What We Wear in Madrid

Last month we were in Madrid for architecture week, a wonderful series of exhibits and conventions celebrating the city’s architecture and looking towards the future of architecture. Of course we took advantage of our visit to explore this beautiful city! IMG_98941


Madrid has a beautiful range and mix of traditional European and contemporary, Hi-tec architecture. One of the most intriguing events of architecture week were tours exploring the city’s most prominent buildings, and seeing the progression of the city’s architecture throughout its history. IMG_4238

Madrid airport: inspiring first steps in Spain.IMG_4219

Gran Via

The city’s most hustling and bustling main street is filled with all the must have shops (Zara, H&M, Pull & Bear, etc) as well as some of the city’s most beautiful traditional architecture.

IMG_11651 The detailing on the buildings is so beautiful that we couldn’t stop taking pictures!

IMG_11721 IMG_13921 IMG_13941 IMG_98781 IMG_99791 Calle Mayor and city center

IMG_16921 IMG_98291IMG_98351 Reality vs. illusion.IMG_98501IMG_98591

Plaza del Sol.IMG_98601 IMG_98861

Caixa Forum

Caixa Forum is a museum and cultural center located on Madrid’s beautiful Paseo del Prado boulevard and one of the city’s most interesting contemporary buildings. IMG_13301 IMG_18251

The beautiful geometric structure was built by architects Herzog & de Meuron. It was built on the foundation of an old abandoned electrical station and the architects incorporated the steel aesthetic into the interior design as well. IMG_13541 IMG_13601 IMG_13661 IMG_13671

We loved the Caixa Forum’s museum store and spent hours going through the architecture and fashion books. IMG_13741

Next to the Caxia Forum is a building covered with a vertical garden: a green wall designed by botanist Patrick Blanc.

IMG_18231 IMG_18301 IMG_13311 IMG_13711 To us this really signifies the future of architecture and landscape design, especially as urbanization develops and cities get more and more overpopulated.

Reina Sofia Museum IMG_18451

This museum underwent modern renovation and expansion by architect Jean Nouvel and now has a beautiful rooftop overlooking the city, as well as a wonderful courtyard and sculpture garden.

IMG_18341 IMG_18591 IMG_19041 IMG_19111 IMG_19472 IMG_6190IMG_19551IMG_19651 IMG_19671Besides its design, it was definitely our favorite museum in the city. It houses important pieces by Spanish artists such as Picasso, Dali, and Miro, as well as modern art and photography exhibits. IMG_18531

Hide and seek among the Richard Serra.IMG_18791 IMG_19601

The Royal Palace IMG_99271

Beside the beautiful architecture of the palace and its lavish interiors, we loved the royal gardens.

IMG_14692 IMG_14711 IMG_14501 IMG_14771 IMG_99522 IMG_99401 El Retiro IMG_12411

A beautiful park which sits on the Paseo del Prado, it is a wonderful place to relax, have a picnic, or go for a nice stroll. IMG_12391 IMG_12511 IMG_12641 IMG_12841 IMG_13101 IMG_13201 IMG_13241

A pleasant surprise: a modern art exhibit at the park’s gallery.


IMG_21261 IMG_21311

El Retiro park leads up to Salamanca neighborhood, one of Madrid’s most expensive areas.

IMG_21411 If luxury shopping is what you’re after, this is the place to go. From local labels to international designers, the boutiques in this area are beautiful. IMG_21431 IMG_21451 IMG_21461

Cool display at Camper.IMG_21481 IMG_21711

Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. IMG_21641

Salamanca garden. IMG_21551


This is a central neighborhood which has become well known for being a gay friendly neighborhood. This area has some of the coolest restaurants, bars, cafes, and boutiques, as well as very cool street style. IMG_15161 IMG_15331 IMG_15371 IMG_15861 IMG_15971 IMG_15911 IMG_15951 IMG_15901


As in every traditional European city, some of our favorite attractions are the markets. Madrid has an abundance of them, some offering food and drink and some clothes, home goods, etc. IMG_13252

Mercado San Miguel IMG_98971

This hip market and architectural gem has a delicious assortment of food and drink and seems to be the place to be at all times of the day and night. IMG_11152 IMG_11162 IMG_11183 IMG_11221

El Rastro

IMG_16441 This giant market spreads along several streets and reminds us a bit of London’s Camden Market. Here you can find everything from authentic high quality leather goods to graphic T Shirts, to 3 euro shoes (!!!). We clearly had to be dragged away.

IMG_16431 IMG_16422IMG_16502 IMG_16571 IMG_16531 IMG_16361 IMG_16382 This market only opens on Sundays and showing up early is a must, to avoid the huge crowds.


Spaniards sure know how to party! They spend morning to night in bars, restaurants, cafes, drinking all day long! Don’t miss out on the city’s fabulous nightlife. IMG_14321 IMG_16201

One particular must visit are the flamenco shows. We of course had to go for the best and visited Corral de la Moreria, a gorgeous traditional venue which also serves dinner and drinks and features the most prominent dancers in the country.IMG_17351 IMG_17371 IMG_17251 IMG_17471

The smartest thing to do when traveling is to check for any special events or attractions that take place during the visit. We were lucky enough to attend a special Hermes exhibit featuring the fashion house’s luxurious leather goods.

