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Hello fashion people!!

We don’t know if you’ve noticed but lately the media is filled with fairy tale stories, reviving some classic ones and putting a modern twist on them. From “Mirror Mirror” starring Julia Roberts and Kristen Stewart’s “Snow White and the Huntsman” to the successful television series “Once Upon a Time” and “True Blood” sexy take on fairies; wherever you look it’s fantasy time!

Rony wore a strapless white lace dress with cutout silver flats and Tiffany’s Jewelry (fit for every fairy princess!)

The dress is very flowy and breezy and the romantic lace gives the ultimate fairy look. Rony’s dress could be dressed up or down depending on the shoes and accessories it is worn with, and is perfect for events as we transition from summer into fall.

Vera wore a two piece dress with a cream silk top and a layered tulle and fluff skirt on the bottom. This dress is also perfect for summer and spring events, especially for daytime events!

We turned to our favorite makeup store, The Eye Shadow store, for looks to fit the fantasy. Vera went for lilacs with a golden hue and Rony wore pinks and orange. We both wore lots of glitter all over to spark some magic!

We used the following Eye Shadow Store colors to achieve our looks:

Vera used the purity, devotion, lilac, lavender, and dimension eye shadows. Rony used flame, softness, hot pink, passion, and dimension.

Photos taken at Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv.

For all the eye shadows and brushes used in this post and for some amazing tips on how to do your makeup visit The Eye Shadow Store.

Check out and “Like” their facebook page for updates on their latest products and tips!

Have a magical week!

xx V&R

Hey all!

What is fashion without makeup?! The right makeup combination can do wonders for your look! We’re usually no-effort-required-makeup girls; the most we put on when we leave the house is mascara. However, when we really feel like bringing out our inner divas we like to wow them with our makeup!

For this post we paid a visit to our favorite eye makeup store, The Eye Shadow Store, for tips and guides on how to use your make up wisely to upgrade your daily and nightly looks with the help of the right products! We recently discovered The Eye Shadow Store on the internet and were thrilled to find a makeup collection with an incredible range of beautiful colors, high quality powder shadows and brushes and amazing tips on how to apply makeup like a pro!


So here’s the step by step guide on how to get that smoky eye effect we’ve been lusting after!

1. Apply some primer or a concealer on your eye lid.

2. Choose a base color eye shadow and apply on the eye lid and a bit under the corner of the eye.

3. Choose a color a bit darker then the base and apply from the corner of the eye to the middle of lid and blur with the “Fluff’ brush.


4. Choose s dark tone and apply just like before but a little closer to the brow

5. Choose an even darker tone, black for evening, and apply on the tip of the corner towards the brow

6. Apply the base tone again on the middle of the lid and towards the inner corner of the eye.

7. Apply a concealer under the eye


8. Apply a very thin line with a dark tone eyeliner and a thick dose of mascara!

9. You are ready for the makeup foundation.

10. Don’t forget some blush and a touch of rouge!

Another amazing tip we got from The Eye Shadow Store is: when using the smoky eye effect you want all the attention to go to your eyes so use a nude lip color to keep from looking like the circus clown!





Eye Shadow Store products used to achieve our looks:

Evening look – Royalty, Lime, Sunshine, Glory, Power, Sapphire, Purity.

Day look – Lavender, Surprise, Devotion, Purity.

The brushes used to apply the eye shadows were: C213, C138, C209, C200, SS006, AC009, C153.



For the day look, Vera wore a patterned sheer envelope blouse with a cloth aquamarine skirt and gladiator wedges. Vera’s top made the outfit feminine summery and fresh and the skirt kept it office appropriate. She kept to the same theme in her makeup with very settled and calm, yet feminine pink and purple shades.







For the night look, hemlines can get shorter and the makeup can get bolder! Rony wore a neon sheer blouse, high waisted black skirt, high heeled oxfords and accessorized with a purple clutch. For her night out look the makeup upgrades her outfit and gives it another party boost! The marine green palette of eye shadows not only compliments the color of her top but also Rony’s large brown eyes. Whether rocking out on the dance floor or having drinks at the coolest newest bar, Rony’s makeup is perfect for the chic nightowl.






