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Happy Valentine’s Day to our loved ones around the world!

We love celebrating love, and every celebration for us is a great excuse to experiment with our style. This year we decided to focus on the color Red, as it is the ultimate color of romance and passion. Here are some of our tips for a red hot Valentine’s outfit.


When looking for a dress for a big occasion the first thing we look for is the right cut. The most important thing about a party dress is that it suits your figure and that you feel your best in it. If you’re not sure what cut suits you the best, go for a shape that flaunts the best parts of your body, what you are most confident about. Rony has a very feminine figure and a small waist so she went for the princess cut- This cut keeps everything cinched in and put together while flaunting Rony’s figure.

We like to dress understatedly sexy, there’s a fine line between seductress and trash. Rony decided to show a bit of skin in the back and kept the rest of the dress covered, yet form fitting.

Choosing the right fabric is as important as the cut of the dress.

Accessorizing : Rony’s dress was so attention grabbing, she decided to keep the rest of her outfit solid and classy. She wore drop rhinestones earrings that complimented the retro style of the dress, sheer black tights and black nail polish, and black high heeled pumps.

IMG_83151 DSC_75501 DSC_76191 DSC_74821 DSC_34632

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This photo shoot took place in Caesaria, a city with heritage that dates back to the Roman Empire, with an archeological site and ruins to prove it. With its gorgeous Mediterranean beaches, elegant restaurants, mix of tourists, locals and fishermen and beautiful traditional architecture, this city is a mix of old and new, raw and chic.
What could be better suited to this laid back, yet chic attitude than lace?


Vera wore a hand-knitted lace dress over a tank top and denim shorts. She accessorized with golden toed flats, vintage cream bag, and a gold chain necklace.

IMG_24611 IMG_24641 IMG_24661 IMG_24681 IMG_24711 IMG_24701 IMG_24731 IMG_24103

IMG_24311 IMG_24321 IMG_24341 IMG_24351 IMG_24371 IMG_24381
Rony wore a puffy sleeved olive green lace dress over a green strappy dress. She accessorized with high heeled sandals, wicker clutch she got at a fashion event, layered gold and turquoise necklaces and a print scarf she tied in her ponytail.

IMG_24501 IMG_24513 IMG_24531 IMG_24542 IMG_24551 IMG_24571 IMG_24751



IMG_24032 IMG_24401 IMG_24411 IMG_24441

These dresses are very versatile, they can be sexy, office-appropriate, perfect for down time, and very comfortable, all depending on what they are layered with and how they are styled.

IMG_23872 IMG_23952
Vera layered her knit dress over understated items for a cool casual look. Her dress could also be worn over a bikini for a very luxe beach look.


Rony accessorized her dress with lots of gold and metallic touches for a cool evening look and added the scarf hair accessory for an extra boost of glam.


IMG_24271 Photos taken at Caesaria Port.


IMG_23741 IMG_23751 IMG_23771 IMG_23791

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!

V & R

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The countdown to New Years Eve on What We Wear continues with chic styling ideas for your celebrations! This time an outfit suited for a more elegant dinner or party, with styling ideas taken from Old Hollywood starlets.

Retro Glamour


Rony wore a print strapless tulle-lined cocktail dress with classy silver jewelry and black pumps. This dress is classy, chic, and elegant and has enough statement on its own so doesn’t require much accessorizing.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year!
V & R

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Tonight marks Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year according to the Jewish calender. Jews around the world celebrate the new year in large feasts with family and loved ones.

We love the holidays, and any excuse to put on a dress and heels is a great cause for celebration!

Here are the outfits we chose for this celebration:
Vera was festive in a belted cream shift dress, charm necklace and peep toe kitten heels.



Rony was holiday party ready in a strapless tulle-adorned print cocktail dress, pumps, and Tiffany’s jewelry.

IMG_62561 IMG_90721

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday, shana tova! May we all have a wonderful and sweet year ahead!
V & R

Hey friends,

We have wonderful news to share with you, Vera is almost five months pregnant and we couldn’t be more excited! Her baby bump keeps growing and is starting to show on our latest posts so we decided to share the exciting news!


We’re certain whatever is growing in Vera’s belly will undoubtedly be a majorly fashionable creature!

So until the “big day” we will continue posting as usual and will report on the latest trends and styles. Our future posts, however, will also explain how these trends can be worn when expecting!

During pregnancy the female body changes a lot and other than gaining weight, the chest area and the stomach grow increasingly every day. Changes in the wardrobe are required, but we propose making these changes without comprising style.

