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There’s something very sexy about a powerful, strong woman; one that can look out for herself and doesn’t need a man to protect her: a modern G.I Jane who can take on a military uniform as easily as she can a dress and stilettos.

We’ve already posted about how amazing the uniform trend is this season, whether it’s denim or prints. This time we went military gear in honor of one of the hottest trends of the season. It seems the army trend is always there, ready to attack; it defies seasons and is perfect for any kind of style.

Military outfits

As two girls who served in the Israel Defense Forces, we know how to work with a uniform and its color palette! The military trend is not just about camouflaged pieces but also khaki, olive green and even whites!

Army unifrom trend Military trend

Rony wore an olive green dress with a Sergeant Pepper cropped denim jacket, waist cinching belt, gold and rope choker, studded moccasins and a beret.

Rony's outfit Rony's army green style Rony's style Rony's outfit Rony's outfit

Rony's outfit

Rony’s beret adds a French twist to the outfit and the moccasins, while extremely comfortable, add a tough-yet-chic twist. French beret Gold choker necklace Cropped jacket and feminine dress Studded moccasins

Vera wore an olive green maxi skirt with a sparkly graphic T-Shirt, camouflaged jacket, sparkly cuff and studded flats.

Vera's outfit Vera's style Vera's military outfit Vera's army green outfit Vera's outfit Vera's style

Vera's outfit

Vera’s top gives the outfit a very cool and modern look and her cuff gives a surprising pop of color to the whole outfit.

Tough as nails camouflage Army green, silver, and purple Mixing lengths and prints Studded flats

Both these looks are sexy but in different ways that show off our personalities and different styles.

Military gear

Photos taken at Ya’akov Garden, Tel Aviv.

IMG_65801 IMG_65811 IMG_65901 IMG_65961 IMG_66911 IMG_4695 IMG_4696 IMG_4698

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Last night Jews around the world held Seder night, the celebration of the eve of Passover, a holiday commemorating the Jewish people’s deliverance from slavery in Egypt all those many years ago.

We celebrated with our families, rejoiced, drank and of course ate lots of delicious foods! Here’s what we chose to wear on this special occasion:

Vera wore a blue frock with lace detailing and red bow pumps.

Vera's outfit Vera's holiday outfit

Rony wore a strapless layered zebra print dress with peep toe pumps.

Rony's outfit

Rony's holiday style

Both our dresses were so attention grabbing and unique in their own right that they required very little accessorizing; we both kept the jewelry to a minimum.

Wishing you all a wonderful Passover, happy Easter and a beautiful spring ahead!
love always, xoxo

Wide clothes and loose items were very big in the 1970’s to the 1980’s and made a serious statement about how femininity can be interpreted and how fashion could be worn. All of a sudden, chic could be comfortable! As an ode to our revolutionary sisters who back then made changes for all of us and for generations to come, this post is all about going wide and playing with proportions.

Our style

Wide pieces can be used to conceal body parts you are not so confident about and can allow you to draw attention to what you do feel like showing off. While the overall loose outfit worked for the hippies, we are big believers in creating contrast in an outfit – wide top with slim trousers or slimming top with wide trousers. This keeps the outfit flattering and practical.

Vera wore camel wide leg trousers with a rose patterned turtleneck and two-toned camel kitten heels. 

Vera's outfit



The wide lower part of the outfit made Vera’s upper body look very slim and toned and the wide trousers made her legs look very long.


Vera’s look is very 70’s inspired office wear and is the perfect mix of presentable work outfit and comfort.

IMG_64021 IMG_64041 IMG_64151


Rony wore a vintage sailor cropped blouse with black legging and black and white Oxfords.

IMG_63813 IMG_63711

Wearing an oversized top allows Rony to wear leggings without looking like she was on the way to the gym and keeps the outfit from looking too tight or revealing while at the same time showing off Rony’s toned physique. IMG_64331

IMG_64111 IMG_64131 IMG_64141

These outfits got us through a day at the office and after the photoshoot we strolled through the streets for the whole rest of the day. We felt completely comfortable and at ease!

Tel Aviv Living – Hashoftim St.
This quiet and charming street is populated by minimalistic apartment buildings separated from the street by beautiful gardens. Each building has its barrier of bushes and shrubs which allows for privacy, a noise buffer and green space.

IMG_63691 IMG_63681

We loved the architecture of this particular group of buildings – minimalistic and open, allowing the outside to blend into the building’s lobby.

