Light and Video Installation by Ron Arad – 720 Degrees

720 degrees is a stunning installation which we visited at Jerusalem’s Israel Museum and just had to share with our readers. The installation was created by Ron Arad, a highly esteemed London-based Israeli architect and designer who has designed wonderful creations such as the “Well Tempered Chair” and the Holon Design Museum in Israel.

720 is an installation made of 5,600 silicon cords which are suspended eight meters in the air from a steel construction to form a sort of 360 degree screen. The silicon cords serve as a canvas upon which video art by video artists from around the world is projected. Some of the artists featured include Mat Collishaw, Ori Gersht, Christian Marclay, and David Shrigley.

The audience gets to enjoy the video art from different angles, from inside and around the 360 degree screen and through the silicon curtain. The result is absolutely awe-inspiring; each angle gives a bit of a different take on the video art and when standing close to the cords it seems like they transport little beams of light.

The installation is on display through September 5th and is highly recommended!

More information on the exhibit and tickets at
More on the intriguing designer and architect Ron Arad

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