Styling for Job Interviews

Hello there job seekers!

Job interviews are an experience that most of you have passed and probably will pass many times again, whether you are fed up with your current job, got fired or like us- got your degree and are ready to shake the market!We are all aware of the huge importance of a good resume but, while it can assure your invitation to interviews, it doesn’t promise you’ll get the job.

First impressions on potential employers are very important. Other than how you answer the questions asked and how you carry yourself, appearance is highly crucial. The interviewer will be able to tell a lot by the way you are dressed and it is important to dress appropriately for the position, as well as the establishment.

First thing in picking our an outfit for an interview is to define your style by the job you are seeking. In other words, don’t wear your nicest dress to an interview at McDonalds. We were getting ready for an interview at an architecture firm so we kept our outfits neutral but stylish and classy..

Rony wore a black tailored top with corset-like stitching with a brown faux leather skirt and a pearl necklace. The tailored top compliments Rony’s figure yet doesn’t show too much skin. The faux leather skirt gives her outfit a stylish twist in an understated way so as not to be too flashy. She completed the look with ballerina flats that kept the outfit neutral and comfortable and kept it from going too sexy.


I wore a beige sleeveless knit with an A shaped checkered skirt. Although both items are patterned, they fit perfectly because of their neutral colors. The A shaped skirt is highly recommended because it is very classy and mature. I completed the look with brown and beige chunky heels, which made the outfit more sophisticated.

Job interviews are easy when you are confident and trust us, the first rule for confidence is feeling good about yourself and your outfit! Try to research the establishment where you are getting interviewed and who will be interviewing you so that you can plan your outfit accordingly.

Good luck!


Rony & Vera

  1. I enjoyed this post – especially the tips about checking out the establishment and interviewer first so you’re more prepared. Another thing I heard is to make sure you have a question or a few questions on hand for when they ask “do you have any questions”…. I like both of these outfits, too. Very appropriate. Hope you both get the job!

    • verkas said:

      Thank you so much!! It is very important to ask questions and always to aim high! Have a great week!

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