IMG_21111 IMG_20201 IMG_20272 IMG_20291 IMG_20381IMG_20721IMG_20961 IMG_21021 IMG_21042 The only downside is the insatiable craving we now have for the Birkins and the Kellys!

What to wear

This time of the year the city is getting colder and starting to get more rain. The most wise thing to do is wear layers that you can peel off and pile back on towards the evening and night.

IMG_6236 IMG_14801 IMG_99352 Looking for more amazing places to visit in Spain? Check out our post on Barcelona and Montserrat. Follow us as we report from more awesome destinations around the world!

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Wishing you all a wonderful week!


V & R

  1. Love your photos!! Madrid is such a great city!! I love your rainy day photo with your polka dot pants- so fabulous!! xo

    • aww thank you so much, so glad you enjoyed!! xoxo

  2. Wonderful trip and Madrid is such a cool place to be, I can know it because I was there last June (you can see two of my posts I dedicate to Madrid) and I had an incredible time ! Compliments for all these beautiful photos and you both are so lovely ! πŸ™‚

    • It really is such a cool place to be!! Your Madrid posts are beautiful!
      Thank you so much, so happy you enjoyed our post! xoxo

      • You are very welcome and I wish you both a beautiful eve πŸ™‚ !

  3. That was such a cool photo story. Really enjoyed that!

  4. Lucky gals! I felt like I was experiencing Madrid vicariously through your amazing photos. The mojitos, the cafes, the nightlife and the shopping – Madrid sounds like my kinda town! xoxo Natasha

  5. Such amazing architecture and beautiful pictures! I also love the heart sweater you are wearing!! xx

  6. Lovely travel journal. From architecture to art through fashion, food and flamenco dancing Madrid seems a beautiful city. I love your relaxing photo with a glass of wine in the hand, after a long day of walking and exploring,,, I know the feeling. Lovely! Sara

    • There’s nothing like relaxing at the end of an exciting day with a tall glass of wine πŸ™‚
      Thanks Sara!!

  7. What a marvelous architecture / art / fashion / food / travel post !!! I could comment all the images as you have so gorgeously captured the beauty of this city (the mayor of Madrid should also give you a medal LOL !). Last, but not least, your intricate leather jacket is stunning ! XOXO

  8. Madrid is such a great place i would love to visit one time. Btw, love your outfits.

  9. Isa said:

    I was in Madrid a few years ago and to be honest I barely remember it but I do remember the beautiful architectural detailing you are talking about! Architecture week seems like the perfect reason to take a trip anywhere!


    • we absolutely agree!! if you don’t remember the trip you should go back to visit!
      Thanks for reading! xoxo

  10. Abbi said:

    Wow! Awesome pics and great outfits. It looks like such a fun place to visit!

    • Thanks so much, we definitely had an amazing time! xoxo

  11. Madrid has always been in my top 5 places I want to go, and now I may be pushing it up to top 3 after seeing this post. Thanks for sharing, and you look as chic as always!

    • Thank you and thanks for reading, we’re so glad you enjoyed the post!!

  12. Wow, Madrid appears to be a city now on my ever-growing travel list! DidnΒ΄t know it was such a gem. The houses are built with delicate care and appreciation for sustainable architecture.

    • we also have an ever-growing travel list, there are so many interesting places in the world and this is definitely one of them! you’re absolutely right, we were really inspired by the architecture!
      thanks for reading! xoxo

    • It really was amazing! Thanks for reading! xoxo

  13. The details on the buildings and the lush parks are amazingly beautiful. Great pictures!

  14. DecorusDea said:

    Madrid is such a beautiful city, the burst of colours is just absolutely amazing. I love your outfits, the best example of “travel in style”.

  15. I really like your gray jacket, very classic πŸ™‚

  16. Lu said:

    Wow! Amazing pictures! My husband and I would love to visit Madrid. The architecture is really amazing! So many beautiful places!


    • It really was amazing, we highly recommend visiting πŸ™‚
      Thanks for reading! xoxo

  17. eleonore mosimann said:

    I love Madrid! Amazing green wall! Also love your style πŸ˜‰ Xx

  18. Oh yes, looks amazing! Love the shoe book! πŸ˜‰

  19. matiale said:


  20. dianaetc said:

    Beautiful photos, beautiful architecture!! And the Hermes exhibit?!?!?! ❀

  21. I really love how you combine fashion, art, architecture and culture, I really admire your work , and those pictures are amazing. I’m really excited to have discovered you.

    • Thank you Jalal! Have a wonderful holiday!’xoxo

  22. dievca said:

    I am salivating over the vertical garden and (of course) Custo Barcelona! It looks like you Ladies had a phenomenal time.

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