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A revised version of bingo helps you plan your outfits!

Transitioning to a new season is always tough, especially for people who live and breathe fashion. New seasons mean new trends to keep up with, new items of clothing to invest in, and new outfits to plan; It can get pretty overwhelming. Luckily, has come up with a little game of Wardrobe Bingo to help with all that hard work.

It might seem like bingo has no place in the fashion world, being the drab, boring game that senior citizens play in stuffy bingo halls, but the game seems to have sprouted a sense of fashion in recent years. Not only have the most fashionable people of the world started to take up the game (case in point Kate Moss and Catherine Zeta-Jones, unashamed lovers of bingo), but the game itself has started blooming into a colorful experience.


Has notorious bad girl fashionista Kate Moss traded in her wild ways for bingo?RB shots for UK website 640 5

Not your average game of bingo at

No longer confined to calling out numbers in boxes, bingo has also seen powerups in the form of Greek, Roman and Egyptian gods in Bingogodz, and wild bingo competitions in Rebel Bingo. has taken bingo further into the fashion world by creating a simple game that allows the stylish to make full use of their bursting wardrobes.

Screenshot 2014-02-09 14

The principles of Wardrobe Bingo are simple: gather five items that fall under the following categories: tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories, and label each item with a number from 1-5. Participants then pick a random number for each category, put on all the corresponding clothing items, and take a photo of the final outfit.

As spring approaches, now is the perfect time to start looking for some of the key pieces that will make up your wardrobe. A quick edit through’s Wardrobe Bingo can help you plan what items of clothing to invest in next, especially when working on a budget. To play, grab a bingo card template off the internet (or create one yourself — just a 5×5 grid on a piece of cardboard), and mark each row as Tops, Bottoms, Shoes and Accessories, and each column with a number from 1-5. In each box, take down a key Spring 2014 trend that corresponds to the clothing group.

Here are some of our favorite trends to rock this season, courtesy of

For tops, off the shoulder shirts and dresses are all the rage this coming season.

Color: Orange is the new black, and pinks are perfect for spring.


Orange dress, shoes, and makeup at DKNY.


Pink trousers for a full day of chic at Karen Walker.

Flowers always bloom in spring.


Romantic florals at Rebecca Taylor. More ideas on how to wear florals here and here.

We love fierce and lavish gem embellishments.


Beautiful bejeweled Kenzo top.

For bottoms:

Crisp wide white trousers were seen on all the hottest runways.


Geomteric and minimalist cuts and prints rule this season.


Gorgeous prints and cuts at Edun.

Metallics make a strong statement.


Metallic from head to toe at Tory Burch.

Board shorts are effortless and chic.


For shoes:

Curved heels are the newest rage in shoe trends.


Walter Steiger printed curved heel pumps.

Pumps and high heels worn with socks. This trend is fun and bold, don’t be afraid to mix colors!

Mules (that’s right, the mules are making a serious comeback this spring), and for comfort look to skater shoes, as seen on uber fashionista Jourdan Dunn.


For accessories, our favorites of the spring collections were the big, bold, colorful, and DIY-inspired pieces.


Funky sunglasses at Prabal Gurung.

Now before you go out on a shopping spree, roll the dice for each clothing group, and take note of the corresponding trend. For example, rolling a 3 for bottoms means you’re going out on a quest to find the perfect board shorts, and a 5 for accessories will send you on a lookout for bright gems. When you roll a 6, pick out your trend of choice from the list.

Boohoo Wardrobe Bingo with Phlossy Roxx

Happy hunting!

V & R

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Happy friday ladies and gents! Man are we happy it’s the weekend!!

After the hard and stressful week we had, all we feel like is putting on our most fabulous dancing shoes and going out for a girls’ night out on the town!


This week’s pick was taken at a gallery opening we attended as part of Tel Aviv Fashion Night Out event. The gallery featured an exhibit by contemporary artist Eran Shakine whose pieces were very much fashion-forward.

Case in Point: painting of John Galliano modeling his own creations!
Wishing you all a wonderful, restful and happy weekend!
V & R

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Hello fellow fashion enthusiasts!
Fashion weeks from all over the world are filling up our schedules and all the fashion websites we come across. The Israeli fashion weeks won’t disappoint either, from the more conceptual fashion week in Holon to the fashion extravaganza in Tel Aviv! We bring you reports with the inside scoop!

Fashion Week is a very exciting time because, other than runway shows and celeb sightings, each city hosting fashion week also opens a series of fashion and design exhibits for all the public to enjoy. These amazing exhibits show a new and different look into the Israeli fashion industry.

