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Hey there fashion people!

From Prada to Victoria Beckham, color blocks are big in all the hottest collections this season. For this edition of What We Wear we did color blocking the way we do best: chic, stylish, and casual yet cool.

We’re sure that each one of you has a statement making bright colored item that you just don’t know how to wear and with what. Here’s an unexpected suggestion, wear it with another bright colored statement making item to make your outfit truly stand out!

Vera wore a hippy maxi purple skirt, turquoise collar top, studded belt, a worker’s black vest and checkered Converses.

Combining the romantic skirt and feminine top with a sporty look made Vera’s outfit edgy and unique.

I wore a bright colored striped plise skirt with a lacy vintage top, velvet plum jacket, men’s grosgrain belt, color block bag and color block strappy sandals.

Mixing different colors and textures kept my outfit unique and unexpected, and putting them together with pulled back hair and calmer accessories kept the outfit from getting too crazy.

While it seems that layering should be saved for the in between seasons, it’s actually important for summer as well. Going from hot humid days outside to air conditioning inside and cool evenings, it’s important to dress practical. Pieces such as vests and light short sleeved jackets are perfect for outfits that last from day till night.

Wearing too much of a certain style or trend can make the outfit look too costumey; a great way of keeping it interesting and cool is mixing different styles and textures. Vera for example mixed her ultra feminine top and flowy hippy skirt with a super masculine, bodyguard-like vest.

To keep from going too “pop star”, I mixed my bright 80’s colored skirt with a romantic vintage top and a men’s belt.

Conclusion is, don’t be afraid of mixing styles, everything goes as long as you act your fabulous self and wear your style with confidence!

Photos taken at Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv.

Stay tuned and follow us for some fabulous accessories, how to look like a fashion queen at the beach, T shirt chic, and the best looks for summer!!

Until next time!

Rony & Vera

Hey you fashion lovers!

Summer is definitely here and the summer fashion front calls for lots of colors and prints! Despite the hot weather, pants will always be an integral part of our wardrobes, whether for school, the office, or for evening. For this post we decided to show you how colored trousers can be worn with different tops and blouses, to create chic outfits even hotter than the weather.

Vera wore forest green skinny jeans with a vintage rose pink blouse. The volume of the blouse not only breaks the look of the tight trousers and upgrades it but it also made Vera’s legs look skinny and long. She completed the look with pale pink peep toe flats and a bright pink tote that gave her 80’s look an urban-modern touch.

I wore high waisted orange trousers with an asymmetrical navy chiffon dress which I tied up and wore as a top. The dress has a unique twist to it, a piece of fabric that comes down from the shoulder and gives a flowy and sophisticated touch to the outfit. I call it my bat girl dress, it helps me save the world!I combined the outfit with brownish plaid peep toes, a Coach tote, big bangles and a scarf worn as a head band to give my geometric style a 60’s twist!

Both of us folded our trousers to give them more of a straight look. We must say though that the trouser fold doesn’t fit all body shapes and sometimes it can shorten the legs.

Color, shapes and style mixing can do only good to your outfit and figure!

Photos taken at Gruzenberg parking lot roof, Tel Aviv

For colorful skirts for summer

Coming soon: Beautiful precious jewelry, styling tips for the work place, Punk chic, and much more fabulous clothes, shoes, and accessories!!

xoxo Vera&Rony

America’s sultry new pop princess, Lana Del Ray, sings about Blue Jeans as if they were a loaded gun ready to rip her heart. We are obviously totally envious of her sexy voice and are inspired by the song’s raw appeal so we decided to dedicate this post to denim.

These aren’t just your regular jeans though; we will show you how to wear denim in a way that’ll wow them, just like Lana does.

Vera looked like a starlet out of Grease in a cropped dark wash skinny jeans with a vintage button down blouse, red patent flats, canvas bag, silk colorful hair tie, charm bracelets and a cherries necklace.

I wore a denim tunic, vintage golden bow front peeptoes, knit hat, leather and lace white bag, bangles, and gold and Formica necklace.

When looking for good denim, whether it be jeans, shorts, dress etc, there are several factors to consider. The wash of it may look good on the hanger but isn’t always flattering on the body, the cut is also a determining factor in whether the jeans will be flattering on the body or not. Vera’s jeans for example, dark and skinny, flatter her figure and make her look long and lean. Sometimes the funnest way to wear denim is in an unexpected item, like my denim tunic worn as a dress: slouchy and comfortable but short and sexy.

Photos taken at Old Bavli neighborhood, Tel Aviv

Coming soon: Lavish jewelry, DIY skirts and accessories, the clothes recycle, sexy punks, tips on successful dressing for job interviews and on the job, and many more fabulous fashions!

Stay tuned, Folllow us for more!
Vera & Rony

We truly hope that spring has arrived to your home town because it surely hit ours!

The lovely warm weather and all the flowers that are blooming right now make us crave flowy dresses, hats and of course our favorite accessory- vests. So of course we decided to go boho chic on this post and show you how the look can be achieved.

Rony wore an  A-lined collar navy and white checkered dress. The layers of the dress along with the striped brownish gray vest looked fabulous on Rony and really flattered her shape. She wore nomad-like suede flat booties and a men’s straw panama hat. Sometimes it’s fun to steal from the boys, masculine accessories give feminine dresses a cool twist.

I wore a long floral dress sewn by none other than my mother and moi! The short puffy sleeves of the dress flatter my arms and the high waisted shape combined with the long length would give anyone a beautifully long silhouette. My strappy camel wedges probably helped with the long silhouette 🙂 But flats will look fabulous as well!

Oh the bohemian life… flowy dresses, cool jewelry, awesome music and art and a chilled lifestyle.. sound good? Sounds amazing to us!

So take a walk on the beach, enjoy the sand and the breeze and the sun! But don’t forget to stop for some refreshments in the hot weather!

Photos taken at Herzlia beach

For more on hippy style for spring

See you soon

❤ Rony & Vera

Hello loves!

Our friend Mariana, a very busy Biology student who doesn’t have much time for shopping, complained to us that she doesn’t know how to wear and put together some of her favorite clothes. Vera and I came to the rescue and jumped at the opportunity to style someone other than ourselves 🙂

It turns out that Mariana has great closet staples, from skirts to tops, shoes to accessories. We just helped her put together the outfits and had a blast doing it. While usually conservative in her fashion choices, Mariana was the perfect subject and model! She was totally open to our suggestions and got creative with us, putting her own say into the outfits.

Lessons learned from this styling experience:

– Opposites do attract: big with small, flowy with tight, even opposite prints and colors.

– While we all go for the trend, the most important value of the outfit is that your personality shines through it and that you don’t become just a hanger.

– Dress for your body, not everything is flattering on everyone.

– Most importantly, fashion is all about being open minded, letting loose and having fun!


Hello world!

As students of design we are constantly looking for inspiration. Here are pictures from an exhibit we visited at Tel Aviv’s ZeZeZe Architecture gallery.

What’s cool about this exhibit is that the display could be viewed from various points of view, one could roll around in the chairs offered at the exhibit and enjoy the projects from underneath, from the side, and be surrounded by the project from all directions

To find out about exhibits at the gallery visit:

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