IMG_64181The play on geometries was a nice background to our play on proportions.

IMG_63742 IMG_64001


So really, proportions aren’t just in clothing and fashion but in architecture and design as well!

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V & R

Happy weekend darlings!

The uniform trend is oh so hot this season!  Camouflage, military and of course the ultimate day to day uniform, denim.

There must be something about denim; other than the LBD it is the only classic we can think of that never fades from the fashion scene and is always relevant. When put together with other pieces, denim is usually the simplest and most comfortable item to wear. However, mixing denim items can get tricky, and has even been considered a faux pas. We beg to differ.

In light of the current fashion outlook of making trends personal, mixing and matching and going against the wave, we propose doing it your own way and having no reservations!  Here we (attempt to) prove that a full on denim uniform is so right and so right now.

Full on denim outfits Jean on Jean

Rony wore a denim button down blouse with a denim heart print skirt, jean jacket, lavender tights, bright yellow bag, brown bow flats and a rope and gold necklace.

Rony's outfit

Rony's style
Rony's denim outfit


Rony's outfit

Rony's outfit

Rope and gold and denim
Triple denim Denim blouse and skirt Hearts print

Lavender and brown

Vera wore a denim button down blouse, denim skirt, jean belt, and studded jean jacket with black tights and red ballerina flats.

Vera's outfit
Vera's style
Vera's outfit Vera's outfit

Studs and denim Studs on jean on denim Blouse and skirt triple denim Red flatsWe wish there was a tip or word of advice on how to mix denim “right”, but there was nothing specific we did to put these outfits together; we just tried a few options and kept the ones that felt right.

The best tip we could give is one that we always find relevant: wear what makes you feel amazing!

Our style

This photoshoot is the opening to a new series we are launching: Tel Aviv living.
While we love and can really appreciate the fetes of architecture the city has to offer, and love shooting them for our posts – Case in point Shades of Gray which was shot at Tel Aviv’s Art Museum – we love discovering hidden urban gems. In every city we visit around the world we love discovering its true essence and true personality. We are often more drawn to the residential sites rather than to the tourist sites and always try to learn how the true “city people” live.

Tel Aviv Living – Yehuda Halevi
This street showcases an eclectic mix of old and renovated buildings. The building we chose for the shoot is eclectic in itself – a mix of classical columns, oriental bricks and arches, a minimalistic façade, and adorned with modern graffiti.

Yehuda Halevi building Yehuda Halevi building

Yehuda Halevi architecture

Bricks and graffiti Yehuda Halevi building

The main façade of the building has a garden that, while being overly neglected, is intriguing in itself with its huge ancient trees that provide shade for the entire building.

City Garden

City Garden

Photos taken at Yehuda Halevi st. Tel Aviv.

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Hello fashion darlings!

Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and many other huge designers all sent their models down the runway in black and white and proved once again that classy is never boring.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 RTWMarc Jacobs Spring 2013 Ready to Wear. Photo courtesy of

Black and white patterned pieces were huge this season, and continue to rule the fashion forecast as spring approaches; the infinite colors of elegance are back in a new way!

Black and White outfits

This trend leaves so much room for mixing and matching and twisting! From Vera’s cape to Rony’s necklace, to Rony’s T-Shirt tunic, to Vera’s purse to Rony’s quilt bag, we were definitely texture happy!

Black and White outfitsVera wore a color blocked black and white frock with an oversized vintage black and white African-patterned cape, pleather leggings, gray pumps, gold chain necklace and a black and gold checkered purse. 

Vera's outfit Vera's B&W outfit IMG_63111 IMG_63191 IMG_63241 Vera's style B&W&Gold IMG_63331 IMG_63341

Vera’s purse, whose print is reminiscent of 20’s glamour, somehow goes perfectly with her more ethnic inspired cape; the prints complement each other and the different textures give a new twist to the outfit.

Burj, Binyamina

Black and White outfits

Black and White patterns

Rony wore a black and white print T-shirt tunic, pleather shorts, leather jacket, red tights, and accessorized with platform booties, hair bow, layered weave necklace, and a vintage British flag quilt bag.

Rony's outfitRony's B&W outfit Rony's style

Rony’s print tunic can be worn over the shorts for a more street smarts look, or tucked in a la Blair Waldorf.

