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Picasso said that “The purpose of Art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”.
We couldn’t agree more; we can get so caught up in our day to day lives that we sometimes need to get away from it all and find art to be a perfect form of escape. Art allows our minds and imaginations to wonder and go wild. It gives us inspiration and new ideas.


Last weekend we visited It is and it isn’t, an exhibit by American artist Nick Kuszyk at Saga, a modern art gallery in Jaffa. Kuszyk, aka RRobots, became well known for his colorful robot-themed street art which has now become a gorgeous part of New York City’s urban landscape.



While we loved Kuszyk’s robots and other adorable creatures, we were really taken with the geometric and architectural turn his art has taken.

IMG_7591 IMG_7601 IMG_7586 IMG_7597

We loved the colors the artist uses in his work and how the graphic qualities made the paintings look three dimensional.

IMG_7571 IMG_7577 IMG_7600

All this was especially beautiful and powerful when set against the gallery’s heavy exposed concrete architectural style.

IMG_7587 IMG_7592 IMG_75831

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V & R

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What We Wear is two years old and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with you, our amazing readers!

On this joyous occasion we decided to share with you some of our favorite outfits from our past year in blogging.


Playing with black and white textures and patterns in Black and White and Patterned IMG_62642

IMG_60953 IMG_61001

Rocking colorful blazers in Blazer Yourselves529791_349228275185829_1601457305_n

Getting color happy in I Scream Colors
IMG_67161 308129_356523724456284_376881064_n IMG_64673

Some rules are meant to be broken. Mixing denims in Jean on JeanIMG_64571 IMG_4698

Ready for combat in G.I. Jane

Artsy at Tel Aviv’s Cinematec in Blue and White and Patriotic all Over644427_364635213645135_328332730_n

Mixing romantic vintage with edgy modern pieces in Modern VintageIMG_69232

Getting inspired by cultures around the world in International Concepts of Style
IMG_69441 IMG_70991

Mixing sportswear with our Ready to Wear in Without Breaking a Sweat165411_378402005601789_2028991266_n6780f5eab71e11e28faf22000a1f99f9_7

Proving that you don’t have to break the bank to look fabulous in Cheap and ChicIMG_73332 IMG_81462

See through blouses and see through clutches in Sheer TransparencyIMG_78951 IMG_79562

Putting together sexy dresses with fun T-Shirts in The New Party Dressd7d6249ad8bc11e2b61c22000a9f4de7_7 1052663_399986800109976_214833824_o

Redefining The Suit in Well Suited1048973_399984226776900_1064421188_o IMG_6097

Making office wear comfort wear in Working GirlsIMG_86251 IMG_86061


Pants are never boring in Pants PartyIMG_73632

Getting inspired by urban architecture in Urban GeometriesIMG_6092

Letting our inner wild animals shine in Animal InstinctIMG_6199

Playing with our favorite tropical prints in Tropical UrbanityIMG_08461

Keeping warm in some of our favorite capes in Little Red Riding HoodsIMG_07501IMG_64601 IMG_09561

Channeling timeless classic Annie Hall in TomboysIMG_09671 IMG_14481

Welcoming Spring early and playing with flirty florals in Spring AwakeningIMG_6662

As you probably already know, we love mixing prints and piling on the accessories!


Pattern mixing in Layers of FallIMG_08351

Faux fur and statement jewelry in Little Red Riding HoodsIMG_84641

Gold, studs and patterns in Let’s go to the Beach EachIMG_93061

Mixing flower prints and oversized cocktail rings in Flower PowerIMG_00694

Pattern mixing in Mad as a HatterIMG_13811

Mixing prints and textures with bold colorful jewelry in Spring AwakeningIMG_6657

This year we got to collaborate with some amazing designers:


Visiting Hagar Satat’s studio in Inside the Designer’s StudioIMG_80681 IMG_03892

Modeling stunning jewelry by Liat Ginzburg in A Ginzburg WonderlandIMG_01142 IMG_02251 IMG_6357

Modeling for inspiring designer Adi Ashur in Black SwansIMG_96801 IMG_96341

IMG_95323 IMG_95563


And attended some fabulous fashion events and exhibits:


Getting high on accessories at Tel Aviv’s Accessory Market EventIMG_78062


Taking in the stunning art at the opening of Grimanesa Amoros’ exhibit IMG_60292


Luxury shopping and celeb sightings at Tel Aviv’s Fashion Night Out eventIMG_94905

Cool designer finds at Tel Aviv’s T:Market eventIMG_94931 IMG_89163

Beautiful street art at The Seventh Floor street art exhibitIMG_89722 IMG_93862

Behind-the-scenes peek into the design process of fabulous shoe designers Couple OfIMG_6135

