Flower Power

Hello fellow fashion lovers!

We find that there’s no more inspiring fashion scene than the one found on the streets. The styles found on the streets of New York during the latest New York Fashion Week were no exception! From Olivia Palermo to Miroslava Duma, the ladies of New York fashion wowed us! One theme we particularly loved on the ladies were the different modern takes on flower prints.


Fashion big guns Natalie Joos, Miroslava Duma and Anya Ziourova wearing flower prints. Photo courtesy of elle.com.

Here are some of our ideas:


Flowered Romance
Vera’s version, a romantic pleated frock in subdued fall colors, is perfect for evenings as we transition into fall.

Vera wore a one shoulder pleated flower print dress with a vintage Prada bag, peep-toe kitten heels, gold chain necklace with leaf pendants, and a link cuff.

IMG_91782 IMG_91812 IMG_91902IMG_92191 IMG_92211 IMG_92571IMG_92641 IMG_92701 IMG_92731 IMG_92801

**maternity styling tips** The empire cut of Vera’s dress is a comfortable and flattering shape for maternity, because it is sewn above the belly and from there flows down.

IMG_92881 IMG_92922 IMG_92932 IMG_92952 IMG_92961 IMG_93131

This dress can be worn during the day with a cardigan and ankle boots, or in the evening with high heels.

Rose Garden
For those of you who are having trouble letting summer go, as we are, bright colors and mismatched prints are still in style and sure to raise the mood of any fall day.

Rony wore a pop art inspired flower print top by Blueberry, flower print peplum skirt, vintage pumps, pearl and satin flower earrings by designer Lee Kodo, and oversized bright colored cocktail rings.

IMG_91991IMG_92252 IMG_92292 IMG_92351 IMG_92382 IMG_92411 IMG_92432 IMG_92462 IMG_92471 IMG_92481

The Fall 2013 collections boasted accessories and jewelry that were as colorful and intricate as the clothes.

IMG_93012 IMG_93031 IMG_93052 IMG_93061 IMG_93072 IMG_93092

The fun advantage of being architects is that we have access to cool construction sites!
Photos taken at a Givat Ada construction site.


IMG_91762 IMG_91773 IMG_91741

More ideas on how to wear flower prints here.

Follow us as we report from Israel’s fashion week, fashion and street art exhibits, and the most fabulous trends for fall!

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V & R

  1. notsoseemless said:

    i looove this shoot! excellent outfits!!!

  2. You both look beautiful! I especially like the mix of flower prints!

  3. I like the mix flower prints and you can definitely wear your dress even after having the baby, just add a belt. Done!

    • That’s so true about Vera’s dress, it can look great on so many different body types!
      Thanks for reading! xoxo

  4. Lauren said:

    That dress is seriously stunning on you! xo

  5. Gorgeous girls, I love these outfits. I think floral is so much fun for Fall, especially a darker floral print. When is Israel’s fashion week? Looking forward to the posts.
    xoxo Natasha

    • Thank you!! Fashion week here is next month but there are tons of fashion events leading up to it which we will be reporting from. Can’t wait!! xoxo

  6. Olivia said:

    Love this! It’s great how you made NYFW inspirations into your own looks:)
    Hugs & Kisses,

  7. This floral maternity style is so fresh and pretty ! The pop art-inspired top is wonderful too ! With such an explosion of flowers, Autumn seems really far away ! XO

    • autumn is definitely far away where we are, it’ll probably only get colder in a couple months!
      Thanks for reading!! xoxo

  8. You are so right…street style is a never ending source of inspiration. Mixing prints is one of my favorite style. Well done

    • we love it too! Thank you, and thanks for visiting!! xx

  9. Love these floral prints, and the floral print mixing is so fun! Vera, congrats on your pregnancy, and thanks to you both for visiting my blog. 🙂 Enjoy fashion week!

  10. Aloha, if you love flowers Hawaii will give you a big smile! Everywhere you look, flowers are in everything….clothes, gardens and most “Wahines” (ladies) wear them in their hair. Your flowery clothes features are very refreshing to the eyes.

    • we’ve actually visited Hawaii, such a beautiful place and such an amazing atmosphere and good vibes!!
      We didn’t realize you lived there, lucky lady!

      • I used to live there for 17 years but has moved to the Mainland (California). I visit whenever possible as I have many friends and Ohana(family) still living there. Always missing the island life.

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