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Last month we were in Madrid for architecture week, a wonderful series of exhibits and conventions celebrating the city’s architecture and looking towards the future of architecture. Of course we took advantage of our visit to explore this beautiful city! IMG_98941


Madrid has a beautiful range and mix of traditional European and contemporary, Hi-tec architecture. One of the most intriguing events of architecture week were tours exploring the city’s most prominent buildings, and seeing the progression of the city’s architecture throughout its history. IMG_4238

Madrid airport: inspiring first steps in Spain.IMG_4219

Gran Via

The city’s most hustling and bustling main street is filled with all the must have shops (Zara, H&M, Pull & Bear, etc) as well as some of the city’s most beautiful traditional architecture.

IMG_11651 The detailing on the buildings is so beautiful that we couldn’t stop taking pictures!

IMG_11721 IMG_13921 IMG_13941 IMG_98781 IMG_99791 Calle Mayor and city center

IMG_16921 IMG_98291IMG_98351 Reality vs. illusion.IMG_98501IMG_98591

Plaza del Sol.IMG_98601 IMG_98861

Caixa Forum

Caixa Forum is a museum and cultural center located on Madrid’s beautiful Paseo del Prado boulevard and one of the city’s most interesting contemporary buildings. IMG_13301 IMG_18251

The beautiful geometric structure was built by architects Herzog & de Meuron. It was built on the foundation of an old abandoned electrical station and the architects incorporated the steel aesthetic into the interior design as well. IMG_13541 IMG_13601 IMG_13661 IMG_13671

We loved the Caixa Forum’s museum store and spent hours going through the architecture and fashion books. IMG_13741

Next to the Caxia Forum is a building covered with a vertical garden: a green wall designed by botanist Patrick Blanc.

IMG_18231 IMG_18301 IMG_13311 IMG_13711 To us this really signifies the future of architecture and landscape design, especially as urbanization develops and cities get more and more overpopulated.

Reina Sofia Museum IMG_18451

This museum underwent modern renovation and expansion by architect Jean Nouvel and now has a beautiful rooftop overlooking the city, as well as a wonderful courtyard and sculpture garden.

IMG_18341 IMG_18591 IMG_19041 IMG_19111 IMG_19472 IMG_6190IMG_19551IMG_19651 IMG_19671Besides its design, it was definitely our favorite museum in the city. It houses important pieces by Spanish artists such as Picasso, Dali, and Miro, as well as modern art and photography exhibits. IMG_18531

Hide and seek among the Richard Serra.IMG_18791 IMG_19601

The Royal Palace IMG_99271

Beside the beautiful architecture of the palace and its lavish interiors, we loved the royal gardens.

IMG_14692 IMG_14711 IMG_14501 IMG_14771 IMG_99522 IMG_99401 El Retiro IMG_12411

A beautiful park which sits on the Paseo del Prado, it is a wonderful place to relax, have a picnic, or go for a nice stroll. IMG_12391 IMG_12511 IMG_12641 IMG_12841 IMG_13101 IMG_13201 IMG_13241

A pleasant surprise: a modern art exhibit at the park’s gallery.


IMG_21261 IMG_21311

El Retiro park leads up to Salamanca neighborhood, one of Madrid’s most expensive areas.

IMG_21411 If luxury shopping is what you’re after, this is the place to go. From local labels to international designers, the boutiques in this area are beautiful. IMG_21431 IMG_21451 IMG_21461

Cool display at Camper.IMG_21481 IMG_21711

Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. IMG_21641

Salamanca garden. IMG_21551


This is a central neighborhood which has become well known for being a gay friendly neighborhood. This area has some of the coolest restaurants, bars, cafes, and boutiques, as well as very cool street style. IMG_15161 IMG_15331 IMG_15371 IMG_15861 IMG_15971 IMG_15911 IMG_15951 IMG_15901


As in every traditional European city, some of our favorite attractions are the markets. Madrid has an abundance of them, some offering food and drink and some clothes, home goods, etc. IMG_13252

Mercado San Miguel IMG_98971

This hip market and architectural gem has a delicious assortment of food and drink and seems to be the place to be at all times of the day and night. IMG_11152 IMG_11162 IMG_11183 IMG_11221

El Rastro

IMG_16441 This giant market spreads along several streets and reminds us a bit of London’s Camden Market. Here you can find everything from authentic high quality leather goods to graphic T Shirts, to 3 euro shoes (!!!). We clearly had to be dragged away.

IMG_16431 IMG_16422IMG_16502 IMG_16571 IMG_16531 IMG_16361 IMG_16382 This market only opens on Sundays and showing up early is a must, to avoid the huge crowds.