An exhibit all about fashion and love

Exhibit featuring designs by legendary milliner Stephen Jones

This year was very meaningful for both of us, but especially for Vera, whose pregnancy was documented on the blog. It’s not easy to be a fashionista while pregnant but Vera never gave up her style.

new-image IMG_84012

First signs of pregnancy in Let’s go to the Beach EachIMG_92831

Growing belly in Flower PowerIMG_91662

Showing off her pregnancy in Animal InstinctIMG_06251

Fabulous layering in Layers of FallIMG_63271

Pregnant humor: dressing up as a pregnant nun for our Halloween postIMG_13681

Post pregnancy style in Spring Awakening

Thank you so much everybody for your endless support, for reading, “liking” and commenting on our posts here and on our various social media sites and mostly for inspiring us! The most amazing thing about the internet is getting to know people from around the world, that has truly been a pleasure!

And the most amazing gift we could’ve received: A fashion illustration of us by the amazingly talented katybabyart! Thank you for this wonderful gift!!



Here’s to another fabulous and fashionable year!

Check out last year’s blogaversary post!

love always,
V & R

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Hello lovely fashionistas and fashionistos,

We hope you are enjoying your holiday season! Next week is New Years Eve and we plan on starting the new year in style. In the following days leading up to December 31st we will be posting styling ideas for what to wear to a fabulous New Years Eve party, dinner with friends, and any other celebration you may have planned.

Holiday Sparkle


Rony wore a sequined crop top, high waisted harem trousers, studded leather jacket, high heeled ankle boots and a coach bag. This is an edgy, sexy look perfect for a cool holiday party. Style your hair up in a ponytail and rock minimalistic accessories to complete the look.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season,
V & R

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If you’re a follower of our blog you may have noticed that we love street art. We find it very inspirational and meaningful, at times more than art displayed in museums.


Mural by Dana Decktor.

From an urban perspective, street art is a way in which people can contribute to a cityscape and can express themselves anonymously (or not) for all of the world to see.

While sometimes graffiti can be perceived as sort of scribbles that do nothing but mar public space, it can have really beautiful graphic qualities: from typography to color and composition, street art is at times the freest form of art and expression out there.


Nitzan Mintz mural – a study in Hebrew typography.

IMG_89102 IMG_90171 IMG_90181IMG_90162Signer Afk mural.

For all these reasons, we were thrilled to find out about The Seventh Floor, a street art exhibit held at Tel Aviv’s central bus station, where about a thousand square meters of walls are now covered with art by local artists and artists from abroad.



Some of the art is colorful, some is aggressive and in-your-face and some has a very clear agenda.

Artist Natalie Mandel used the loose cables coming out of the walls along with old phone chargers to create a sort of vine spanning the ceiling, creating a juxtaposition between something from nature and an industrial polluted bus station.

IMG_89851 IMG_89911 IMG_89981

IMG_89971 IMG_62432An addition to this piece were huge grasshoppers built out of old scraps of metal.

IMG_89922 IMG_89941

“If only we can find the language of peace we could live together and forever as one” by Murielle Cohen.


We loved the graphic qualities of this piece, made out of yarn, by artist Maya Gelfman.

IMG_62412 IMG_90101 IMG_90112

“Batman can’t save you.” Quite moving work by Zak Shiff.


Beautiful Japanese culture-inspired art by Melbourne graffiti artist Haha.


Stunning murals incorporating pasted newspaper and paint by illustrator Marian Boo.

IMG_89791 IMG_89712 IMG_89722 IMG_89702

An impressive abstract mural by illustrator and animator Dioz.


A piece by interactive artist Debi Oulu encouraging passersby to “do art”.


Murals by Utro and Ross Plazma.


Cute creatures creeping on the telephone by Adi Sened.


Trapped in the wall. Work by Holy Era.


Amazing color combination and Greek-mythology graphics by &BE&.


A piece by illustrator Zivink.


Very threatening mural by Shell Uno.


Pieces by Ori Gami and Alice Mizrachi.


Urban decay by German graffiti artist Markus.


One of our favorites by Lavi>Safam Boards.


The fact that this exhibit was held at the central bus station is meaningful in itself. Regretfully, this is an under-maintained, run down, awful building. The presence of the art almost makes up for the lack of design in the place, because at least the old and decrepit walls are being used for a good cause. The notion that public buildings that thousands of people pass through in a given day could be used as “rental space” for free art is a very exciting one!

