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Flowers have so much meaning in different cultures around the world. To us, they signify the coming of spring, of warm weather and picnics in nature and the feelings of excitement and expectation.

Flower motifs have always been in style, from the days of Marie Antoinette to today, they have remained relevant and feminine. Flower prints decorated our clothes when we were little girls and continue to, to this day.

Flowers usually have big presence at the spring collections, this year’s collections were no exception, and we have styled them for warm weather outfits here and here. This time, however, we decided to bring spring into our lives a little early and make the trend cold-weather appropriate too!


A Rose by any other name


Vera wore a sequined oversized asymmetrical cut top over a striped and polka dotted dress and hip hugging mini skirt. She wore flower and butterfly print pale tights, over the knee boots and a rose print scarf.




IMG_13831 IMG_13881

Vera’s sequined top and edgy boots gave her romantic pale tights more of a hip edge.

IMG_12982 IMG_13111

IMG_13041 IMG_13141 IMG_13231 IMG_13261

Rony wore a flower print asymmetrical cut skirt with an oversized sweater and a white button down shirt. She wore rose print tights, high heeled ankle boots and a green wool scarf.

IMG_13551 IMG_13561 IMG_13591 IMG_13631 IMG_13891

Rony’s forest green scarf is the perfect addition to this garden-themed outfit. Rony’s print mixing made the outfit interesting and cool; she kept it from getting too busy by putting the prints together with neutral colors.

IMG_13273 IMG_13291 IMG_13311 IMG_13382

IMG_13371 IMG_13311IMG_13431

We encourage all of you fabulous fashionistas to boldly mix prints, it’s so much fun!

Ready for Spring


Vera wore her spring-inspired tights with a white button down blouse, purple knit cardigan, chiffon overlay skirt, moccasins, and lots of colorful jewelry.


IMG_14391 IMG_14411 IMG_14431 IMG_14451 IMG_14701

The mix of colors in Vera’s outfit is perfect for the coming spring. Her knit cardigan makes the outfit wearable during the transition between the seasons.

IMG_14201 IMG_14251 IMG_14261 IMG_14281 IMG_14291 IMG_14301

Rony wore her flowered skirt and tights with a white button down shirt, asymmetrical cut blazer, velvet green pumps and colorful jewelry.

IMG_14481 IMG_14551 IMG_14581



Rony’s light blazer makes this outfit business-like and office ready.

IMG_14051 IMG_14071



The inspiration for the post came from the beautiful roses at ProFlowers! Click here to smell the roses even if flowers aren’t blooming yet where you are!

More oversized sweaters perfect for this season here and here.

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V & R

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Winter’s cold dreary days make us all want to stay at home and hide under the covers. As if to make matters worse, winter fashions often match our wintery moods and are mostly gray and black. We think that bright colored clothes, particularly fun bright colored dresses, are just what we need to chase the winter blues away!



Rony wore a mesh-sleeved A-lined yellow dress with a gray oversized jacket, black tights and black wedge heels, purple rope and gold statement necklace and pink bracelet.


IMG_12571 IMG_12611 IMG_12621 IMG_12881

The black wedges worn with black tights give the dress a classy elegant look and make Rony’s legs look extra long. The colorful jewelry compliments the bright color of the dress and makes it more playful and girly.

IMG_12421 IMG_12461 IMG_12472 IMG_12482 IMG_12521

Vera wore a red lace and chiffon dress with a studded denim jacket, gray tights, black patent moccasins, and oversized geometric necklace.

IMG_12361 IMG_12711 IMG_12741



The denim jacket gives the whole look a hip and fresh twist. The moccasins and architectural accessories make the sexy Spanish-inspired dress more edgy and business-like.


IMG_12381 IMG_12331 IMG_12391


This is actually a dress that Vera purchased many seasons ago and was able to wear during pregnancy as it was loose and oversized. Don’t forget that you can always keep old clothes relevant by rocking the right shoes and accessories!

IMG_12201 IMG_12211

Wishing you a fashionable and fabulous winter. And don’t fret, Spring is coming soon!

V & R

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Happy friday ladies and gents! Man are we happy it’s the weekend!!

After the hard and stressful week we had, all we feel like is putting on our most fabulous dancing shoes and going out for a girls’ night out on the town!


This week’s pick was taken at a gallery opening we attended as part of Tel Aviv Fashion Night Out event. The gallery featured an exhibit by contemporary artist Eran Shakine whose pieces were very much fashion-forward.

Case in Point: painting of John Galliano modeling his own creations!
Wishing you all a wonderful, restful and happy weekend!
V & R

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Hello blogging world, we’ve missed you!
Sorry we disappeared for a bit, we have both had the busiest couple of weeks. For those of you who don’t follow our facebook page, Vera had a baby girl!! We are very excited!

One of our favorite ways to cover up and keep warm in the colder months is by wearing cozy furry vests. For this post we decided to go totally animalistic and put together fuzzy and warm fur vests with some sexy animal print pieces.

IMG_11521 IMG_11491

Vera wore an oversized fur vest with buckles over a snake print tunic, studded olive green skirt, Fly Foot leather booties (more about Fly Foot’s amazing shoes here), and cream tights.

IMG_12031 IMG_12091 IMG_12111 IMG_12131 IMG_12151
Dresses that become too short during pregnancy could still be worn as a tunic with the right skirt. Wear it with the right tights to achieve a long slim legs look.

IMG_11591 IMG_11661 IMG_11681 IMG_11721 IMG_11631 IMG_11551 IMG_11561 IMG_11571
Rony wore an oversized fur vest with a waist cinching belt over a puffy sleeved leopard print dress, pearl necklace, high heeled ankle boots and metallic tights.


IMG_11941 IMG_11981 IMG_12181 IMG_11741IMG_11751 IMG_11761 IMG_11791 IMG_11841
The metallic tights added an edgy and unexpected flair to Rony’s outfit as well as a new kick of color. Rony kept the outfit classy by wearing elegant, monochrome jewelry and accessories.

When it comes to fur we believe in only wearing faux!

What are your favorite animal print pieces? Share them on our facebook page!

V & R

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We hope everyone enjoyed their New Years Eve celebrations! We always take time at the end of the year to reflect on the past year and take the time to think about our resolutions. We’ve both had an amazing and very important year and can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!

May we all have the most amazing, happy, healthy, fun, and successful year!

new year

Don’t forget to share your New Years Eve outfits on our facebook page!

V & R

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