Hi everyone! 
We got an amazing opportunity to try out Lancôme’s visionnaire serum for a whole month on a daily basis and we are  happy to report that we are more than satisfied with the results!

The serum comes in super elegant packaging and the bottle itself implies true style! It feels great on your skin. While it has a velvety texture, doesn’t feel oily at all, yet infuses your skin with the right amount of moisture to leave it healthy and glowing. 


Only a small amount is needed to reach beautiful results so it lasts forever! From the first days of applying this product twice a day, our skin felt soft and tight.


So you can imagine how great our facial skin feels now! Even winter’s dry weather doesn’t feel so harmful on our skin with the help of this product. This product helps correct wrinkles and lines and is great for women of all ages. The sooner the better! 
What are your favorite beauty products?
If you missed our previous post on Lancôme’s vissionaire…
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Happy Valentine’s Day to our loved ones around the world!

We love celebrating love, and every celebration for us is a great excuse to experiment with our style. This year we decided to focus on the color Red, as it is the ultimate color of romance and passion. Here are some of our tips for a red hot Valentine’s outfit.


When looking for a dress for a big occasion the first thing we look for is the right cut. The most important thing about a party dress is that it suits your figure and that you feel your best in it. If you’re not sure what cut suits you the best, go for a shape that flaunts the best parts of your body, what you are most confident about. Rony has a very feminine figure and a small waist so she went for the princess cut- This cut keeps everything cinched in and put together while flaunting Rony’s figure.

We like to dress understatedly sexy, there’s a fine line between seductress and trash. Rony decided to show a bit of skin in the back and kept the rest of the dress covered, yet form fitting.

Choosing the right fabric is as important as the cut of the dress.

Accessorizing : Rony’s dress was so attention grabbing, she decided to keep the rest of her outfit solid and classy. She wore drop rhinestones earrings that complimented the retro style of the dress, sheer black tights and black nail polish, and black high heeled pumps.

IMG_83151 DSC_75501 DSC_76191 DSC_74821 DSC_34632

What do you plan to wear to your Valentine’s date? Share ideas on our facebook page!

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We got to participate in a challenge to test Lancome’s visionnere serum, aren’t we the luckiest?

Like we’ve discussed in previous posts, winter is a critical time to take really good care of our skin. Lancome’s visionerre serum is perfect for skin that feels nourished, moisturized and healthy! We only received the product in the mail a few days ago and already feel the difference.

Skeptical about this amazing skin miracle worker? We challenge you to try it out yourselves!






Share the results with us on our facebook page.

Follow us for more details on the serum in three weeks!


V &R

hey everyone!
Winter is upon us, it’s raining and cold and the air gets windy and dry. For some people the dry air does wonders for their skin but to the unfortunate like us, it makes our skin look red and dull and feel dry. We have tried all kinds of facial creams, from baby creams to high end brands, and unfortunately were unable to get lasting results. Last week we received a lovely little pink package from L’Oreal Paris, with their new ‘Skin Perfection’ facial cream.
The Cream
We were so excited that we tried it out on the same day. After a week of applying the cream, we must admit that we already notice great change in our skin. It feels that the skin is much tighter, smoother and softer.
The cream itself is not oily like other creams we’ve used and gets absorbed in the skin quite quickly so you can apply make up straight away without worrying that the make up will smear off. Also, the cream deals with those annoying little wrinkles and smoothens the skin. 
So, ladies and gents, if you’re looking for the perfect winter cream to indulge your skin in, we highly recommend trying the new ‘skin perfection’!
Love it!
Wishing you and warm and jolly winter season!
V & R

Now that we are fully addicted to the wonderful world of online shopping, we wanted to share with you an online store we particularly love: (Shop at your own discretion, you might get obsessed!!) Gusta.

We don’t know about winter where you are but in Israel the weather gets pretty fickle, sometimes very cold and rainy and sometimes sunny; temperatures can change drastically, especially when going from indoors to outdoors. For all these reasons, layering is a must, with certain basic staple items that can go from day to evening, from the office to the gym.

We recently discovered Gusta’s basic tanks, %100 organic cotton, with the kind of fabric and slouchy cut that make your body feel really good. Needless to say they are now a must in our closets.


