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Matching sets and suits have always been elegant and classy but have lately taken on a new role and became more interesting and unexpected. The modern woman’s suit is one that should be suited to the many activities of her day. A perfect set could be made up of matching patterns or prints, colors, or cuts.

IMG_76171 IMG_76181

Vera wore a vintage pink silk and lace set composed of a button down blouse and maxi skirt.Vera matched her set with a skinny belt, and cut out kitten heels.

IMG_76751 IMG_76761 IMG_76781

IMG_76921 IMG_76231 IMG_76581 IMG_76591 IMG_76691 IMG_76701


Vera’s outfit is breezy and comfortable yet extremely chic and classy.

Rony wore a green set composed of green shorts and a green blazer. Rony wore her set with a flower print blouse and leopard print mary janes.

IMG_76871 IMG_76881 IMG_76892 IMG_76901

IMG_76291 IMG_76332 IMG_76371 IMG_76382 IMG_76451IMG_76512

Rony’s outfit is perfect for a full day of chic and can go from day to night.

Welcome to suburbia. Although we are city girls at heart there’s something nice about waking up to a white picket fence and lots of green.

Photos taken at Givat Ada.

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Hello loves!

We absolutely love vintage. As far as we’re concerned, the more antique the better! We especially love romantic lace that makes you feel like a starlet from a different era. Lace has always been such an important part of fashion – from outerwear to knickers it is the ultimate symbol of femininity and grace. Worn with a certain jacket or shoe, lace can become a bit gothic or more soft and romantic.

While vintage and retro are beautiful, overdoing the style can get a bit.. well, granny-ish. To make our vintage pieces more current we spiked our outfits with a bit of punkish modern attitude. Here are the results:

Modern vintage outfits Modern vintage outfitsRony wore a Chanel-esque vintage crochet pullover and a black lace chiffon blouse.

IMG_67921 IMG_67971 IMG_67943 IMG_68242 IMG_68261 IMG_68311 IMG_68321 IMG_68301 IMG_68441 IMG_68491

Rony modernized the look with a black studded mini skirt, greenish gray tights, studded cuffs and Victorian peep-toe booties.

IMG_68661 IMG_68671 IMG_68681 IMG_68701 IMG_68841

IMG_67831 IMG_67871 IMG_67891

Vera wore a very babydoll-like vintage lace overlay mini dress.


IMG_68091 IMG_68171 IMG_68201 IMG_68351 IMG_68401 IMG_68531 IMG_68601 IMG_68631

Vera made the outfit modern punk with her black leggings, layered chain necklaces and tough-as-nails booties.

IMG_68751 IMG_68762

IMG_68771 IMG_68791 IMG_68831

What better location to photograph these outfits than at one of Tel Aviv’s most beautiful old buildings, the Beit Heseg building, located on one of Tel Aviv’s most beautiful streets, Rothschild Boulevard.

IMG_68991 IMG_69011 IMG_69052 IMG_68891 IMG_68941

This building was originally planned and built in 1924 by prominent Israeli architect Yehuda Megidovitch, is under preservation and has undergone restoration by important Tel Aviv architects such as Yaski architects. We just love the way this eclectic building blends with its modern surroundings!


Photos taken at Beit Heseg building, Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv.

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V & R

Hello fashion darlings!

Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and many other huge designers all sent their models down the runway in black and white and proved once again that classy is never boring.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 RTWMarc Jacobs Spring 2013 Ready to Wear. Photo courtesy of

Black and white patterned pieces were huge this season, and continue to rule the fashion forecast as spring approaches; the infinite colors of elegance are back in a new way!

Black and White outfits

This trend leaves so much room for mixing and matching and twisting! From Vera’s cape to Rony’s necklace, to Rony’s T-Shirt tunic, to Vera’s purse to Rony’s quilt bag, we were definitely texture happy!

Black and White outfitsVera wore a color blocked black and white frock with an oversized vintage black and white African-patterned cape, pleather leggings, gray pumps, gold chain necklace and a black and gold checkered purse. 

