T:Market Fashion Event

Last weekend we visited Tel Aviv’s T:Market fashion event, a hip gathering of the coolest people in town and the most amazing up and coming designers.

While the original idea behind this event was a T Shirt market, it has expanded far beyond. Some of the coolest ready to wear designers in town sold clothes, jewelry, accessories, bags, tights, etc, and all at ridiculous sale prices!

IMG_94792 IMG_94653 IMG_94642 IMG_94701 IMG_94712 IMG_94722 IMG_94731 IMG_94771



Some of the designers got creative with their display


Punky princesses and cool graphic tees at JUS by Shoshi Barbi.

IMG_94911Nevaeh bags resting on some cool old boom boxes.

Some of our favorites:
A lips necklace by the always adorable jewelry designer Lilla My.

Cool statement necklaces crafted out of vintage watches.

IMG_94752 IMG_94761
Asymmetrical leather clutches in cool colors and prints by designer Odelia.



Cheeky print and rhinestone encrusted T Shirts at Blueberry.


One of our favorite things about this event though, is that at the entrance there was a bin collecting clothes for donation. What a fabulous idea!

Rony wore a vintage print top, striped skirt, green clutch, rope and wood necklace and platform booties.

IMG_94984 IMG_94972

Coming up next: A fashion exhibit and an intriguing dance performance both exploring the meaning of love, behind the scenes sneak peeks into the work process of some amazing designers and Holon Fashion Week!!

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V & R

  1. I’ve never been to Tel Aviv but it looks really fun from the photos here. Love your look with that clutch in the photos!!

    • Thank you! It’s definitely a very fun city 🙂

  2. Very cool, I like Rony’s outfit! I like the vintage print top, and the rope wood necklace. Those platform booties, love :).

  3. vogueandheels said:

    Wow that looks like a wonderful event. I love your outfit and they had some great pieces.


  4. Like the graphic tees and your outfit looks great with the clutch bag … looks like a array of clothes with lots to like.

  5. Wow…that looks like our kind of shopping! Too bad they don’t have anything like it in AZ. Love the steampunk jewelry and the clutches look fab.
    Keep up the great work. Your latest posts have been really unique and interesting, girls! XOXO N&N

    • Thank you so much ladies, we really appreciate all your support!

  6. The colors and patterns of your vintage top are wonderful ! JUS by Shoshi Barbi’s corner really rocks, and Lilla My’s Salvador Dalí-inspired “lips” necklace is just fab ! I hope that lots of clothes were collected ! xoxo

    • we should’ve gone back to take a photo of the clothes collection at the end of the event, there was so much donated! We love seeing the industry join the efforts of good causes! Thanks so much! xoxo

    • absolutely, it was so much fun! thanks for reading! xoxo

  7. wow i see some really cool items! Would love to go to an event like that! It’s a shopaholic’s dream! hehe

    • absolutely a shopaholic’s dream!! a bit dangerous actually 😉
      thanks for reading! xoxo

  8. My kind of scene. I like the vintage necklace made from watches, they’re interesting and a sure conversational piece! btw, Rony’s outfit is very cool. She’s quite a fashionista.

    • the watches necklace was one of our faves too, definitely a very unique piece.Thanks so much! xx

    • thank you! they’re both vintage, we love finding vintage gems!! xx

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