Here are some ideas on how to make your favorite tank a basic part of every outfit:

Day to Day:

IMG_31091 IMG_31141 IMG_31171 IMG_31181
Layer a loose tank over a shirt dress for a look that is classy yet effortless. Sheer tights and booties with a bit of heel add an extra flair of girliness. Knit hats are the perfect cold weather accessory!


IMG_31241 IMG_31281 IMG_31301

Wearing a classic cut tank tucked into a pencil skirt with a tailored jacket makes for a chic and classy office look that is still comfortable and not too dressy.


IMG_31441 IMG_31411 IMG_31031
Sweating it out at the gym is the best way of getting rid of the day’s stress, but that does not mean we can’t look fabulous! While comfort is top priority, we like to make our workout look more interesting by adding bold colors.


IMG_31331 IMG_31351 IMG_31381 IMG_31371
Tucking your tank top into skinny pants with an edgy jacket makes for a cool and sexy evening look. Maroon is always in style in the cold seasons, wear it on your lips, in your clothes and in your underwear! Want to know where we got these pants? Find out here!

One of the great perks of ordering from Gusta’s online store is that the clothes arrive in a fabulous fabric tote with a graphic design we loved!

IMG_8081 IMG_8153

Follow us as we report on more of our favorite fashions and places to shop!

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Remember the online shopping event we told you about? Well we decided to really take advantage of the event and stock up on some must haves for our winter wardrobes.


Here are some of the items we got.
Skinny stretch jeans from 1item in maroon and in flower print. These are comfortable and practical and can go from office to evening.


Patterned sweater from 1item, flower appliqué crepe skirt and leather bag from Niti Chic Boutique. We were in love with this skirt the moment we saw it, it is so romantic and versatile and really flattering! This is the perfect skirt for all seasons. A practical black bag is a must.

IMG_30431 IMG_30441

Because we have every intention of wearing short dresses and skirts throughout winter, tights are a must. Tights don’t have to be worn just for practical reasons, we like to play with patterns and colors, and find that sheer tights (with lower denier numbers) are a very sexy addition to the outfit. We picked out these fun patterned tights.

IMG_81811 IMG_30531

In colder months the cold weather leaves our skin dry and chipped and e find that we have to take extra good care of our skin. While we try to moisturize more, a good facial cleanser is a must. We got Vichy’s purete thermale cleanser from the fabulous Medi Link online pharmacy; it leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh without drying it.


We just had to accessorize our iPhone with this fabulous Marylin Monroe phone cover from 1item!


We weren’t the only ones who got to enjoy this shopping experience, little Ms. Watts scored this adorable striped sweater from Castro. Cute and cozy!

IMG_81841 IMG_81851

What are your must haves for this season? Share them on our facebook page!
Wishing you a very stylish winter!
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Winter is slowly creeping in on us and any change in seasons is the perfect excuse to renew our wardrobes. Being the super busy ladies we are, juggling families, full time jobs and our blog, online shopping is the ultimate shopping experience for us. This is why we were thrilled to find out about Shopping IL, an exciting online shopping extravaganza hosted by Google Israel, taking place on November 11-12.

Shopping IL is an amazing initiative launched by Google Israel to give us all the opportunity to enjoy unforeseen sales, amazing prices and limited time offers at some of our favorite local online stores, with all products getting delivered to our doorsteps in no time! (well maybe a bit of time if you’re living outside the country 😉 )

We took part in Google’s event to launch this amazing initiative and got to meet some really cool local blogging and youtube-ing superstars, as well as enjoyed some Google-branded treats and beautiful views of Tel Aviv!


Rony wore a button down blouse with a lace overlay pencil skirt, high heeled booties, snakeskin clutch, and a gold and leather pendant necklace.


So here’s our wishlist for this very exciting shopping event:

Vera is crushing on Castro‘s gorgeous shawl coat which is both cozy and seriously chic


She also has her eye on Story‘s camel booties which will be the perfect shoe for day to evening.


Another one of Veras must-haves is a retro midi skirt, like this one from Story. Chic, ladylike, and perfect both for evening and for the office.


