses, strappy dresses, chunky heels, hats, tied up shirts and so on. Just take some inspiration from some of MC Hammer’s old videos and you’ll get the picture 🙂 Kidding…

For this post we combined elements borrowed from the nineties with staple midriff bearing pieces and some pieces that are very right now. Here we show you that cropped tops can go day or night and can look cool, chic and even classy!ImageImage

For our day outfits we chose clothes cool enough to be seen in a recording studio (or in a Guitar Hero match). The musical instruments may not have been real but these outfits made us feel like true rock stars!

I wore a buttoned high waisted denim skirt with creamy lace vintage belly shirt and pale pink patent peep toe flats. The outfit felt a bit too calm for my taste so I spiced it up with neon accessories and lipstick that made me feel like a pop diva.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Rony wore a curve hugging striped high waisted skirt with a print belly bearing T-Shirt and a nineties ponytail. Rony offset the retro look with open toe booties, gold and leather necklace and earrings, and lots of cool bangles.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

For our evening looks we chose tied up belly tops for outfits you could wear to a party as well as a chilled evening with friends.ImageImage

I wore an ethnic patterned maxi skirt with navy tied up belly shirt, pink stone necklace, and a majorly 90’s black hat.ImageImageImageImage


Rony wore pleather shorts with a polka dot tied up top and a geometric drop necklace.ImageImageImageImageImage

We both wore T-strap high heels which are very big right now, to give the outfit a modern twist. The big statement necklaces we wore brought the attention to our necklines so that not all attention goes to the midriff. What’s great about matching the tops with high waisted pieces is that you can wear revealing tops without showing your belly at all. This way the tops are given a classy understated look.

As a conclusion the nineties are back big time but we still live in the 21st century. Remember to combine your 90’s pieces wisely and mildly!


Rony and Vera

Coming soon: Beachwear and what to wear on a hot date!!

We truly hope that spring has arrived to your home town because it surely hit ours!

The lovely warm weather and all the flowers that are blooming right now make us crave flowy dresses, hats and of course our favorite accessory- vests. So of course we decided to go boho chic on this post and show you how the look can be achieved.

Rony wore an  A-lined collar navy and white checkered dress. The layers of the dress along with the striped brownish gray vest looked fabulous on Rony and really flattered her shape. She wore nomad-like suede flat booties and a men’s straw panama hat. Sometimes it’s fun to steal from the boys, masculine accessories give feminine dresses a cool twist.

I wore a long floral dress sewn by none other than my mother and moi! The short puffy sleeves of the dress flatter my arms and the high waisted shape combined with the long length would give anyone a beautifully long silhouette. My strappy camel wedges probably helped with the long silhouette 🙂 But flats will look fabulous as well!

Oh the bohemian life… flowy dresses, cool jewelry, awesome music and art and a chilled lifestyle.. sound good? Sounds amazing to us!

So take a walk on the beach, enjoy the sand and the breeze and the sun! But don’t forget to stop for some refreshments in the hot weather!

Photos taken at Herzlia beach

For more on hippy style for spring

See you soon

❤ Rony & Vera

We love being feminine, and being the girly girls we are, we can greatly appreciate a good skirt or dress.

However, there’s nothing sexier than a woman who can carry off a good pair of trousers, the more masculine the better.  Pants can be elegant and dressy in a very cool, non-obvious way.

What better way to display our pants than with an architectural, metropolitan backdrop?!

Unfortunately the strong wind knocked down my camera and we had no choice but to continue the photo shoot with our iPhones. But don’t despair! The fun continued as we played on the beautiful concrete sculptures.

Vera wore wide legged pants that with all the wind and volume looked like a very cool maxi skirt. She put together an edgy look with a striped top, gray vest, studded belt, ballerina flats, silver chain necklaces and a massive rhinestone ring.

I wore jockey-like balloon pants, one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I own, with a button down shirt, high heeled oxfords, vintage Ray Bans, big rings, and peachy necklace and earrings.

While we did decide we wanted to post about some of our coolest trousers, we never agreed on color, and somehow we ended up coordinating our color palettes. What can we say, great minds think alike!


Photos taken at Edith Wolfson Park, Tel Aviv, where the sculptures were designed by architect Dani Karavan.

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xoxo Vera & Rony

Hello boys and girls,

Geek is in! Every one of us has their inner geek, it’s all a matter of whether we chose to embrace our geekiness or not. Vera and I say why not show your nerdy self in the best way possible?!

For our first photoshoot, which we are sooo excited about, we dressed like our proper nerdy school girls-selves and the result? Très chic!

Vera was office ready in her Ray Ban glasses and a pinstriped button down shirt tucked into a high waisted skirt. She put a cool twist on the look with her furry booties and represented in an English flag cardigan.

I wore a vintage school girl dress with knee-high socks and ballerina flats and a briefcase-like bag. I offset the good girl look with a cropped leather jacket and a gray scarf.

until next time, xoxo

All photos taken at Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv.

Hello fashionistas!

Our own Vera made it on HaAretz newspaper’s best dressed list! We are soooooo proud!!

Vera was photographed at the recent exhibit opening we blogged about

and was chosen out of all the celebs at the opening to be featured on the best dressed list! My little girl is all grown up, I couldn’t be more proud!!!

Vera wore a knee length strapless dress over a black mesh top with a leather jacket and bag and lace up booties. The necklace was her own concoction, to match the coffee table she exhibited at the opening, how ingenious! The earings were designed and created by her dad.

Congradulations Vera!

About the exhibit:

For those of you who read Hebrew, the article Vera was featured in:

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