Couple Of


We attended From Sketch to Shoe, a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the design process that goes into the creation of shoes at fashion house Couple Of, one of the most unique shoe-makers in Israel.
The exhibit featured beautiful illustrations that designers Shelly Satat and Eilon Combor develop and perfect as part of designing their “perfect shoe” – one that is both unique and functional, and the technology used to create the final product – CAD tools and laser cutting.

IMG_93861 IMG_93832 IMG_93903 IMG_93931 IMG_93952

The exhibit was held at Holon Institute of Technology, one of the best design schools in the country, where the courtyards are decorated with innovative projects.

One of our favorites: a garden chair made out of old CD’s, bringing together recycling, design and innovation.

IMG_93982 IMG_94012

From Jewel to Practicality

Our next stop was an amazing jewelry exhibit inspired by puzzle games. The exhibit was divided into four groups of puzzle games, each group exhibiting different variations of jewelry styles.
The idea behind the designs is simple yet very sophisticated and allowed designer Yael Fridman to create beautiful pieces that any girl would love to wear.

IMG_94061 IMG_94402

The exhibit went further to discuss the possibility of jewelry becoming a game or a toy rather than just an object of aesthetics.


Fridman’s jewels were designed and developed using computer technology and 3D printing machines both during the research process and while creating the final product. This was intriguing to us because, much like in the field of architecture, computed aided production and manufacturing is the way of the future and is sure to change how we think and create as designers.

IMG_94561 IMG_94461

More fashion exhibits coming up next, stay tuned on our blog, facebook, twitter, and instagram!

V & R

Last weekend we threw a fashion fundraiser which featured a vintage sale, music, bubbly, and lots of beautiful people!

Fashion fundraiser at re:LoftAs you all know as the seasons change so does our wardrobe; all the summer clothes get replaced by winter clothing and vice versa, which is a great opportunity to get rid of all those clothes you don’t wear anymore.

The initial idea behind the event was a closet cleanout: we all have clothes that just sit there in our closets and collect dust and that, no matter how much we try to convince ourselves otherwise, we will never wear again. We encouraged some of the best dressed fashionistas, bloggers and boutiques to get rid of all that clutter and donate it to our event.

Clothing donations

Besides demonstrating bold acts of recycling both by those who donated and by those who bought secondhand, all proceeds from the event were donated to an organization supporting children living in southern Israel, who have been subjected to acts of terrorism and who are emotionally and physically scarred.

Everyone pitched in and donated! Fashion bloggers, shops and boutiques, our families and friends, fashionistas, and other people just looking to do good. The amount of clothes we received was unbelievable, as was the support and positive feedback! The event was a great success, in attendance were women of all ages and sizes looking to find treasures for their wardrobe and at the same time offer their support for the future of our children.

Fundraiser sale

Fundraiser sale

Fundraiser sale

In accordance with the theme of recycling for a better future, the event was held at re:Loft, an art and design loft studio which deals with recycling in art and design. The owner of the loft, Danielle Dafni, is a multitalent: video editor by profession, as well as an artist, designer and event planner.

Danielle’s loft was the perfect backdrop to the eclectic mix of items in the sale; its spacious terrace offers panoramic views of Tel Aviv and it is filled with amazing furniture, some designed by herself and her father, others by world renowned designers such as Ron Arad and Charles and Ray Eams. The beautiful art was painted by Danielle herself.

View of Tel Aviv


Fashion blogger Liora at re:Loft

Fashion at re:LoftHere’s what we wore:

Vera wore a tulle overlay Little Black Dress with a metal and PVC collar necklace and studded leather moccasins.

Vera Watts

Vera and a guest at the event

Rony wore a heart print sweater over a polka dot dress with a studded belt, gray tights, peep toe platforms and a pearl bib necklace.Rony and a guest at the event

Rony's special friend: Johnny and the scarves

More pictures from the event here!
Photographers: Yossi Huli and Yarden Dafni

Thank you to everyone who donated, bought, and participated in the event, to the talented photographers who voluntarily photographed the event, and a huge thank you to Danielle for so graciously offering her loft!

What We Wear and Danielle DafniWhat We Wear and loft owner, video editor, designer and artist Danielle Dafni

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What We Wear

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Hello fashion darlings!

Last Thursday What We Wear was invited to the launch of comfort shoes label FLY FOOT’s winter collection, and not only did we have a blast but also learned a lot!

FLY FOOT is an Italian shoe label whose motto is “The beauty in comfort.” Yes that’s right, comfortable shoes made fabulous and stylish!

The label’s winter collection puts an emphasis on offering all the latest trends and styles in shoe wear, as well as some classic styles, while never compromising the shoes’ comfort.