Spaniards sure know how to party! They spend morning to night in bars, restaurants, cafes, drinking all day long! Don’t miss out on the city’s fabulous nightlife. IMG_14321 IMG_16201

One particular must visit are the flamenco shows. We of course had to go for the best and visited Corral de la Moreria, a gorgeous traditional venue which also serves dinner and drinks and features the most prominent dancers in the country.IMG_17351 IMG_17371 IMG_17251 IMG_17471

The smartest thing to do when traveling is to check for any special events or attractions that take place during the visit. We were lucky enough to attend a special Hermes exhibit featuring the fashion house’s luxurious leather goods.

IMG_21111 IMG_20201 IMG_20272 IMG_20291 IMG_20381IMG_20721IMG_20961 IMG_21021 IMG_21042 The only downside is the insatiable craving we now have for the Birkins and the Kellys!

What to wear

This time of the year the city is getting colder and starting to get more rain. The most wise thing to do is wear layers that you can peel off and pile back on towards the evening and night.

IMG_6236 IMG_14801 IMG_99352 Looking for more amazing places to visit in Spain? Check out our post on Barcelona and Montserrat. Follow us as we report from more awesome destinations around the world!

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Wishing you all a wonderful week!


V & R

We often post about visual arts: our favorite artists and movements, street art, etc, and thought it’s about time that we write about performance arts. We had the great privilege of attending Open Source, a performance by dance company Maria Kong which can be summed up in one word: WOW!


The performance explores the deepest desires, hidden thoughts and forbidden longings of a bride on her wedding night, in a single moment of reflection before she gives herself entirely to her man and commits to marriage.

True to life and love, Open Source depicts the heroine’s most passionate, animalistic, primal desires and her inner conflicts whether she should succumb to them or keep them locked up inside of her.

IMG_97901 IMG_97891 IMG_98061


This sexy performance has all kinds of fun surprises: two women fighting over a man, girl on girl action, guy on guy action, and of course the good old man and woman love and sex and magic.


IMG_97811 IMG_97931

Pulling the strings of the heroine’s fantasies is a character we like to call “the architect”, a sort of puppeteer pulling her farther and farther down the rabbit hole. The architect oversees the whole development of events, giving life and taking away characters’ hearts. This brings up intriguing questions of life and love.

IMG_98041 IMG_98051

The casting for the show was perfection: Brazilian bombshell Luciane Castro Fontanella was perfect for the role of the blushing bride’s sexy alter ego. She gave such an amazing performance that it was literally hard to take our eyes off of her.

French dancer Caroline Boussard was perfect for the role of the bride: fragile, delicate and romantic.
Brazilian dancer Anderson Andre Braz as the groom: strong and sexy.
Israeli dancer Artour Astman as another puppet in this game of desires.
and Israeli dancer Ori Ben-Shabat as the skeleton-glove-wearing powerful and creepy “architect”.


We don’t want to give away the ending but let’s just say it was perfect and human at the same time. It was a very strong statement on why us humans would give up the exciting whirlwind of debauchery and primal desire for a crazy little thing called love.


Modern dance performances are often criticized for being so open-ended, some might even say vague. While they are considered a form of abstract art, they aim to tell a story and at times it seems they are so abstract that the story gets lost in translation.

This was definitely not the case in Open Source. With the help of dramatic lighting and genius sound effects (at times drums beats likening the sound of the characters’ heartbeat and at times romantic Spanish guitar) by Rodgers and Hammerstein and squarepusher, the performance was right on point. It was exciting, emotional and moving.

IMG_97961 IMG_97791 IMG_97801 IMG_97871 IMG_97881

IMG_98091 IMG_98101

The performance took place at Tel Aviv’s Suzanne Dellal center for performing arts in Neve Tzedek neighborhood, a beauty in its own right.
This place is very dear to us as it was the location of one of our first photoshoots for the blog!


Rony wore a patterned vintage button down shirt, patterned skort, purple asymmetrical clutch, wood and gold necklace by Noritamy, and stone adorned peep toe heels from Prague.

IMG_98183 IMG_98225

We highly recommend going to see the show, this is something you don’t want to miss!
Tickets and more information about the show here.
More about Maria Kong here.

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V & R

If you’re a follower of our blog you may have noticed that we love street art. We find it very inspirational and meaningful, at times more than art displayed in museums.


Mural by Dana Decktor.

From an urban perspective, street art is a way in which people can contribute to a cityscape and can express themselves anonymously (or not) for all of the world to see.

While sometimes graffiti can be perceived as sort of scribbles that do nothing but mar public space, it can have really beautiful graphic qualities: from typography to color and composition, street art is at times the freest form of art and expression out there.