Rony's black and white outfit

Rony's outfit

Rony's outfit

Mix of prints and textures

Pop art accessories

leather jacket and shorts Red tights with black booties


IMG_62642For this photoshoot we left the city in favor of greener pastures. We may have been attacked by several (hundreds) mosquitos but we think the results are worth it!
Photos taken at Burj, Binyamina.

IMG_63541 IMG_63561 IMG_63601 IMG_63641 IMG_63651 IMG_63661

Photoshoot in rural Binyamina

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Rony recently returned from an amazing trip to South America. Here she shares some of her travel diaries from three main destinations – Ecuador, Galapagos and Peru.

Ecuador Highlands

Ecuador is home to the Andes mountain range, which includes some of the tallest active volcanoes in the world.

Quilotoa Volcano lake

Quilotoa Volcano lakeQuilotoa Volcano lake

Cotopaxi Volcano

Cotopaxi VolcanoEcuador highlands Ecuador highlands Ecuador highlands Ecuador highlands Ecuador interiros

Ecuador interiors

What to wear
Horseback riding gear while riding horses through the mountains: traditional poncho and chaps.

Rony's hourseback riding gear Horseback riding through the mountains

Amazon rainforest

Comprising more than half of the world’s remaining rainforest, the Amazon rainforest is home to an incredible variety of animals, trees and plants that seemingly only exist in fairy tales.


Canoe ride through the Napo river into the heart of the rainforestIMG_29441 IMG_29121

Lodge in the heart of the jungleIMG_2905 IMG_3285 IMG_32161 IMG_33181 IMG_32641 IMG_31221

What to wear

Wear your jungle pants and lots of insect repellent to keep from getting bitten by the hundreds of species of insects!


Canopy walk above the forest


Being a city girl at heart, Rony was of course drawn to Ecuador’s capital, Quito, and its rich culture, history and architecture.

IMG_33371 IMG_33381 IMG_33561 IMG_33781 IMG_34141 IMG_33881 IMG_33921

IMG_33451 IMG_33471


Made famous by Charles Darwin’s studies and consequent theory of evolution, this archipelago is well known for its diversity of endemic species and how well preserved the wildlife is.


Landing on San Cristobal Island, GalapagosIMG_2382 IMG_23911 IMG_24491 IMG_25241 IMG_25461 IMG_25631 IMG_26351 IMG_26131 IMG_26661 IMG_27741 IMG_28051 IMG_27861

The most famous of Galapagos’ creatures, the giant tortoiseIMG_27191 IMG_26571 IMG_27001 IMG_28221

What to wear

Always have your wetsuit at the ready in order to explore the incredible wildlife under the sea, such as dolphins, penguins and the world’s biggest sea tortoises who just swim by you as if you were another fish!

Snorkeling in Galapagos

01060001 01060002 01060003 01060009 01060007

Swimming with the penguins sea tortoises and sea lions01090020 01060020 01060005

Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru

The sacred valley of the Incas in Peru spans from mountaintops to beautiful valleys in rural Peru and includes some of the most important sites in the history of the ancient Inca Empire.

IMG_3593 IMG_35881


Enjoying the view at OllantaytamboIMG_3605


The Incan archeological sites are absolutely awe-inspiring in their locations and in how architecturally advanced the Incans were in such ancient times. IMG_36851 IMG_37041

Machu Picchu – a UNESCO World Heritage SiteIMG_37071 IMG_37161 IMG_37191 IMG_37401 IMG_37721 IMG_37881

What to wear

Explore the valley and the mountains in your most comfortable clothes and get ready to do some serious hiking! Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and apply lots of sunscreen, at +3000 km altitude radiation can get pretty intense!

Rony at Machu Picchu


To young Israelis travelling in South America, Cusco is Peru’s Tel Aviv. The city is rich with history, culture, explorers from around the world and a vivacious scene.

IMG_41821 IMG_35021 IMG_34911

IMG_34881 IMG_34821

IMG_40401 IMG_40431 IMG_40251 IMG_39951 IMG_40201 IMG_3525 IMG_3514

At times the city seems very modern, but it’s never a surprise to run into a llama walking down the street.

Cusco Llama

From a fashion and textile design standpoint, it was intriguing to see the indigenous women’s traditional clothing and how they hand dye and weave their clothes using different natural materials.

IMG_34981 IMG_4101 IMG_4122 IMG_4142 IMG_38031

We highly recommend visiting, and very much look forward to exploring the rest of South America’s countries in the future!

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