The collection was launched with a few words from the label’s spokeswoman who explained why FLY FOOT shoes are so special in the comfort department, and what makes them so different from other comfort shoes.

The main feature which makes Fly Foot shoes so amazing are their specially designed thin soles which are cushioned from the inside for maximum comfort, while the cushion is hidden so no one notices that you’re wearing “comfort shoes”; all they notice is fab fab fab!

The next attraction was a special instruction on how to walk in high heels, the right way! As What We Wear should be considered professional heel walkers we didn’t think anyone could tell us anything we didn’t already know; we have to admit, we learned a lot and would like to share our new wisdom with you!

You can also watch the video Here.

The first thing you need to know is: When walking in heels, put your whole weight on the heel rather than on the cushion of the foot. If you are unable to do this it means that the heel is too high. Whenever you see a girl walking weird it means her heels are too high for her. While this looks ridiculous, it’s really not funny for her back, knees, feet, etc.
The second thing is: Take small steps, remember you’re not in a marathon and surely you want to look graceful. Treat the sidewalk as your runway!
The third thing is: Practice; as in everything in life, practice makes perfect!

The funnest part of attending fashion launches are the goodies! Our reward was an amazingly chic and of course incredibly comfortable pair of booties!

Have a great week and remember, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who feels good about herself!

V&R, What We Wear

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Hello you fashion people,

On this episode of Wardrobe 101 What We Wear styled Carine Baker, a very busy girl with a background in fashion who doesn’t have much time or energy for it anymore.

Carine turned to us at What We Wear to help her sort through all the strong items she has but doesn’t know how to put together. Carine’s original style is very much Las Vegas, where she grew up: sweats during the day and everything flashy and revealing at night. She has a lot of short shorts, see through tops and sky high heels. While these pieces are all fabulous separately, together they may look a bit too revealing and tacky. Our goal was to show Carine how to wear these separates in a new classy and chic way that would also flatter her figure.

Carine used to style fabulous outfits for herself and her friends but she complained to us that somewhere along the line she lost her mojo. Our job was not only to put together her favorite clothes but also bring back her flare and the stylish touch she used to have. We think it worked quite well!

Outfit number 1
Summery prints: Print flowy blouse, print shorts, gold bangles, pearl necklace, peach purse and two-toned peeptoes

Outfit number 2
Sleek and ready for business: Gray trousers, layered top, silver chain belt and jewelry, platform sandals and a men’s hat

Outfit number 3
Office fashionista: Ripped white jeans, 3 toned shirt, print scarf, pearl necklace worn as bracelet, pearl earrings, and tan wedge pumps. We also tried this look with polka dot peep toes which would be more doable to wear for a full day

Outfit number 4
LBD Carine style: Sleeveless Little Black Dress, beaded fringe vest, golden chain belt, gold bangles, python sandals. We also went for shiny faux croc heels to give the look a different feel.

Outfit number 5
Punk rocker: Mesh hooded top, high waisted shorts, oversized stones necklace, feather earrings, and peep toe wedges

Outfit number 6
City weekend outfit: Flower print mesh blouse, jean shorts, oversized knit cardigan, print scarf, and high heeled espadrilles

Outfit number 7
Sweet for summer: print shorts, print mesh top, sleeveless knit vest, fish pendant necklace, bangles, and multicolored rope sandals

Outfit number 8
Chic Mademoiselle:
Civilian Clothing tee shirt, high waisted skirt, waist belt, knit hat, high heeled peeptoes

Thank you Carine for participating in this styling experience!

Until next time,

xoxo Vera & Rony

We love being feminine, and being the girly girls we are, we can greatly appreciate a good skirt or dress.

However, there’s nothing sexier than a woman who can carry off a good pair of trousers, the more masculine the better.  Pants can be elegant and dressy in a very cool, non-obvious way.

What better way to display our pants than with an architectural, metropolitan backdrop?!

Unfortunately the strong wind knocked down my camera and we had no choice but to continue the photo shoot with our iPhones. But don’t despair! The fun continued as we played on the beautiful concrete sculptures.

Vera wore wide legged pants that with all the wind and volume looked like a very cool maxi skirt. She put together an edgy look with a striped top, gray vest, studded belt, ballerina flats, silver chain necklaces and a massive rhinestone ring.

I wore jockey-like balloon pants, one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I own, with a button down shirt, high heeled oxfords, vintage Ray Bans, big rings, and peachy necklace and earrings.

While we did decide we wanted to post about some of our coolest trousers, we never agreed on color, and somehow we ended up coordinating our color palettes. What can we say, great minds think alike!


Photos taken at Edith Wolfson Park, Tel Aviv, where the sculptures were designed by architect Dani Karavan.

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xoxo Vera & Rony

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