Nitzan Mintz mural – a study in Hebrew typography.

IMG_89102 IMG_90171 IMG_90181IMG_90162Signer Afk mural.

For all these reasons, we were thrilled to find out about The Seventh Floor, a street art exhibit held at Tel Aviv’s central bus station, where about a thousand square meters of walls are now covered with art by local artists and artists from abroad.



Some of the art is colorful, some is aggressive and in-your-face and some has a very clear agenda.

Artist Natalie Mandel used the loose cables coming out of the walls along with old phone chargers to create a sort of vine spanning the ceiling, creating a juxtaposition between something from nature and an industrial polluted bus station.

IMG_89851 IMG_89911 IMG_89981

IMG_89971 IMG_62432An addition to this piece were huge grasshoppers built out of old scraps of metal.

IMG_89922 IMG_89941

“If only we can find the language of peace we could live together and forever as one” by Murielle Cohen.


We loved the graphic qualities of this piece, made out of yarn, by artist Maya Gelfman.

IMG_62412 IMG_90101 IMG_90112

“Batman can’t save you.” Quite moving work by Zak Shiff.


Beautiful Japanese culture-inspired art by Melbourne graffiti artist Haha.


Stunning murals incorporating pasted newspaper and paint by illustrator Marian Boo.

IMG_89791 IMG_89712 IMG_89722 IMG_89702

An impressive abstract mural by illustrator and animator Dioz.


A piece by interactive artist Debi Oulu encouraging passersby to “do art”.


Murals by Utro and Ross Plazma.


Cute creatures creeping on the telephone by Adi Sened.


Trapped in the wall. Work by Holy Era.


Amazing color combination and Greek-mythology graphics by &BE&.


A piece by illustrator Zivink.


Very threatening mural by Shell Uno.


Pieces by Ori Gami and Alice Mizrachi.


Urban decay by German graffiti artist Markus.


One of our favorites by Lavi>Safam Boards.


The fact that this exhibit was held at the central bus station is meaningful in itself. Regretfully, this is an under-maintained, run down, awful building. The presence of the art almost makes up for the lack of design in the place, because at least the old and decrepit walls are being used for a good cause. The notion that public buildings that thousands of people pass through in a given day could be used as “rental space” for free art is a very exciting one!

IMG_89171 IMG_89482

IMG_89461 IMG_89592

IMG_89782 IMG_898011e8794ce1ac511e39c4c22000a9e0896_7

IMG_90531 IMG_90551 IMG_90561

What’s amazing though, is how people take this kind of art for granted and don’t even give it a second glance. We noticed that many people walked by completely oblivious, and only started to notice the writing on the walls (pun very much intended) when they saw us taking pictures.



Rony wore a Made by Lilamist graphic crop top with a vintage pleated midi skirt, peep toe heels, leather clutch, wood printed sunglasses and layered gold pendant necklaces.


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More photography of Tel Aviv street art here.
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V & R

Hey there!

Travel is one of our all time favorite activities; to us it is life’s most amazing luxury! We love traveling abroad but we also love leaving the city every once in a while in search of our country’s hidden gems and most beautiful locations.

This time we travelled two hours north of Tel Aviv to the city of Acre, or Akko as it is called in Hebrew.

ImageAcre is one of the most ancient port cities in the world and according to historians was founded during the ancient bronze era; during biblical times. Acre was an important city due to its strategic location. It was conquered by different empires and rules by many different leaders. The location also attracted many sailors, poets, artists, warriors and visitors, who often visited as a rest stop along their route to other parts of the world.
ImageOur first stop in the old city was the knight halls, which is still undergoing restoration. Although the site isn’t fully refurbished, it still has quite dramatic effects. While walking the halls we could just feel the history of the place and envision in our minds the story of the knights preparing their next fight.
In the early 1900’s these halls were used as jail cells where prisoners of the British Mandate on Israel were held.
ImageImageThe second stop was the Turkish bazaar. We quickly discovered that this site is a tourist trap, as everything is pretty overpriced, unlike the authentic bazaars we have visited. The highlight of the bazaar was a really nice gelato shop with homemade ice cream!
The city has beautiful galleries and exhibits. One of our favorites was an exhibit featuring historical pieces, some dating back all the way to the early 20th century! As architects we were especially intrigued by the furniture exhibits, featuring amazing Turkish wooden furniture. We were in absolute lust!
ImageThe old city’s port is a beautiful spot for a romantic stroll. We of course did some shopping in the old city’s market, where one could find fresh fish and  Baklava (a dessert considered a delicacy in the Arab world), home goods, jewelry, and our favorite: lots of shoes!
ImageImageImageImageImageOn this summertime excursion Vera wore an oversized tunic, denim mini skirt, golden sandals, a hat and lots of sunscreen!
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V & R

Rony recently returned from an amazing trip to South America. Here she shares some of her travel diaries from three main destinations – Ecuador, Galapagos and Peru.