Vera is in the middle of her second trimester, which is considered the fun part of pregnancy; it is the part when the woman can enjoy her little bump and sexy curves without any inconveniences. Cute little dresses that are fitted in bellow the belly area are a total must have! Slightly fitted dresses will do the job as well. Basically the rules remain the same during pregnancy:  whenever wearing a tight item mix it with something wide and whenever revealing some skin be sure to keep the rest covered so as not to reveal too much.

Here are some celebs who make pregnancy look great:

ImageFearne Cotton

ImageNicole Richie

ImageKate Middelton


Miranda Kerr

A huge pregnancy no-no as far as we’re concerned are huge tent-like dresses! Despite what many women think, these dresses are very unflattering and end up making you look really big. These kind of dresses work only if they are short and reveal a bit of leg. Another little tip we’ve discovered, if you are looking to conceal the belly before officially breaking the news to everyone: colorful prints are not only fabulous but do a great job obscuring the belly!

Here are some celebs whose example you dont want to follow:


Jessica Simpson



Kim Kardashian

Many more tips on how to dress fabulously when expecting coming soon!


V & R

Summertime is here! The perfect time to go sailing and spend as much time by the pool or at the beach as possible! Us working girls don’t always have the kind of time to sunbathe all day so what’s better than wearing the perfect summer dress to make you feel like you are at sea?!
Nautical-inspired clothing is the kind of the trend that comes back every summer season and leaves us feeling like the coolest skipper in town!

IMG_5918 IMG_5898

Sailboats on the beautiful Mediterranean at Gordon beach, Tel Aviv. 

Rony wore a wave print T Shirt dress with a striped quilt bag, rope and gold necklace, patterned and studded cuffs and cage high heeled sandals.

IMG_84551 IMG_84611 IMG_84621 IMG_84632 IMG_84641 IMG_84821 IMG_84082 IMG_84092IMG_84122 IMG_84141 IMG_84152 IMG_84372 IMG_84382 IMG_84493

Vera wore a cut-out striped dress with a rope belt, layered charm necklace, gold plate necklace and vintage cat heel sandals.


IMG_84691 IMG_84731 IMG_84751 IMG_84771 IMG_84781 IMG_83972 IMG_84012 IMG_84041 IMG_84072

IMG_83982 IMG_84351 IMG_84281 IMG_84301

The great thing about these dresses is that they could be worn with heels to a party on a yacht or can be worn over a bikini for the hottest look at the beach. All it takes is the right shoes and accessories!

IMG_84184 IMG_84193 IMG_84212

Photos taken at Cinematec Tel Aviv.
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Have a lovely summer!


V & R

Summer is officially here, and what a way to kick summer off with the month of July, the month of both our birthdays!

Days and nights are getting warmer and the humidity is getting more intense. Time to break out some easy breezy, comfortable summer wear!
Our favorite summer uniform is long loose dresses, classy ones that labels such as Oscar de la Renta and Diane Von Furstenberg have been perfecting each season. Ones that you can wear all day in sandals or slip on a pair of heels and wear in the evening.


Here are some of our favorites:
Rony wore a midi strapless print dress with a waist cinching belt, gold leather sandals, rope and gold woven clutch, wide brimmed hat and lots of vintage jewelry.


Rony’s outfit is perfect for long days in the sun. The right accessories keep it stylish and chic.



IMG_83661 IMG_82581 IMG_82621 IMG_82631 IMG_82711

IMG_82491 IMG_83161 IMG_83201 IMG_83501 IMG_83511



Vera wore a loose fitted print baby doll mini dress with cork wedges and a large beaded necklace.


Vera’s dress is so comfortable it can last you through an entire hot day. Vera’s accessories offset the cuteness of the dress and make the look more grown up – ready to tackle business as well as pleasure!

IMG_83831 IMG_83841 IMG_83851 IMG_83801

IMG_82821 IMG_82851 IMG_82871 IMG_82891 IMG_82901 IMG_82941 IMG_83041 IMG_83321 IMG_83361 IMG_83371 IMG_83391 IMG_83441 IMG_83491

We found the most amazing location for this photoshoot: a section of Herzlia park that was recently remodeled with a wooden walkway surrounded by tall reeds and trees. The perfect spot for a picnic or a summer stroll!

IMG_83091 IMG_83111 IMG_82911 IMG_83251 IMG_83291 IMG_83301 IMG_83901

Photos taken at Herzlia Park.

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