So next time you do your makeup think what shades will complete your outfit and what are the right colors for each occasion!



For all the eye shadows and brushes used in this post and for some amazing tips on how to do your makeup visit The Eye Shadow Store at

check out and “Like” their facebook page for updates on their latest products and tips



Hello friends!

A monochromatic palette is always in fashion! Black white and gray are colors that always look sharp and stylish; the secret is how to make them look unique and new each time.

This photoshoot was taken at (and inspired by) the new extension to Tel Aviv Museum, designed by American architect Preston Scott Cohen. The unique geometric structure of the building gives it complexity both from the outside and in the interior space created.

The building was built out of premade slabs of concrete supported by a premade steel structure, all designed using parametric design softwares. The simplicity of the geometries and the concrete “look” together with the innovative way in which the building and interior spaces were designed inspired us to put together outfits that are simplistic in their color palettes yet interesting and modern.

Vera wore a monochrome stained print tunic with gray studded leggings and a gray vest.

To mix different styles with the grayish tones Vera wore a metal and plastic necklace and a studded belt and black ballerina flats that softened the whole look.

I wore a sequined miniskirt with an off the shoulder lacy white blouse and a black men’s vest.

By wrapping the vest around my waist with a gray obi-like belt, I made the vest very feminine and flattering.

I completed the look with a print cuff, beige strappy wedges and a yellow clutch that gave the outfit a pop of color.

To keep a monochromatic outfit from going dull we like to wear items that add a bit of sparkle, such as sequins and studs which are very big right now!

Photos taken at Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Have a wonderful and inspiring day!

xoxo Rony & Vera

We all need some changes in our lives, whether it’s changing jobs, changing styles, moving homes or even changing our hair style!
Many people would never grow long hair and others wouldn’t cut more than an inch off.

I was never a long hair person but decided to grow it out for almost a year now! Eventually I got so bored with my look that I really needed a huge change for my inner me.

And, Voila! Here’s the result!


Always keep your inner self happy!

Rony & Vera

Last week I went on a weeklong excursion to London to explore the rainy city post-Olympics, as well as  do some shopping as London is home to some of my (and Vera’s) favorite shopping destinations! Here are some of my favorite attractions in the city, best places to shop and of course, what I wore!

Favorite shopping areas:

Soho – Soho, particularly around Carnaby Street, has some amazing stores which I loved not only for the merchandise but also for how it is displayed and how the stores are designed.

Benefit’s store, designed like a sweets diner, is too sweet to skip out on!

Some other favorites were Dahlia, which had a gorgeous mix of girly with London punk, Fornarina, whose store had an amazing liquid staircase, and Lazy Oaf, which displayed sunglasses on skull lamps.

Notting Hill – This neighborhood has shopping destinations which offer very unique pieces. From the famous Portobello Road market on Sundays to vintage shops that sell amazing treasures, this is a great destination for one of a kind items.

Primark – Vera and my guilty pleasure, this store sells the trendiest clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for ridiculous prices. The biggest one in town is located on Oxford Street; our advice is to get there as the store opens, it gets really busy and crowded very early and the lines to the fitting rooms get impossibly long. As you can see, my friends and I went a little crazy!

Camden – This northern London neighborhood is home to a multitude of markets, thrift and vintage stores that offer trendy and unique items for very good prices. Camden is known for its goth population and punky bars, so here you’re sure to encounter crazy platforms and spikes on everything.

Art for the Soul:
The amazing thing about London is its museums are free, except for some temporary exhibits, so it’s absolutely a must to visit and see what’s on.

I love visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum every time I’m in town, it has extensive art collections and impressive architecture.

Now on display is a very cool Ball gowns exhibit showing gowns from the 19th century throughout the ages, and contemporary gowns by some amazing and influential designers.

Another very cool exhibit currently on display at the V&A: innovations in furniture. My favorite piece was a chair made by fashion designer Issey Miyake from leftover fabric rolls from his garment designs.