Vera's outfit Vera's B&W outfit IMG_63111 IMG_63191 IMG_63241 Vera's style B&W&Gold IMG_63331 IMG_63341

Vera’s purse, whose print is reminiscent of 20’s glamour, somehow goes perfectly with her more ethnic inspired cape; the prints complement each other and the different textures give a new twist to the outfit.

Burj, Binyamina

Black and White outfits

Black and White patterns

Rony wore a black and white print T-shirt tunic, pleather shorts, leather jacket, red tights, and accessorized with platform booties, hair bow, layered weave necklace, and a vintage British flag quilt bag.

Rony's outfitRony's B&W outfit Rony's style

Rony’s print tunic can be worn over the shorts for a more street smarts look, or tucked in a la Blair Waldorf.

Rony's black and white outfit

Rony's outfit

Rony's outfit

Mix of prints and textures

Pop art accessories

leather jacket and shorts Red tights with black booties


IMG_62642For this photoshoot we left the city in favor of greener pastures. We may have been attacked by several (hundreds) mosquitos but we think the results are worth it!
Photos taken at Burj, Binyamina.

IMG_63541 IMG_63561 IMG_63601 IMG_63641 IMG_63651 IMG_63661

Photoshoot in rural Binyamina

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Happy Winter fashionistas!

Flowers in the forest

The mini? the maxi? what skirt length will it be this winter? We vote Midi! Midi is the perfect length to keep covered up, but not all the way: not too revealing and not too concealing; perfect for every occasion, from office to dinner party, and flattering on every figure! The great thing about the midi is its versatility, it all depends on how you wear it!

In case you’re not yet convinced, this skirt was the star of the hottest winter collections and was seen on the most fabulous fashionistas!

Winter Fashions

Vera’s tight denim pencil skirt was form fitting to create feminine curves so she set it off with an oversized masculine cut sweater over a long top. Vera completed her outfit with striped tights, cowboy boots, flower print scarf, long coat and a cap.

Vera's outfit

Vera's outfit


Vera's winter look

Cap and scarf

Long coat

Oversized sweater and pencil skirt

Cowboy bootsVera’s look was feminine and edgy but at the same time comfortable. The vintage sweater was one of her picks from the fashion fundraiser sale we organized a couple weeks ago.

Rony put her A-lined midi together with the biggest trend of the year, peplum. She wore a red midi skirt with a lace peplum blouse over a button down shirt. She wore high heeled leather boots, a flower print scarf, felt and leather oversized coat, and an oversized canvas bag.

Rony's outfit

Rony's outfit

Rony's winter look

Lace and pearls

Lace and flowers

Peplum cut

A-lined midi

Knee high boots

The peplum cut accentuates Rony’s waist and compliments the flow of the skirt.

Both of our handmade vintage scarves were given to us by our grandmothers as a souvenir from their Russian ancestry, we love them!

Vintage print scarves

Another one of our cold weather favorites is layering: pile on the tights, skirts, tops, knits, coats scarves and hats to create a warm and chic look.

Winter layers

There’s nothing more romantic than a stroll through the woods after a rainstorm, the forest looks almost magical like a place out of fairy tales.


Enjoy your winter and keep warm!
Photos taken at Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv

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Last weekend we threw a fashion fundraiser which featured a vintage sale, music, bubbly, and lots of beautiful people!

Fashion fundraiser at re:LoftAs you all know as the seasons change so does our wardrobe; all the summer clothes get replaced by winter clothing and vice versa, which is a great opportunity to get rid of all those clothes you don’t wear anymore.

The initial idea behind the event was a closet cleanout: we all have clothes that just sit there in our closets and collect dust and that, no matter how much we try to convince ourselves otherwise, we will never wear again. We encouraged some of the best dressed fashionistas, bloggers and boutiques to get rid of all that clutter and donate it to our event.

Clothing donations

Besides demonstrating bold acts of recycling both by those who donated and by those who bought secondhand, all proceeds from the event were donated to an organization supporting children living in southern Israel, who have been subjected to acts of terrorism and who are emotionally and physically scarred.