IMG_89171 IMG_89482

IMG_89461 IMG_89592

IMG_89782 IMG_898011e8794ce1ac511e39c4c22000a9e0896_7

IMG_90531 IMG_90551 IMG_90561

What’s amazing though, is how people take this kind of art for granted and don’t even give it a second glance. We noticed that many people walked by completely oblivious, and only started to notice the writing on the walls (pun very much intended) when they saw us taking pictures.



Rony wore a Made by Lilamist graphic crop top with a vintage pleated midi skirt, peep toe heels, leather clutch, wood printed sunglasses and layered gold pendant necklaces.


Follow us as we report from more events surrounding Holon Fashion Week!

More photography of Tel Aviv street art here.
More photography of Barcelona street art here.
More photography of London street art here.

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V & R

We once heard an urban legend about a drug operation burning outside the city of Barcelona, leaving the addictive drug fumes to be dispersed in the air across the city. Another version of this story is a Coca field burning outside the city, dispersing the Coca seeds in the air, giving everyone in the city a mysterious “high”. While these may very well be nothing but silly myths, there is without a doubt something very addictive about the city of Barcelona!


Whether it’s the people, the food and drink, the atmosphere or the beautiful sights, we fell in love with this city. Here are some of our travel notes and recommendations.

European Modernism


One of the most distinctly beautiful things about Barcelona is its architecture. Each building has its style – whether it’s art nouveau, art deco, or gothic architecture – old architecture sits alongside modern one and many buildings are decorated with street art. The architecture varies from one quarter of the city to the next and no two buildings are the same.

Santa Caterina Market, Gothic Quarter.

Gothic Quarter

It’s intriguing to see how the scenery changes so dramatically when entering the Barri Gòtic, or Gothic Quarter. The buildings here are much older, it is apparent that they have serious heritage, the streets are narrow and irregular and the boulangeries are to die for!

Neo-Gothic architecture at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross of Saint Eulalia.

We recommend visiting the Barri Gòtic Picasso museum, both for its beautiful architecture and for the art collection that tells the story of Picasso’s development as an artist.

Courtyard of the Picasso museum.

If modern art is what you’re after, visit MACBA, Barcelona’s museum of contemporary art which was designed by American architect Richard Meier.

The museum is located in El Raval, a neighborhood that used to be crime-infested but has in recent years become safe and hip. This area is covered in beautiful street art and cute little cafes and boutiques.


El Raval street art.



From Parc Guell to Casa Batllo, architect Antoni Gaudi designed some of the city’s most beautiful architecture.

Casa Batllo.

Organic forms at Casa Milà.

Park Güell.

The Segrada Familia, a UNESCO world heritage site, is particularly awe-inspiring.


As architects we can appreciate the grueling work that went into the level of detail and craftsmanship; the building truly is a masterpiece. However, one doesn’t have to be an architect, religious, or Christian, to experience the exciting beauty and enlightenment of the place.

The building seems to be under never-ending construction (Gaudi passed before the project was complete), which is understandable as not even modern technology can compare to Gaudi’s level of talent and creativity.

Although the lines for tickets and entry into the church are insane, we felt they were worth it! The Segrada Familia is inspiring, unexpected and spectacular.


Home to the botanical gardens, the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC), Joan Miro museum and the site of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, this green hill offers the perfect locations for a picnic and beautiful views of the city.

Montjuic sclupture gardens.

We loved walking around the gardens and sitting on the stairs of the MNAC and taking in the view with a nice mojito.

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC).
Picture 43381593051

Mojito at the Museu.


If you’re in the mood for some authentic Catalan music, the Palau de la Musica Catalana’s concerts are a must visit! The building is beautiful as well, quintessential art nouveau on the inside and the traditional facade was given a glass exterior.


When it comes to the local cuisine, the most important advice we could impart is to steer away from tourist traps! Those are most commonly found across La Rambla, the main boulevard leading to Barcelona’s port; these eateries are not only overpriced but also aren’t a good representation of the amazing Spanish and Catalan cuisine.

Our favorite places were the tiny tapas restaurants and cafes in the Gothic Quarter, and the more chic ones along Passeig de Gracia, which is a very chic shopping area as well. A great dish to try out is the traditional paella.

Qu Qu Tapas bar on Passeig de Gracia.

Picture 43381608612

Sangria and tapas for lunch.

Another great idea for tasting an assortment of Barcelona delicacies is lunch at the Mercat de la Boqueria, the city’s biggest market, located on La Rambla. One can “hop” between the different stands and taste fresh cheeses, pastries and meat.

There’s plenty to try for dessert as well!