Rony’s wishlist includes 1item‘s striped studded dress which ill be super chic with tights and thigh high boots


Rony is planning on keeping warm in Rockglam‘s fabulous peacoat:

What’s on your wishlist for this coming winter? Share your ideas on our facebook page!
We will be rewarding the readers with the most fabulous ideas with amazing coupons for the hottest online stores participating in this event!! So start sharing!

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the week,
V & R

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Happy Monday loves!

This past weekend we visited a beautiful and inspiring fashion exhibit and had to share some photos and thoughts with you!

IMG_29732 IMG_29271

The exhibit took place at the Holon Design Museum, you may recognize the name from previous exhibits we visited, such as Stephen Jones’ fabulous hats exhibit, or Yohji Yamamoto’s amazing exhibit.IMG_29281 IMG_29301 IMG_29371 IMG_29691

Every item on display was crafted out of recycled plastic bottles. The designer said the exhibit addresses relevant social and cultural issues – “The 21st century is a time of uncertainty in terms of population overgrowth and a depletion of resources. While fashion and trends are temporary, designers must think of the long run.” Miyake’s way of deleopment and innovation is producing clothes that will have long term usage.

IMG_29411 IMG_29451 IMG_29501 IMG_29511
Miyake’s designs were inspired by and crafted with techniques taken from Origami, an ancient craft from his native Japan.

IMG_29631 IMG_29621 IMG_29601 IMG_29331 IMG_29351
Rony wore a print kaftan dress with orange ankle boots and a leather satchel.




What are some of your favorite designers and what exhibits have you visited recently? Share on our facebook page!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!
V & R

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Long time no see darlings! It is so good to be back, and what better outfit to make a comeback in than retro, the style that keeps coming back?!


We love feminine and ladylike fashions and the 50’s is one of our favorite fashion eras! High waisted, A-lined, midi length, all cuts that are super pretty and chic and very flattering too.

Rony wore a polka dotted crop top with a high waisted red midi skirt and blue peep toe heels.

IMG_28411 IMG_28451 IMG_27961 IMG_27981 IMG_28141 IMG_28151 IMG_28171 IMG_28182 IMG_28161 IMG_28191 IMG_28481 IMG_28491
We love mixing ladylike with more sexy edgy pieces. Rony’s crop top is the perfect mix of sweet and naughty!


Vera wore a polka dotted A-lined mini dress with blue ballerina flats and a blue satchel.

IMG_28341 IMG_28321 IMG_28371 IMG_28381 IMG_28511 IMG_28021 IMG_28031 IMG_28221 IMG_28251 IMG_28271 IMG_28281 IMG_28291
Vera proves that wearing one color from head to toe can be refreshing and classy!


what are your favorite retro styles? share them on our facebook page!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

V & R

Hello blogging world, we’ve missed you! We pulled quite a disappearing act due to impossible schedules (which are tough to coordinate between the two of us), but we are back and so happy about it!

You all know how much we love to dress girly and sexy but at the same time we love to steal some styling ideas (and clothes) from our men. Wearing an oversized top, masculine cut jacket and a cool hat can make a very feminine look more accessible, casual and hip. We always feel more comfortable when we balance out our sexy pieces with more loose items. And remember, confidence is key to looking your best!


For this post’s sexy staple items we both turned to Tmart, a cool website offering trendy and hip clothes, shoes, and accessories at amazing prices. For us this website is a very convenient one stop shop, as we hardly have time for shopping.

We picked out baroque printed miniskirts (find them here and here) which are flirty and fun and at the same time very comfortable! What more could a girl ask for?!

Vera wore her skirt with an oversized striped T-shirt, blue ballerina flats, and a checkered hat.

IMG_74571 IMG_74701 IMG_74761 IMG_75651

IMG_74601 IMG_74641 IMG_74651

IMG_75161 IMG_75131 IMG_75221

Rony wore her version with a denim button-down shirt, Perspex oversized necklace, high heeled sandals and a camouflage hat.

IMG_74811 IMG_74941 IMG_74951

IMG_74971 IMG_75672

IMG_74771 IMG_74861 IMG_75312 IMG_75371 IMG_75381 IMG_75461

We accessorized with bright lip color.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a wonderful week ahead!

IMG_75591 IMG_75621
V & R

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