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Hello fashion world!

Tel Aviv is well known not just for its history, beaches, and sights, but also for its amazing nightlife – it truly is the city that never sleeps! From its restaurants, bars and pubs to its dance bars and clubs, the “scene” in the city is a beautiful one. Here are some ideas for what to wear when going out in Tel Aviv, especially on a date with a hot local!

This photoshoot was taken at the old railway station of Tel Aviv which was restored two years ago and is now a lively center of shopping, bars and restaurants.

For our dinner date to celebrate our successful blog partnership we chose Vicki Cristina, a beautiful tapas bar and restaurant (named after the movie) which was built around an enormous and beautiful ancient tree. We ordered some tuna tartar with guacamole and a cold seafood salad and of course, mojitos!

We chose outfits that complimented the spirit of the location – romantic and soft; we turned to layering in case it got chilly on this summer evening, and chose breathable fabrics and flowy cuts.

While you want to dress to impress on a date, it is also very important to feel comfortable and confident.

Rony wore a puffy crème and black chiffon blouse with black bows, which she wore on top of a gray ruffled cotton dress. Yes, it’s absolutely possible to turn your favorite dress into a skirt by wearing a blouse on top, and adds extra volume to the dress.
She completed the look with super amazing studded black moccasins, a denim grayish clutch with wooden handles and a black glasses necklace which give the outfit another twist!


I wore an envelope cotton navy skirt that I sewed by myself with a vintage sheer pleated top and a gray suit vest. I completed the look with red hot patent flats and a massive gold chain that made the outfit more surprising and interesting.

The layered look fits everyone and is very flattering in that it allows you to conceal parts you’re insecure about and show off parts of your body you are proud of! You can play around with your outfit by layering different pieces and achieve very interesting results!



Have a wonderful night out!
V & R, What We Wear

Photos taken at Tel Aviv’s old railway station, “Hatahana”.

Whether you won it in some contest, borrowed it from your boyfriend, or wore it only around the house, every T-shirt has a story, which makes them more sentimental than most items in your closet. Plus, T-shirts are some of the most comfortable clothes you could own; they require no effort, you just put them on and go. But can T-shirts be chic and stylish? Absolutely!

When worn with such feminine skirts, the T-shirts make the outfit cool and unexpected. Putting together an elegant item with a casual or athletic item makes the outfit more relaxed and cool and appropriate for almost any occasion.
Here are some of our favorite T-shirts and how we made them look chic:

Outfit 1: Mad as a hatter

Vera wore a Civilian army green sleeveless T-shirt with a form fitting black zippered skirt, cropped vest, gold link necklace and platform booties

I wore a print T-shirt with a vintage puffy skirt, link stretch belt, top hat and strappy high heeled sandals.

Outfit 2: Candy Colors

Vera wore a yellow printed Civilian T-shirt with a green wash denim skirt, studded belt, beaded necklace, and leather moccasins

A great way to dress up a T-shirt outfit is by wearing big bold accessories. We did so with our belts, shoes and eye catching jewelry.

I wore a printed fuchsia T-shirt (worn tied up) with a high waisted studded skirt, glasses necklace, zebra ring and studded canvas moccasins

Outfit 3: Play on Plaid

Vera wore a printed glitter T-shirt, plaid A-line skirt, orange leather belt, beaded necklace, and plaid peep toes

It’s a common and outdated cliché that different prints and clashing colors don’t go together. That cliché has been proven wrong, so don’t be afraid of mixing patterns and prints! Just make sure to keep some of the prints calmer to emphasize a certain item or piece of clothing.

I wore a light blue Civilian T-shirt, plaid high waisted skirt, leather studded belt, metal and plastic collar necklace, zebra ring, and strappy high heeled sandals

This is a fashion tip that is relevant to both ladies and gents: pick your favorite, coolest T-shirts and put them together with a more posh item from your wardrobe, add some bold accessories and voila, a look that’ll take you from day to evening!
In the words of fashion guru Tim Gunn, “make it work people!”

For more Civilian clothing visit

Coming up next: what to wear on a fabulous date, what to wear on a job interview and some of Tel Aviv’s must-sees!!
Vera & Rony, What We Wear

What We Wear was asked to cover Tel Aviv’s 2012 Ready to Wear Fair, and we were honored to oblige.
Ready to Wear is an annual fashion fair that presents Tel Aviv’s finest and most prominent names in clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories. The fair was open to the public this weekend and featured big names in design such as ‘Yosef’, cala, Liat Ginsburg and much more!