Everyone pitched in and donated! Fashion bloggers, shops and boutiques, our families and friends, fashionistas, and other people just looking to do good. The amount of clothes we received was unbelievable, as was the support and positive feedback! The event was a great success, in attendance were women of all ages and sizes looking to find treasures for their wardrobe and at the same time offer their support for the future of our children.

Fundraiser sale

Fundraiser sale

Fundraiser sale

In accordance with the theme of recycling for a better future, the event was held at re:Loft, an art and design loft studio which deals with recycling in art and design. The owner of the loft, Danielle Dafni, is a multitalent: video editor by profession, as well as an artist, designer and event planner.

Danielle’s loft was the perfect backdrop to the eclectic mix of items in the sale; its spacious terrace offers panoramic views of Tel Aviv and it is filled with amazing furniture, some designed by herself and her father, others by world renowned designers such as Ron Arad and Charles and Ray Eams. The beautiful art was painted by Danielle herself.

View of Tel Aviv


Fashion blogger Liora at re:Loft

Fashion at re:LoftHere’s what we wore:

Vera wore a tulle overlay Little Black Dress with a metal and PVC collar necklace and studded leather moccasins.

Vera Watts

Vera and a guest at the event

Rony wore a heart print sweater over a polka dot dress with a studded belt, gray tights, peep toe platforms and a pearl bib necklace.Rony and a guest at the event

Rony's special friend: Johnny and the scarves

More pictures from the event here!
Photographers: Yossi Huli and Yarden Dafni

Thank you to everyone who donated, bought, and participated in the event, to the talented photographers who voluntarily photographed the event, and a huge thank you to Danielle for so graciously offering her loft!

What We Wear and Danielle DafniWhat We Wear and loft owner, video editor, designer and artist Danielle Dafni

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What We Wear

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One of our favorite holidays of the year, New Years Eve, took place last night. We of course celebrated and welcomed 2013 in style!

New Years Eve 2013Vera went to a dinner party and wore a vintage print peplum dress with suede pumps, a cardigan and dainty jewelry.

Vera's New Year styleVera's outfit

Rony went out to celebrate at a dance party and wore a lace overlay backless dress with a woven clutch, strands of pearl jewelry and peep toe booties.

Rony's outfit




Rony's New Years style

what did you wear to celebrate the new year?

Happy New Year to our friends, families, readers and followers all around the world!! Wishing you all a very happy, successful, love-filled and of course, very fashionable 2013!! ♥


Hey there fashion people!

From Prada to Victoria Beckham, color blocks are big in all the hottest collections this season. For this edition of What We Wear we did color blocking the way we do best: chic, stylish, and casual yet cool.

We’re sure that each one of you has a statement making bright colored item that you just don’t know how to wear and with what. Here’s an unexpected suggestion, wear it with another bright colored statement making item to make your outfit truly stand out!

Vera wore a hippy maxi purple skirt, turquoise collar top, studded belt, a worker’s black vest and checkered Converses.

Combining the romantic skirt and feminine top with a sporty look made Vera’s outfit edgy and unique.

I wore a bright colored striped plise skirt with a lacy vintage top, velvet plum jacket, men’s grosgrain belt, color block bag and color block strappy sandals.

Mixing different colors and textures kept my outfit unique and unexpected, and putting them together with pulled back hair and calmer accessories kept the outfit from getting too crazy.

While it seems that layering should be saved for the in between seasons, it’s actually important for summer as well. Going from hot humid days outside to air conditioning inside and cool evenings, it’s important to dress practical. Pieces such as vests and light short sleeved jackets are perfect for outfits that last from day till night.

Wearing too much of a certain style or trend can make the outfit look too costumey; a great way of keeping it interesting and cool is mixing different styles and textures. Vera for example mixed her ultra feminine top and flowy hippy skirt with a super masculine, bodyguard-like vest.

To keep from going too “pop star”, I mixed my bright 80’s colored skirt with a romantic vintage top and a men’s belt.

Conclusion is, don’t be afraid of mixing styles, everything goes as long as you act your fabulous self and wear your style with confidence!

Photos taken at Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv.

Stay tuned and follow us for some fabulous accessories, how to look like a fashion queen at the beach, T shirt chic, and the best looks for summer!!