When in Spain, shop like the Spaniards! Spain is home to some of our favorite affordable retailers: Zara, Mango, Pull and Bear, Bershka. These stores can be found on nearly every street corner. Another local favorite that we just had to visit is the cool Desigual.
Our favorite shopping spots though are the cute little local boutiques selling unique designs by local designers.

Monjuic has local artisan shops with unique jewelry and home decorations.

A very Gaudian ring from one of Montjuic’s artisan shops.

Outside the city

If you’re looking to leave the city and explore the area, we recommend visiting Monserrat hill and Monserrat monastery, a beautiful monk mountain retreat about one hour northwest of Barcelona.


Another intriguing destination is the Salvadore Dali museum and theatre in Figueras, north of the city.

Our biggest recommendation, like in every big city, is to just walk around, explore and take everything in and “get lost” every once in a while. That is the best way to discover the city’s hidden gems, the ones that no travel guides can reveal! And if you do actually get lost, the locals are absolutely lovely.


Street performers on Portal de L’Angel.

What to wear
This time of year Barcelona has the perfect warm, yet breezy weather. We love walking around in flowy, easy breezy dresses and skirts, comfortable flats and a bag just big enough to hold a camera.

Loose fitting studded dress, golden-toed flats and Ray Bans.

Loose fitting checkered maxi dress and quilted leather flats.

If you’re more comfortable traveling in pants, colorful vibrant pieces and bold accessories will do the trick.

For evening we like to wear pretty cocktail dresses and big colorful jewelry that match the city’s vibrant energy.

Seafood paella and oversized jewelry.

What are your favorite European cities to visit? Share your travel experiences on our facebook page! For more travel highlights and photos follow our twitter and instagram!

V & R


This week’s pick is a photo we took while modeling for designer Adi Ashur in the post Belles of the Ball in Tel Aviv’s Florentine neighborhood. Many of the walls in this neighborhood are covered with paintings that take graffiti to a whole new level of street art. We found this wall painting particularly moving and clever, with the Braille writing and the figure’s deep expression.

Florentine neighborhood is home to many locksmith, wood and artist workshops so we find it so beautiful that the very buildings serve as canvas for street artists to express themselves!

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Have a lovely weekend,
V & R

We may not be professional photographers but we are pretty proud of our photography skills! Here we will share with you some of our favorite photos from our instagram page, many of which were taken on the locations of our fashion photoshoots!

Spatial Origami

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Our pick of the week is a photo we took while visiting Tel Aviv’s Museum of Art’s new addition which was designed by American architect Preston Scott Cohen. Pictured is the intriguing interior space and play on light the architect created. We love how the concrete structure appears to be paper origami!

This museum was the location of our photoshoot for the post Shades of Gray.

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Have a lovely weekend!


Tel Aviv has a growing number of boutique hotels, each one with its own unique style and chic version of urban accommodation. We had the great privilege of staying at one of the city’s coolest new boutique hotels – Artplus Tel Aviv.


This hotel was named 2013 top Israel hotels by Traveler’s Choice, and rightfully so. It is located on Ben Yehuda street in central Tel Aviv, a two minute walk from Tel Aviv’s famous strip of Mediterranean shoreline.

We have both visited big cities around the world, whether in the US, Europe, Canada, or South America (not to mention that Vera grew up in St. Petersburg and Rony in Boston), and we often feel that we’ve seen it all – all the hotels are the same with their own little twists here and there, there’s rarely a surprise. Artplus, however, is a breath of fresh air in what seems a jaded sector of architecture and design.

The main façade of the hotel, on busy Ben Yehuda street, is a gentle and understated play on glass, shading, and graphic art. It is a modern take on Tel Aviv’s famous Bauhaus architecture that immediately, although very subtly, draws attention and lures visitors.


This hotel celebrates art and design on every level. The lobby holds a gorgeous library filled with art and design books and is of course decorated with fantastic pieces of furniture.


IMG_60041 IMG_60012 IMG_60021Rony enjoys the artful surroundings at the hotel lobby.

Each floor of the hotel is painted and decorated by a different local artist, which places the hotel perfectly in its surroundings – a beautiful take on street art, except the art now becomes part of the interior design. The hotel also hosts exhibit openings for young and upcoming artists.


A wood mural by artist Nivi Alroy decorates some of the hotel’s walls.

The rooms are absolutely lovely, and besides vast windows and clean minimalistic design, each have unique dramatic lighting fixtures. The hotel offers a great breakfast with a surprising amount of choice, which one can enjoy indoors or in a beautiful garden.


Sculptural light installation by Yochai Matos in one of the hotel rooms.IMG_59841IMG_59851

Another one of the hotel’s main pluses is that the beach is just a minute walk away!