This fair features a special sales event, making unique designer clothes more accessible and affordable. This is part of the reason why we believe in this fair so much and were so thrilled to get the opportunity to write about it. We were impressed by all the fashions we saw, but here are some of our favorite labels featured at the fair:

Most innovative and fun: Lilla My Jewelry

This designer’s booth immediately caught our attention, what with the beautiful colors and unexpected mix of materials. The designer was quite attention grabbing herself, with her blue hair, amazing velvet hair tie and bag and jewelry (all self designed of course).

All the accessories are handmade and crafted from dolls, pieces of puzzles, rulers, and other bits and pieces that one wouldn’t normally consider an accessory.

Most “Us”: Ulla

We were drawn to this designer because it seemed everything on the racks was created especially for us; every single piece the designer showcased was exactly our taste!

The collection featured a beautiful mix of 20’s and 50’s dresses each given a modern touch. Each dress was completely unique and together the collection was a fete of colors, prints and textures.

Craftsmanship and materials: Beaucoup Beaucoup

We were very impressed and taken by the craftsmanship of the stitching and the beautiful materials at Beaucoup Beaucoup. The collection they offer is very minimalistic at first glance. However, each piece is made of another amazing fabric that is breathable and wearable and at the same time luxurious.

We couldn’t stop touching the clothes! We found that these pieces represent Tel Aviv fashion so well – seemingly simple at first yet have some incredibly unique quality to them.

The fair was very successful in that it offered such a variety of styles and fashions; there was something for everyone – on sale!

The event took place at ZOA House, which seemed the perfect setting. ZOA House has beautiful interior design, with an impressive spiral staircase, chandelier which gives the space very warm lighting, along with the natural lighting from the vast windows, and an intricate ceiling installation.

It was obviously important for us to dress to impress, here are our outfit choices:

Vera wore a paisley print skirt with a brown tank top, knit oversized cardigan, studded belt, metal mesh necklace, and metal adorned flats.

I showed my support for Israeli labels by wearing a wood and gold necklace by the amazing Israeli jewelry design duo Noritamy. I wore a rose print tank dress with an oversized print clutch and golden-toed flats.

Our top picks from Ready to Wear 2012:

Beaucoup Beaucoup
Jul And Lilla My’s Studio (jewelry)
Jul And Lilla My’s Studio (clothing)

Ready to Wear’s website for more of the designers that participated in the fair

Photos taken at ZOA House, Tel Aviv

Follow us as we report from some more amazing fashion and design events!
Rony & Vera

Hello there fashion world!!

We don’t know if you noticed but belly shirts are so back! It’s funny how fashion recycles itself, back when we were in elementary school in the 90’s these shirts were huge and everybody wore them. Guess it’s time to get back to stomach crunches and sit ups!

It’s not just belly shirts that are coming back, lately it’s all about the 90’s: neon colors, ripped jeans, flannel shirts, sheer blouses, strappy dresses, chunky heels, hats, tied up shirts and so on. Just take some inspiration from some of MC Hammer’s old videos and you’ll get the picture 🙂 Kidding…

For this post we combined elements borrowed from the nineties with staple midriff bearing pieces and some pieces that are very right now. Here we show you that cropped tops can go day or night and can look cool, chic and even classy!ImageImage

For our day outfits we chose clothes cool enough to be seen in a recording studio (or in a Guitar Hero match). The musical instruments may not have been real but these outfits made us feel like true rock stars!

I wore a buttoned high waisted denim skirt with creamy lace vintage belly shirt and pale pink patent peep toe flats. The outfit felt a bit too calm for my taste so I spiced it up with neon accessories and lipstick that made me feel like a pop diva.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Rony wore a curve hugging striped high waisted skirt with a print belly bearing T-Shirt and a nineties ponytail. Rony offset the retro look with open toe booties, gold and leather necklace and earrings, and lots of cool bangles.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

For our evening looks we chose tied up belly tops for outfits you could wear to a party as well as a chilled evening with friends.ImageImage

I wore an ethnic patterned maxi skirt with navy tied up belly shirt, pink stone necklace, and a majorly 90’s black hat.ImageImageImageImage


Rony wore pleather shorts with a polka dot tied up top and a geometric drop necklace.ImageImageImageImageImage

We both wore T-strap high heels which are very big right now, to give the outfit a modern twist. The big statement necklaces we wore brought the attention to our necklines so that not all attention goes to the midriff. What’s great about matching the tops with high waisted pieces is that you can wear revealing tops without showing your belly at all. This way the tops are given a classy understated look.