Ecuador Highlands

Ecuador is home to the Andes mountain range, which includes some of the tallest active volcanoes in the world.

Quilotoa Volcano lake

Quilotoa Volcano lakeQuilotoa Volcano lake

Cotopaxi Volcano

Cotopaxi VolcanoEcuador highlands Ecuador highlands Ecuador highlands Ecuador highlands Ecuador interiros

Ecuador interiors

What to wear
Horseback riding gear while riding horses through the mountains: traditional poncho and chaps.

Rony's hourseback riding gear Horseback riding through the mountains

Amazon rainforest

Comprising more than half of the world’s remaining rainforest, the Amazon rainforest is home to an incredible variety of animals, trees and plants that seemingly only exist in fairy tales.


Canoe ride through the Napo river into the heart of the rainforestIMG_29441 IMG_29121

Lodge in the heart of the jungleIMG_2905 IMG_3285 IMG_32161 IMG_33181 IMG_32641 IMG_31221

What to wear

Wear your jungle pants and lots of insect repellent to keep from getting bitten by the hundreds of species of insects!


Canopy walk above the forest


Being a city girl at heart, Rony was of course drawn to Ecuador’s capital, Quito, and its rich culture, history and architecture.

IMG_33371 IMG_33381 IMG_33561 IMG_33781 IMG_34141 IMG_33881 IMG_33921

IMG_33451 IMG_33471


Made famous by Charles Darwin’s studies and consequent theory of evolution, this archipelago is well known for its diversity of endemic species and how well preserved the wildlife is.


Landing on San Cristobal Island, GalapagosIMG_2382 IMG_23911 IMG_24491 IMG_25241 IMG_25461 IMG_25631 IMG_26351 IMG_26131 IMG_26661 IMG_27741 IMG_28051 IMG_27861

The most famous of Galapagos’ creatures, the giant tortoiseIMG_27191 IMG_26571 IMG_27001 IMG_28221

What to wear

Always have your wetsuit at the ready in order to explore the incredible wildlife under the sea, such as dolphins, penguins and the world’s biggest sea tortoises who just swim by you as if you were another fish!

Snorkeling in Galapagos

01060001 01060002 01060003 01060009 01060007

Swimming with the penguins sea tortoises and sea lions01090020 01060020 01060005

Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru

The sacred valley of the Incas in Peru spans from mountaintops to beautiful valleys in rural Peru and includes some of the most important sites in the history of the ancient Inca Empire.

IMG_3593 IMG_35881


Enjoying the view at OllantaytamboIMG_3605


The Incan archeological sites are absolutely awe-inspiring in their locations and in how architecturally advanced the Incans were in such ancient times. IMG_36851 IMG_37041

Machu Picchu – a UNESCO World Heritage SiteIMG_37071 IMG_37161 IMG_37191 IMG_37401 IMG_37721 IMG_37881

What to wear

Explore the valley and the mountains in your most comfortable clothes and get ready to do some serious hiking! Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and apply lots of sunscreen, at +3000 km altitude radiation can get pretty intense!

Rony at Machu Picchu


To young Israelis travelling in South America, Cusco is Peru’s Tel Aviv. The city is rich with history, culture, explorers from around the world and a vivacious scene.

IMG_41821 IMG_35021 IMG_34911

IMG_34881 IMG_34821

IMG_40401 IMG_40431 IMG_40251 IMG_39951 IMG_40201 IMG_3525 IMG_3514

At times the city seems very modern, but it’s never a surprise to run into a llama walking down the street.

Cusco Llama

From a fashion and textile design standpoint, it was intriguing to see the indigenous women’s traditional clothing and how they hand dye and weave their clothes using different natural materials.

IMG_34981 IMG_4101 IMG_4122 IMG_4142 IMG_38031

We highly recommend visiting, and very much look forward to exploring the rest of South America’s countries in the future!

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What We Wear visited the Yohji Yamamoto exhibit and came out feeling inspired!
The exhibit featured pieces designed by Yamamoto over the past two decades and included a variety of garments, from coats to dresses to pieces designed for his Adidas collection, to menswear.

We were absolutely in awe of each and every piece and the thought and craftsmanship that went into creating Yamamoto’s masterpieces.

The exhibit was held at Holon Design Museum, quite the masterpiece in its own right. The museum was designed by Israeli architect and designer Ron Arad and was the perfect backdrop for Yamamoto’s creations.