For more on Tel Aviv’s Artplus hotel visit the website.

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Happy spring loves!
Our favorite time of the year is here – Warm enough to parade around in your lightest, most colorful dresses, yet cool enough in the evening to still be able to flaunt your favorite blazers, cardigans, and tights!

Here are some of our favorite ice-cream colored outfits to welcome spring with.

Colorful spring outfits

Cherries and bubblegum – Vera wore a patterned pink minidress with a bright pink oversized jacket, burgundy tights, waist cinching belt, pearl and glass necklace, vintage Adidas quilted pink bag and brown brogues.

IMG_67121 IMG_67451 IMG_67491 IMG_67521 IMG_67551 IMG_67701 IMG_67321 IMG_67251 IMG_67241

Vera’s tip for super short dresses is to wear short shorts or Sophies underneath so that everyone will enjoy your long legs and not your knickers!

IMG_67711 IMG_67731 IMG_67752 IMG_67741

Peach and pistachio – Rony wore a turquoise A-shaped dress with a turquoise cardigan, asymmetrical cut jacket, peach tights, cutout high heeled oxfords, pink belt and gold V-necklace.

IMG_67013 IMG_67042 IMG_67051 IMG_67402 IMG_67431 IMG_67421 IMG_67392 IMG_67072 IMG_67091

An A-lined dress allows you show off all your best parts: If it’s your legs you want to emphasize, this cut will nicely frame and blur your upper body. If it’s your waist and chest you want to draw attention to, adding a thin belt will do the trick.

IMG_67633 IMG_67641 IMG_67651 IMG_67761

We love how everywhere you turn in Tel Aviv there’s a lovely surprise just around the corner! We found this beautifully painted wall just between a main street and a major construction site and just loved how well it went with our outfits!

Street art Tel Aviv

Photos taken at Ha’arba’a St. Tel Aviv.

We hope you enjoyed the holidays and wish you all a wonderful spring!
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V & R

Happy weekend darlings!

The uniform trend is oh so hot this season!  Camouflage, military and of course the ultimate day to day uniform, denim.

There must be something about denim; other than the LBD it is the only classic we can think of that never fades from the fashion scene and is always relevant. When put together with other pieces, denim is usually the simplest and most comfortable item to wear. However, mixing denim items can get tricky, and has even been considered a faux pas. We beg to differ.

In light of the current fashion outlook of making trends personal, mixing and matching and going against the wave, we propose doing it your own way and having no reservations!  Here we (attempt to) prove that a full on denim uniform is so right and so right now.

Full on denim outfits Jean on Jean

Rony wore a denim button down blouse with a denim heart print skirt, jean jacket, lavender tights, bright yellow bag, brown bow flats and a rope and gold necklace.

Rony's outfit

Rony's style
Rony's denim outfit


Rony's outfit

Rony's outfit

Rope and gold and denim
Triple denim Denim blouse and skirt Hearts print

Lavender and brown

Vera wore a denim button down blouse, denim skirt, jean belt, and studded jean jacket with black tights and red ballerina flats.

Vera's outfit
Vera's style
Vera's outfit Vera's outfit

Studs and denim Studs on jean on denim Blouse and skirt triple denim Red flatsWe wish there was a tip or word of advice on how to mix denim “right”, but there was nothing specific we did to put these outfits together; we just tried a few options and kept the ones that felt right.

The best tip we could give is one that we always find relevant: wear what makes you feel amazing!

Our style

This photoshoot is the opening to a new series we are launching: Tel Aviv living.
While we love and can really appreciate the fetes of architecture the city has to offer, and love shooting them for our posts – Case in point Shades of Gray which was shot at Tel Aviv’s Art Museum – we love discovering hidden urban gems. In every city we visit around the world we love discovering its true essence and true personality. We are often more drawn to the residential sites rather than to the tourist sites and always try to learn how the true “city people” live.

Tel Aviv Living – Yehuda Halevi
This street showcases an eclectic mix of old and renovated buildings. The building we chose for the shoot is eclectic in itself – a mix of classical columns, oriental bricks and arches, a minimalistic façade, and adorned with modern graffiti.

Yehuda Halevi building Yehuda Halevi building

Yehuda Halevi architecture

Bricks and graffiti Yehuda Halevi building

The main façade of the building has a garden that, while being overly neglected, is intriguing in itself with its huge ancient trees that provide shade for the entire building.

City Garden

City Garden

Photos taken at Yehuda Halevi st. Tel Aviv.

Follow us as we report on more architectural and hidden gems the city has to offer.
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