Animal Instinct

Happy Monday friends!

We don’t know if it’s the youtube cat video craze that brought this on, or maybe sir Grumpy cat is to blame but lately fashion has had a serious love affair with anything animalistic. Leopard prints have of course been around for a while and are making a serious comeback along with zebra, snake, giraffe, etc. Half the zoo can be found on the runway!

This time, however, the animal print has taken on a new graphic pop-arty persona. Case in point: Christopher Kane’s animal face dresses and model of the moment Cara Delevingne’s lion face tattoo.


Cara Delevingne and the lion face. Photo courtesy of

Here are some ideas on how to wear animal prints both for day and for night:


Rony wore a chiffon overlay leopard print strapless dress with a snake print ribbon belt, leopard print slipper flats and clutch, and a gold and rope necklace.

IMG_91482 IMG_91151 IMG_91162 IMG_91202 IMG_91223 IMG_91262 IMG_91272 IMG_91141 IMG_91421 IMG_91441 IMG_91462

Wearing triple leopard print works in this outfit because each item has its own variation of the print and color, rather than being too matchy.



The tribal, ethnic style of Rony’s necklace compliments the animal theme of the outfit and the gold spikes give it a bit of cool edge.

IMG_91524 IMG_91503

Vera wore a stretch tiger print dress with a gray vest, studded purse, rhinestones collar necklace, black hat and studded sandals.

IMG_91582 IMG_90833 IMG_91011 IMG_91032 IMG_91041 IMG_91051 IMG_91101 IMG_91122 IMG_91341 IMG_91351 IMG_91391

**maternity styling tips** For women who like to show off their bump, as Vera does, stretchy dresses are very comfortable but should be worn at a size bigger so that they don’t look too tight.

IMG_91631 IMG_91662

Don’t be afraid of wearing edgy, punky looks; we believe women shouldn’t have to change their style when they are pregnant, in fact they should embrace and flaunt their pregnancy!

IMG_91612 IMG_91691

Photos taken at the beautiful rural “jungle” of Givat Ada.

IMG_91292 IMG_91311 IMG_90811 IMG_90931 IMG_90952 IMG_90973 IMG_90861

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V & R

  1. Grrrrrrrrr! Rad outfits!

    PS. I’m sure you gonna love your trip to Greece!

  2. caroline said:

    Wonderful suggestions! Love them.

  3. Both these outfits make me roar with pleasure ! I also like Cara’s tattoo because, like her, I’m a Leo ! Thanks for following my blog, published in Marseille, France, and, Rony, thanks for your previous “Likes” and comments on my blog !

    • Our pleasure! And thank you, we’re so happy you liked our styling 🙂

  4. vogueandheels said:

    Oh I can agree with the love affair with animal print! I love both outfits, I have that dress and I love it 🙂


  5. I love both these looks. I’m definitely inspired to go edgier with my jewelry after seeing this post. Thanks ladies!

    • We’re so happy we inspired you!! Thanks for reading! xx

  6. Rachel said:

    Lovely outfits! Love the theme, very chic 🙂

    • lol shalom to you too! isn’t it so pretty?!
      Thanks for visiting! xoxo

  7. love the both outfits!
    red dress is beautiful!
    you look beautiful!
    great blog, following;)
    kisses x

  8. We like to think that there is an animal inside every woman … ready to pounce 😉 when provoked. Very sexy red cat look, Rony, and the necklace tops it all perfectly. We’re so excited to finally see the baby bump on Vera, and her great sense of style. Loving your growwwwlling post, ladies!

    XOXO Nensi and Natasha

    • oooo we’ll let our inner animals out more often 😉
      Thank you ladies, we really appreciate all your support! xoxo

  9. Love the outfits, looking very rawr-tastic. Snake skin and cheetah print, hmm definitely stealing that idea. Adorable baby bump, the panther mouth accentuates it perfectly hehe. I noticed that animal jewelry was up and comming this summer but I agree, it’s really starting to come back which I’m greatful for because I ADORE cheetah not so much zebra… although I do have a zebra bangle I held on to from a few years back. hmmm.


    Room Tour:

    • that’s the thing, we haven’t quite figured out how to rock the zebra jewelry.. post about it if you do!
      we’re so glad you like our ideas, thanks for reading!! xoxo

  10. adorbs!!! Love the hot ‘ROAR’ preggers look & triple leopard! You guys rock!

  11. Girls you are amazing!!! Vera, I love the way ho you show off your belly its so adorable, Rony you look fierce, rrrrrr!!!!!

    • Thanks Yi-chia!!
      We love your blog by the way, it’s fabulous! xoxo

  12. You girls are soooo chic!!! Love both outfits….wish i had a cool outfit like that when i was pregnant:)

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