As a conclusion the nineties are back big time but we still live in the 21st century. Remember to combine your 90’s pieces wisely and mildly!


Rony and Vera

Coming soon: Beachwear and what to wear on a hot date!!

You don’t have to be rich to look like a billion dollars! Coco Chanel, the epitome of style and chic said “a girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.” We absolutely agree and to us being posh and exuding opulence is all in how you carry yourself.

For our day looks we both wore form fitting dresses with flared overlay. These dresses accentuated our curves and made us feel feminine and confident.

Vera wore her strappy navy version with rhinestone and topaz tear drop earrings and pendant necklace, moonstone amethyst and peridot cocktail rings and bow tie suede pumps.

I wore my red version with a black 80’s hat, ruby rhinestone and diamond necklace and earrings, ruby and rhinestone cocktail rings and leopard print platform mary janes.

For evening we chose dresses that reveal on top but are long and dressy. These dresses are cut to show off a long neck and frame the upper body nicely for a classy, poised look.

Vera wore a blue satin dress with a thin black belt, ruby rhinestone and diamond earrings, sapphire peridot and rhinestone cocktail rings and navy pumps.

I wore a ballerina-like halter dress with a skirt overlay with a semiprecious stone drop pendant necklace, sapphire and amethyst cocktail rings and suede cutout heels.

Take some time off and pamper yourself with wine, fashion magazines, and lots of art for inspiration! You deserve it!

All jewelry in this post was designed by us. Price upon request, for more details contact us at our Contact Us page.

Vera& Rony

Hello friends!

Vera and I are currently taking part in an architecture exhibit to remodel the old city of Be’er Sheva in Israel. The opening of the exhibit took place last night and as per usual we were dressed to impress!

Here are some pictures from the opening, showing our fabulous outfits.

Vera’s project, Hidden City, deals with rundown residential areas which used to have common gardens and public space for relaxation and gathering, but which have been destroyed and diminished over the years. Vera’s proposal is to create walkways and secret gardens inside the building complexes which would allow new gathering spaces. These hot desert spaces would be shaded and cooled by dynamic shading devices that react to the sun’s path during the day.

Vera wore a print peasant dress with a studded belt and cutout cream flats. Her dress made for an interesting visual effect next to the beautiful graphic design of her display at the exhibit.

My project, Acoustic Gardens, aims to revive the old city’s rundown industrial areas where the residents suffer from horrible acoustic hazards from surrounding roads, garages, workshops, etc. My proposal is topographic gardens which create acoustic barriers from the surrounding noise and allow for an isolated quiet space. These gardens offer new quiet spaces for gathering, rest, shading and repose for all the public to enjoy. At the same time, the gardens greatly improve the quality of living for the surrounding residential areas by solving  acoustic problems and creating new green space.

I wore an A-lined turquoise dress with a pink belt, high heeled leopard print mary janes, envelope clutch, and lots of mother-of-pearl jewelry.

Follow us for more on design and architecture and of course lots of fashion! We hope to participate in many intriguing exhibitions in the future!


Vera & Rony

Hey there fashion people!

From Prada to Victoria Beckham, color blocks are big in all the hottest collections this season. For this edition of What We Wear we did color blocking the way we do best: chic, stylish, and casual yet cool.

We’re sure that each one of you has a statement making bright colored item that you just don’t know how to wear and with what. Here’s an unexpected suggestion, wear it with another bright colored statement making item to make your outfit truly stand out!

Vera wore a hippy maxi purple skirt, turquoise collar top, studded belt, a worker’s black vest and checkered Converses.

Combining the romantic skirt and feminine top with a sporty look made Vera’s outfit edgy and unique.

I wore a bright colored striped plise skirt with a lacy vintage top, velvet plum jacket, men’s grosgrain belt, color block bag and color block strappy sandals.

Mixing different colors and textures kept my outfit unique and unexpected, and putting them together with pulled back hair and calmer accessories kept the outfit from getting too crazy.

While it seems that layering should be saved for the in between seasons, it’s actually important for summer as well. Going from hot humid days outside to air conditioning inside and cool evenings, it’s important to dress practical. Pieces such as vests and light short sleeved jackets are perfect for outfits that last from day till night.

