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Last weekend we visited Tel Aviv’s T:Market fashion event, a hip gathering of the coolest people in town and the most amazing up and coming designers.

While the original idea behind this event was a T Shirt market, it has expanded far beyond. Some of the coolest ready to wear designers in town sold clothes, jewelry, accessories, bags, tights, etc, and all at ridiculous sale prices!

IMG_94792 IMG_94653 IMG_94642 IMG_94701 IMG_94712 IMG_94722 IMG_94731 IMG_94771



Some of the designers got creative with their display


Punky princesses and cool graphic tees at JUS by Shoshi Barbi.

IMG_94911Nevaeh bags resting on some cool old boom boxes.

Some of our favorites:
A lips necklace by the always adorable jewelry designer Lilla My.

Cool statement necklaces crafted out of vintage watches.

IMG_94752 IMG_94761
Asymmetrical leather clutches in cool colors and prints by designer Odelia.



Cheeky print and rhinestone encrusted T Shirts at Blueberry.


One of our favorite things about this event though, is that at the entrance there was a bin collecting clothes for donation. What a fabulous idea!

Rony wore a vintage print top, striped skirt, green clutch, rope and wood necklace and platform booties.

IMG_94984 IMG_94972

Coming up next: A fashion exhibit and an intriguing dance performance both exploring the meaning of love, behind the scenes sneak peeks into the work process of some amazing designers and Holon Fashion Week!!

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V & R

This week’s pick was taken while relaxing at one of our favorite spots for a weekend escape, Alexander River, which flows from the mountains of Samaria to the Mediterranean Sea. This is the natural habitat of giant tortoises, crocodiles, catfish and other beautiful species of fish; it is a great location for a walk through nature or a fun picnic.

194fe9ec734611e2bcc122000a1fa49d_7 (1)Now is the perfect time to enjoy convenient weather, not too hot and still not very cold, before winter starts, and have a lovely picnic in nature with loved ones!

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Enjoy your weekend!
V & R

If you’re a follower of our blog you may have noticed that we love street art. We find it very inspirational and meaningful, at times more than art displayed in museums.


Mural by Dana Decktor.

From an urban perspective, street art is a way in which people can contribute to a cityscape and can express themselves anonymously (or not) for all of the world to see.

While sometimes graffiti can be perceived as sort of scribbles that do nothing but mar public space, it can have really beautiful graphic qualities: from typography to color and composition, street art is at times the freest form of art and expression out there.


Nitzan Mintz mural – a study in Hebrew typography.

IMG_89102 IMG_90171 IMG_90181IMG_90162Signer Afk mural.

For all these reasons, we were thrilled to find out about The Seventh Floor, a street art exhibit held at Tel Aviv’s central bus station, where about a thousand square meters of walls are now covered with art by local artists and artists from abroad.



Some of the art is colorful, some is aggressive and in-your-face and some has a very clear agenda.

Artist Natalie Mandel used the loose cables coming out of the walls along with old phone chargers to create a sort of vine spanning the ceiling, creating a juxtaposition between something from nature and an industrial polluted bus station.

IMG_89851 IMG_89911 IMG_89981

IMG_89971 IMG_62432An addition to this piece were huge grasshoppers built out of old scraps of metal.

IMG_89922 IMG_89941

“If only we can find the language of peace we could live together and forever as one” by Murielle Cohen.


We loved the graphic qualities of this piece, made out of yarn, by artist Maya Gelfman.

IMG_62412 IMG_90101 IMG_90112

“Batman can’t save you.” Quite moving work by Zak Shiff.


Beautiful Japanese culture-inspired art by Melbourne graffiti artist Haha.


Stunning murals incorporating pasted newspaper and paint by illustrator Marian Boo.

IMG_89791 IMG_89712 IMG_89722 IMG_89702

An impressive abstract mural by illustrator and animator Dioz.


A piece by interactive artist Debi Oulu encouraging passersby to “do art”.


Murals by Utro and Ross Plazma.


Cute creatures creeping on the telephone by Adi Sened.


Trapped in the wall. Work by Holy Era.


Amazing color combination and Greek-mythology graphics by &BE&.


A piece by illustrator Zivink.


Very threatening mural by Shell Uno.


Pieces by Ori Gami and Alice Mizrachi.


Urban decay by German graffiti artist Markus.


One of our favorites by Lavi>Safam Boards.


The fact that this exhibit was held at the central bus station is meaningful in itself. Regretfully, this is an under-maintained, run down, awful building. The presence of the art almost makes up for the lack of design in the place, because at least the old and decrepit walls are being used for a good cause. The notion that public buildings that thousands of people pass through in a given day could be used as “rental space” for free art is a very exciting one!

IMG_89171 IMG_89482

IMG_89461 IMG_89592

IMG_89782 IMG_898011e8794ce1ac511e39c4c22000a9e0896_7

IMG_90531 IMG_90551 IMG_90561

What’s amazing though, is how people take this kind of art for granted and don’t even give it a second glance. We noticed that many people walked by completely oblivious, and only started to notice the writing on the walls (pun very much intended) when they saw us taking pictures.



Rony wore a Made by Lilamist graphic crop top with a vintage pleated midi skirt, peep toe heels, leather clutch, wood printed sunglasses and layered gold pendant necklaces.


Follow us as we report from more events surrounding Holon Fashion Week!

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V & R

TGIF! The weekend is finally here. Time for some big decision making, like which party to attend and what hot dress to wear… the life of a fashionista can be so hard!