Until next time!

Rony & Vera

Hey you fashion lovers!

Summer is definitely here and the summer fashion front calls for lots of colors and prints! Despite the hot weather, pants will always be an integral part of our wardrobes, whether for school, the office, or for evening. For this post we decided to show you how colored trousers can be worn with different tops and blouses, to create chic outfits even hotter than the weather.

Vera wore forest green skinny jeans with a vintage rose pink blouse. The volume of the blouse not only breaks the look of the tight trousers and upgrades it but it also made Vera’s legs look skinny and long. She completed the look with pale pink peep toe flats and a bright pink tote that gave her 80’s look an urban-modern touch.

I wore high waisted orange trousers with an asymmetrical navy chiffon dress which I tied up and wore as a top. The dress has a unique twist to it, a piece of fabric that comes down from the shoulder and gives a flowy and sophisticated touch to the outfit. I call it my bat girl dress, it helps me save the world!I combined the outfit with brownish plaid peep toes, a Coach tote, big bangles and a scarf worn as a head band to give my geometric style a 60’s twist!

Both of us folded our trousers to give them more of a straight look. We must say though that the trouser fold doesn’t fit all body shapes and sometimes it can shorten the legs.

Color, shapes and style mixing can do only good to your outfit and figure!

Photos taken at Gruzenberg parking lot roof, Tel Aviv

For colorful skirts for summer

Coming soon: Beautiful precious jewelry, styling tips for the work place, Punk chic, and much more fabulous clothes, shoes, and accessories!!

xoxo Vera&Rony

America’s sultry new pop princess, Lana Del Ray, sings about Blue Jeans as if they were a loaded gun ready to rip her heart. We are obviously totally envious of her sexy voice and are inspired by the song’s raw appeal so we decided to dedicate this post to denim.

These aren’t just your regular jeans though; we will show you how to wear denim in a way that’ll wow them, just like Lana does.

Vera looked like a starlet out of Grease in a cropped dark wash skinny jeans with a vintage button down blouse, red patent flats, canvas bag, silk colorful hair tie, charm bracelets and a cherries necklace.

I wore a denim tunic, vintage golden bow front peeptoes, knit hat, leather and lace white bag, bangles, and gold and Formica necklace.

When looking for good denim, whether it be jeans, shorts, dress etc, there are several factors to consider. The wash of it may look good on the hanger but isn’t always flattering on the body, the cut is also a determining factor in whether the jeans will be flattering on the body or not. Vera’s jeans for example, dark and skinny, flatter her figure and make her look long and lean. Sometimes the funnest way to wear denim is in an unexpected item, like my denim tunic worn as a dress: slouchy and comfortable but short and sexy.

Photos taken at Old Bavli neighborhood, Tel Aviv

Coming soon: Lavish jewelry, DIY skirts and accessories, the clothes recycle, sexy punks, tips on successful dressing for job interviews and on the job, and many more fabulous fashions!

Stay tuned, Folllow us for more!
Vera & Rony

Spring is in the air: The birds are chirping, the air is getting warm and the flowers are in bloom. What a romantic time! Now is the perfect opportunity to wear your most romantic, hippy clothes and be sure to wear some flowers in your hair 🙂

Lace, flower prints, flowy fabrics, embroidery, light vests should all be part of your fashion vocabulary this season. Spring time is great time to wear closed shoes and booties without the need for tights and before it gets too hot and balmy.

Vera was hot in 70’s chic with an embroidered handmade blouse from the Ukraine which she wore with a denim jacket, boot cut dark jeans, brown braid belt, two-toned faux croc heels and gold jewelry.

I wore an embroidered flower print dress with a vintage lace vest, waist cinching belt, colorful scarf which I wore as a head band, high heeled booties and a vintage gold necklace.

Now is a great time to get in touch with nature, explore and hike. Or if you’re a city girl/guy like we are, look for a spot of nature in the city where you can find your serenity.

Let’s be nice to planet Earth and be environmentally friendly; after all it is our only home!
Photos taken at the Yarkon Park lake, Ramat Gan

For more on furry vests for spring:

xoxo Vera & Rony

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