Exhibition Road, on which the V&A Museum is located, is now hosting an outdoor sculpture exhibition featuring works by acclaimed British sculptor Tony Cragg. It was very interesting to see how the crowds interacted with the artwork.

The Tate Modern always showcases amazing pieces by the most influential contemporary artists; Now on display is a special exhibit by British artist Damien Hirst. Some of my favorites at the museum were a sculpture by Marisa Merz which, although it was constructed out of aluminum plates, is somehow so organic and “alive” and reminded me of floating sea creatures.

Other works that I particularly liked were pieces that incorporated video art and installation to create unique thought-provoking effects.

The British Museum is a must-visit even just for its architecture. The museum’s inner court roof was designed by Foster and Partners in 2000 and is absolutely awe-inspiring not just in itself but in the dialogue it creates between old and new architecture and in the beautiful natural lighting that is created in the space.

Favorite unexpected event
Notting Hill Carnival took place on the weekend of August 25th; the event was like one huge street party that included dancing, music, African drums and a very festive parade. The beer was cheap and the atmosphere was jolly!

What I Wore
“Chic Tourist” outfit – For travelling to any urban destination around the world, my motto is to keep it comfortable but never neglect the chic! I wore stretch skinny jeans, a light loose blouse and a jacket in case it got chilly. I wore moccasins which are very comfortable to walk in all day, but are also chic and classy. I kept it interesting by accessorizing with a pearl bib necklace and pink lipstick.

Day to Evening outfit – When exploring around a big city all day you must be prepared for anything. The best idea is to wear an outfit you can transform from day casual to a more evening look. I wore a high waisted black skirt with a loose green blouse, opaque tights, and moccasins. I made the outfit cool for day or night by wearing a print scarf and a rope and gold necklace.

For drinks on a chilly evening I added a fur vest.

Rainy Day outfit – Even in August London is very rainy and at times chilly; the best idea is to wear layers you can take off when going indoors or on the underground, and put back on when strolling outside. I wore a loose long sleeved T-shirt with a print skirt, tights and leather booties. I piled on the layers with my fur vest and warm jacket.

Vera’s favorite London outfit- Vera worked her layered look in layered tops, striped knit cardigan, miniskirt worn with tights, leather booties, scarf, and layered necklaces.

Don’t forget to take your camera and an umbrella!

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Vera and Rony, What We Wear

Hello there job seekers!

Job interviews are an experience that most of you have passed and probably will pass many times again, whether you are fed up with your current job, got fired or like us- got your degree and are ready to shake the market!We are all aware of the huge importance of a good resume but, while it can assure your invitation to interviews, it doesn’t promise you’ll get the job.

First impressions on potential employers are very important. Other than how you answer the questions asked and how you carry yourself, appearance is highly crucial. The interviewer will be able to tell a lot by the way you are dressed and it is important to dress appropriately for the position, as well as the establishment.

First thing in picking our an outfit for an interview is to define your style by the job you are seeking. In other words, don’t wear your nicest dress to an interview at McDonalds. We were getting ready for an interview at an architecture firm so we kept our outfits neutral but stylish and classy..

Rony wore a black tailored top with corset-like stitching with a brown faux leather skirt and a pearl necklace. The tailored top compliments Rony’s figure yet doesn’t show too much skin. The faux leather skirt gives her outfit a stylish twist in an understated way so as not to be too flashy. She completed the look with ballerina flats that kept the outfit neutral and comfortable and kept it from going too sexy.


I wore a beige sleeveless knit with an A shaped checkered skirt. Although both items are patterned, they fit perfectly because of their neutral colors. The A shaped skirt is highly recommended because it is very classy and mature. I completed the look with brown and beige chunky heels, which made the outfit more sophisticated.

Job interviews are easy when you are confident and trust us, the first rule for confidence is feeling good about yourself and your outfit! Try to research the establishment where you are getting interviewed and who will be interviewing you so that you can plan your outfit accordingly.

Good luck!


Rony & Vera

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