Rony’s day at the museum outfit: romper with cutouts, slipper flats, and leather satchel.

A beautiful Ron Arad exhibit we visited.

Coming up next: collaboration with our favorite young and hip designer, the perfect office outfit, travel, fashion, street style and much more fabulousness! Follow us for more!

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Last week I went on a weeklong excursion to London to explore the rainy city post-Olympics, as well as  do some shopping as London is home to some of my (and Vera’s) favorite shopping destinations! Here are some of my favorite attractions in the city, best places to shop and of course, what I wore!

Favorite shopping areas:

Soho – Soho, particularly around Carnaby Street, has some amazing stores which I loved not only for the merchandise but also for how it is displayed and how the stores are designed.

Benefit’s store, designed like a sweets diner, is too sweet to skip out on!

Some other favorites were Dahlia, which had a gorgeous mix of girly with London punk, Fornarina, whose store had an amazing liquid staircase, and Lazy Oaf, which displayed sunglasses on skull lamps.

Notting Hill – This neighborhood has shopping destinations which offer very unique pieces. From the famous Portobello Road market on Sundays to vintage shops that sell amazing treasures, this is a great destination for one of a kind items.

Primark – Vera and my guilty pleasure, this store sells the trendiest clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for ridiculous prices. The biggest one in town is located on Oxford Street; our advice is to get there as the store opens, it gets really busy and crowded very early and the lines to the fitting rooms get impossibly long. As you can see, my friends and I went a little crazy!

Camden – This northern London neighborhood is home to a multitude of markets, thrift and vintage stores that offer trendy and unique items for very good prices. Camden is known for its goth population and punky bars, so here you’re sure to encounter crazy platforms and spikes on everything.

Art for the Soul:
The amazing thing about London is its museums are free, except for some temporary exhibits, so it’s absolutely a must to visit and see what’s on.

I love visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum every time I’m in town, it has extensive art collections and impressive architecture.

Now on display is a very cool Ball gowns exhibit showing gowns from the 19th century throughout the ages, and contemporary gowns by some amazing and influential designers.

Another very cool exhibit currently on display at the V&A: innovations in furniture. My favorite piece was a chair made by fashion designer Issey Miyake from leftover fabric rolls from his garment designs.

Exhibition Road, on which the V&A Museum is located, is now hosting an outdoor sculpture exhibition featuring works by acclaimed British sculptor Tony Cragg. It was very interesting to see how the crowds interacted with the artwork.

The Tate Modern always showcases amazing pieces by the most influential contemporary artists; Now on display is a special exhibit by British artist Damien Hirst. Some of my favorites at the museum were a sculpture by Marisa Merz which, although it was constructed out of aluminum plates, is somehow so organic and “alive” and reminded me of floating sea creatures.

Other works that I particularly liked were pieces that incorporated video art and installation to create unique thought-provoking effects.

The British Museum is a must-visit even just for its architecture. The museum’s inner court roof was designed by Foster and Partners in 2000 and is absolutely awe-inspiring not just in itself but in the dialogue it creates between old and new architecture and in the beautiful natural lighting that is created in the space.

Favorite unexpected event
Notting Hill Carnival took place on the weekend of August 25th; the event was like one huge street party that included dancing, music, African drums and a very festive parade. The beer was cheap and the atmosphere was jolly!

What I Wore
“Chic Tourist” outfit – For travelling to any urban destination around the world, my motto is to keep it comfortable but never neglect the chic! I wore stretch skinny jeans, a light loose blouse and a jacket in case it got chilly. I wore moccasins which are very comfortable to walk in all day, but are also chic and classy. I kept it interesting by accessorizing with a pearl bib necklace and pink lipstick.

Day to Evening outfit – When exploring around a big city all day you must be prepared for anything. The best idea is to wear an outfit you can transform from day casual to a more evening look. I wore a high waisted black skirt with a loose green blouse, opaque tights, and moccasins. I made the outfit cool for day or night by wearing a print scarf and a rope and gold necklace.

For drinks on a chilly evening I added a fur vest.

Rainy Day outfit – Even in August London is very rainy and at times chilly; the best idea is to wear layers you can take off when going indoors or on the underground, and put back on when strolling outside. I wore a loose long sleeved T-shirt with a print skirt, tights and leather booties. I piled on the layers with my fur vest and warm jacket.

Vera’s favorite London outfit- Vera worked her layered look in layered tops, striped knit cardigan, miniskirt worn with tights, leather booties, scarf, and layered necklaces.

Don’t forget to take your camera and an umbrella!

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Vera and Rony, What We Wear

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