Wearing too much of a certain style or trend can make the outfit look too costumey; a great way of keeping it interesting and cool is mixing different styles and textures. Vera for example mixed her ultra feminine top and flowy hippy skirt with a super masculine, bodyguard-like vest.

To keep from going too “pop star”, I mixed my bright 80’s colored skirt with a romantic vintage top and a men’s belt.

Conclusion is, don’t be afraid of mixing styles, everything goes as long as you act your fabulous self and wear your style with confidence!

Photos taken at Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv.

Stay tuned and follow us for some fabulous accessories, how to look like a fashion queen at the beach, T shirt chic, and the best looks for summer!!

Until next time!

Rony & Vera

Hey guys!

Summer nights are getting hotter and so are our going out outfits! Sleeveless, strapless, basically less! We chose summer dresses made out of breathable, gentle, flowy fabrics. These dresses are sexy and stylish for a night out yet chic and classy to suit a day or dinner party. While the lengths of the dresses can be kept demure, bold colors are a great way to bring out your wild side, especially in summer to show off your tan! We decided to keep to the superhero color palette: superwoman bright red and royal blue.

Rony wore a red chiffon leopard print strapless dress  with chunky heeled strappy sandals. She wore the outfit with blue and white striped bag, thin brown belt, and animal pendant necklaces.

The flowiness of her dress is perfect for any season and flattering on all body types and the cut of the dress shows off a small waist like Rony’s.

I wore a 50’s style red and blue print dress with a denim vest, beige cutout wedges and a camel handbag.

The A-lined cut of my dress is especially flattering for a very feminine look, the shape and the print give the illusion of curviness.

I accessorized with a natural coral beads necklace.

Don’t forget that if you chose to reveal on top with a strapless cut, keep it classy and understated with the length of the dress.

We think fabulous dresses are a great excuse to throw a party! best accessory of the day/night? our multicolored balloons 🙂

Whether during the day or at night, keep on party rockin’!!!

Photos taken at Avraham Garden, Ramat Gan

Coming soon: Turning your T-shirt into a chic wardrobe staple,  statement jewelry, DIY fashion, and the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the bathing suit edition!


Rony and Vera

Hello there dears!

Knits are huge this season, especially crochet and lace! The more granny chic and authentic the look, the better!

For this post we played with different fabrics and textures that are right in the summer heat – especially in a city as humid as Tel Aviv.



Rony  wore  light crème high waisted lace shorts with a puffy sleeved flower print button up shirt, beige wedges and retro sunglasses. Speaking of granny chic, the jacket Rony wore belongs to her grandmother and is a fabulous mixture of light fabric and structured retro shape.




As the shorts have a beautiful pattern that Rony wanted to show off, she wore a light colored patterned shirt tucked in so that both the stitching and the color of the shorts are emphasized.


To give her look some edge, Rony wore a woven gold African-inspired necklace with a contrasting pattern and a vintage woven clutch.



I on the other hand went all out for the granny/flowery look.  I wore low waisted crochet shorts with a floral tunic top, a thin camel belt and knit granny vest.



since the shorts are low waisted, the only tops they look classy with are long voluminous ones. The contrast in volumes between the shorts and the top is very flattering and makes my legs look extra long!



I wore my outfit with camel wedges and a big straw hat, also adorned with flowers. The big gold link necklace I wore actually used to be a belt but I decided to wear it as jewelry!





The light, breathable fabrics and the creamy colors go perfectly in the hot summer days. However, don’t forget to give your outfit a little eye catching edge here and there – keep it interesting, cool, and unexpected!

Till next Time!


Rony & Vera

Photos taken at Park Hayarkon, Tel aviv


More photoshoots at beautiful Park Hayarkon:

More flower prints:

Hello lovers!

Sorry we haven’t been posting as much, we are super busy with school; those of you who have been following us know we go to design school and are on a very gruelling schedule!

Anyway, we are still very much here and very much apperciate your love and support! Coming next: our take on the crochet trend, how to wear different fabrics and textures when the heat is hot 🙂

Follow us for more fabulous fashions, “like” our facebook page for updates from us and alot more on design, fashion and architecture:!/WattWeWear

If you have any suggestions or thoughts, we would love to hear them! send them to us via our Contact Us page!

xoxo Vera & Rony

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