In all seriousness though, when life gets a bit tough the best thing to do is just to have a great laugh! We immediately thought of this silly photo when planning the post:

We don’t know what this chicken was doing in the middle of the busy road but it definitely stopped traffic!

We wish everyone a delightful weekend with lots of parties, lots of quality time with your loved ones and lots of fun and laughs!

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V & R

Hello fellow fashion lovers!

We find that there’s no more inspiring fashion scene than the one found on the streets. The styles found on the streets of New York during the latest New York Fashion Week were no exception! From Olivia Palermo to Miroslava Duma, the ladies of New York fashion wowed us! One theme we particularly loved on the ladies were the different modern takes on flower prints.


Fashion big guns Natalie Joos, Miroslava Duma and Anya Ziourova wearing flower prints. Photo courtesy of

Here are some of our ideas:


Flowered Romance
Vera’s version, a romantic pleated frock in subdued fall colors, is perfect for evenings as we transition into fall.

Vera wore a one shoulder pleated flower print dress with a vintage Prada bag, peep-toe kitten heels, gold chain necklace with leaf pendants, and a link cuff.

IMG_91782 IMG_91812 IMG_91902IMG_92191 IMG_92211 IMG_92571IMG_92641 IMG_92701 IMG_92731 IMG_92801

**maternity styling tips** The empire cut of Vera’s dress is a comfortable and flattering shape for maternity, because it is sewn above the belly and from there flows down.

IMG_92881 IMG_92922 IMG_92932 IMG_92952 IMG_92961 IMG_93131

This dress can be worn during the day with a cardigan and ankle boots, or in the evening with high heels.

Rose Garden
For those of you who are having trouble letting summer go, as we are, bright colors and mismatched prints are still in style and sure to raise the mood of any fall day.

Rony wore a pop art inspired flower print top by Blueberry, flower print peplum skirt, vintage pumps, pearl and satin flower earrings by designer Lee Kodo, and oversized bright colored cocktail rings.

IMG_91991IMG_92252 IMG_92292 IMG_92351 IMG_92382 IMG_92411 IMG_92432 IMG_92462 IMG_92471 IMG_92481

The Fall 2013 collections boasted accessories and jewelry that were as colorful and intricate as the clothes.

IMG_93012 IMG_93031 IMG_93052 IMG_93061 IMG_93072 IMG_93092

The fun advantage of being architects is that we have access to cool construction sites!
Photos taken at a Givat Ada construction site.


IMG_91762 IMG_91773 IMG_91741

More ideas on how to wear flower prints here.

Follow us as we report from Israel’s fashion week, fashion and street art exhibits, and the most fabulous trends for fall!

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V & R

Tomorrow is Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement, one of the holiest days in the Jewish religion. Jews observe this holy day of atonement and repentance by fasting and praying for 24 hours and asking for forgiveness from those we believe we’ve wronged. While we’re not very devout or religious we think there’s something really beautiful about taking a pause from our hectic lives and taking time to atone for what we believe we’ve done wrong and to appreciate everything we have.


This picture was taken in Israel’s southern desert, on the long road that leads from the South to Tel Aviv, in the center. To us this picture symbolizes the long and winding, yet rewarding journey we’ve had in the past year.

We wish you all a wonderful weekend and easy fast to those who observe Yom Kippur.

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V & R

Happy Monday friends!

We don’t know if it’s the youtube cat video craze that brought this on, or maybe sir Grumpy cat is to blame but lately fashion has had a serious love affair with anything animalistic. Leopard prints have of course been around for a while and are making a serious comeback along with zebra, snake, giraffe, etc. Half the zoo can be found on the runway!

This time, however, the animal print has taken on a new graphic pop-arty persona. Case in point: Christopher Kane’s animal face dresses and model of the moment Cara Delevingne’s lion face tattoo.


Cara Delevingne and the lion face. Photo courtesy of

Here are some ideas on how to wear animal prints both for day and for night:


Rony wore a chiffon overlay leopard print strapless dress with a snake print ribbon belt, leopard print slipper flats and clutch, and a gold and rope necklace.

IMG_91482 IMG_91151 IMG_91162 IMG_91202 IMG_91223 IMG_91262 IMG_91272 IMG_91141 IMG_91421 IMG_91441 IMG_91462

Wearing triple leopard print works in this outfit because each item has its own variation of the print and color, rather than being too matchy.



The tribal, ethnic style of Rony’s necklace compliments the animal theme of the outfit and the gold spikes give it a bit of cool edge.

IMG_91524 IMG_91503

Vera wore a stretch tiger print dress with a gray vest, studded purse, rhinestones collar necklace, black hat and studded sandals.

IMG_91582 IMG_90833 IMG_91011 IMG_91032 IMG_91041 IMG_91051 IMG_91101 IMG_91122 IMG_91341 IMG_91351 IMG_91391

**maternity styling tips** For women who like to show off their bump, as Vera does, stretchy dresses are very comfortable but should be worn at a size bigger so that they don’t look too tight.

IMG_91631 IMG_91662

Don’t be afraid of wearing edgy, punky looks; we believe women shouldn’t have to change their style when they are pregnant, in fact they should embrace and flaunt their pregnancy!

IMG_91612 IMG_91691

Photos taken at the beautiful rural “jungle” of Givat Ada.

IMG_91292 IMG_91311 IMG_90811 IMG_90931 IMG_90952 IMG_90973 IMG_90861

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