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We caught up with Marina on a particularly sunny and uncharacteristically warm winter day and loved her effortless chic style! Marina immediately caught our attention with her supermodel good looks and endless legs and we were very pleased to find out that the beauty is also brainy!

Who: Marina, 26, Architecture student


Wore: Knit cardigan by Pull & Bear, sheer mint blouse by Forever 21, white top and mustard carryall by Studio Pasha, gray high waisted skirt by Twentyfourseven, multicolored sandals by Aldo, , and gold necklace and bracelet.

As a busy hard working student, Marina’s first concern when putting together an outfit for a full day of studying and working, is practicality. The girl makes it work!

Who will be our next Street Style Star??

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Lately fashion has been all about the opulent, the festive and glamorous, the excessive, the Baroque. Designers everywhere have been sending their models down the catwalk in clothes, shoes and accessories rich enough to suit 19th century duchesses.

While we adore this trend, not all of us regular day fashionistas have the guts, the confidence, the money and the body to pull off head to toe baroque like certain Vogue editors (ehemm Anna Dello Russo).

For us, practicality is usually the top priority and we must find a way to put together an outfit that -while never neglecting bon chic- works around the clock for our hectic schedules. While over the top always makes a statement, it must also be accessible.

Vera’s favorite Baroque pieces in her wardrobe are a knit golden threaded pullover and a purple rope and gold necklace.

Vera's baroque pieces

Vera's outfitThese pieces alone are so attention-grabbing they could make the whole outfit.

Vera's outfit


Vera went for the cool biker chic look, choosing mostly blacks to offset the dramatic pieces. Under the knit cardigan she wore a sheer top which made the outfit more romantic, leather jacket, dark jeans, and faux-fur trimmed booties.


Vera’s necklace is such a show maker she didn’t need any other major accessories.

Vera's outfit

Rony’s favorite Baroque pieces are a brownish gray lace dress and gold and emerald earrings.

Rhinestones, gold and emeraldPeplum and lace

Rony’s dress, with its feminine lace and curve hugging shape is too provocative to be worn during the daytime. Rony made the dress more demure by wearing a peplum rhinestones-adorned blouse.

IMG_54781 IMG_54881 Rony's outfit

The glamorous look can be achieved with just a few key items that keep everyone on their toes, yet don’t look overdone.

Rony's outfit

Rony's outfitWe took advantage of the location of the photoshoot to have a drink ; no matter how much we talk on the phone and see each other we still find plenty to chat about!

At the Cafe

IMG_54753xoxo V & R

Silly fashionistas

Photos taken at Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv

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Hi everyone!

Fashion is not just about clothing and accessories; it doesn’t only have to do with what’s trendy and fabulous. As Coco Chanel said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”.


Men and women that are aware of their appearance and have their own sense of style will always look fashionable, no matter what they wear.

So really fashion is all about the visual – whether it be a Chanel jacket, modern urban architecture or a beautiful garden.

This weekend we discovered an amazing park just forty minutes outside of Tel Aviv where the visual was an awe-inspiring one. The park, called Ramat Hanadiv, was created in commemoration of Baron Edmond De Rothschild and his close family. The baron was a wealthy French man who donated a lot of his wealth during the British Mandate in Israel for the welfare of the first Jewish settlers of the new state.

Ramat Hanadiv

The park is divided into several different gardens and offers visitors a range of pleasurable pursuits. Throughout the Park are different hiking trails where one will pass through typical Mediterranean terrain, beautiful views at the observation point, sites of prehistoric settlement, and hidden spring – all meant to help preserve the ancient landscape of Israel.

The eastern view from the park

We were highly impressed by the level of maintenance of the beautiful gardens and by how the ecosystems in the park are being sustained. The trees and the foliage are a combination of European and Mediterranean species, creating a visual that is very European with Spanish influence, and at the same time very Israeli.

Rose Park

Rose park



The park Information Center building is the first and only existing LEED certified building in Israel – a building which follows international rules of sustainable architecture. The building was built inside of a hill, maintaining the natural terrain and designing architecture that goes along with its natural habitat. Electricity at the site is created solely from solar power collected using special solar panels. The plants and trees are all grown at an onsite greenhouse and are watered by a recycled gray water irrigation system.

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Ada Karmi-Melamede Architects

Courtesy of Ada Karmi-Melamede Architects

Courtesy of Ada Karmi-Melamede Architects

Courtesy of Ada Karmi-Melamede Architects

Courtesy of Ada Karmi-Melamede Architects

Courtesy of Ada Karmi-Melamede Architects

As designers and architects we were inspired by the design solutions achieved at the park’s landscape and architecture!

Whenever you feel you have had enough of the city we recommend visiting a beautiful park and taking a breath of unpolluted fresh air!

Photos are taken at Ramat Hanadiv, Zichron Yaakov

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Hello fashionable people!

Great fashion designers are not appraised only for the trends they create but first and foremost for the detailing of their creations. A designer piece doesn’t have to be “fashionable” per se or scream the latest trend but rather must have unique qualities all its own, whether in the fabrics, the craftsmanship, the sewing, the cuts, etc.
We love to discover and support young rising stars in the fashion industry, and one of our favorite promising young designers by far is Adi Ashur; and let’s just say we are deeply impressed! The multitalented Ms. Ashur expresses her penchant for all fields of design: jewelry, textile, structural design, in her clothes and accessories creating very interesting and unique pieces.

Adi Ashur Designs

Adi’s latest collection is a theatrical yet lavish fete of upholstery, chiffon, canvas, satin, linen, organdy, and lace, as well as feathers, metal, beads, glass, and cotton weaving.

Evening Gowns

Adi Ashur gowns

Evening gown details

The first dress Rony wore was a maxi satin flower print dress with sheer lining in the front. The delicate A shape of the dress is flattering on every figure and gives the illusion of a long body and never-ending legs.

Rony wearing Adi Ashur gown

Adi Ashur flower print gown

Flower print gown

Adi designed the print of the dress using graphic design softwares and then dyed the fabric herself.

Adi Ashur gown

Rony wore the gown with an oversized canvas flower necklace, rhinestone cuffs and rhinestone adorned briefs (all designed and created by Adi).

Flower necklace

Flowers and rhinestones

Chiffon silk and high heels

Rony felt like a major diva in this red carpet-ready gown!

Vera wore a pink layered skirt sewn out of upholstery, buttoned up blouse, and an 18th century-inspired flower print canvas waist coat with appliqués. The look was completed with a bright pink cuff and pastel colored leggings.

Vera wearing Adi Ashur

Adi Ashur outfit

Vera wearing Adi Ashur layered outfit

Vera was so fab she could’ve hung out with the likes of Marie Antoinette or in Alice’s wonderland!

Vera's outfit

Voluminous skirt and waist coat

Prints and appliques

Mix of colors

IMG_52062 Adi Ashur gowns

Fashion shoot

Day and Night Out and About

Adi Ashur designs

Adi Ashur designs

Colors prints and textures

Vera’s second outfit was a layered natural satin orange skirt with a hand knitted cape and print leggings.

Vera's layered outfit

Fun outfit

The voluminous skirt was perfect for a slim body like Vera’s, it accentuated her waist and hips and made her legs seem even slimmer.

Layers of textures and colors

Vera's voluminous Adi Ashur skirt

Adi Ashur detailing

3D Knitting

Vera offset the couture look and made it more wearable with a casual gray tank top.


Layers of Silk and high heels

Rony’s second dress was a hand-printed yellow collar mini dress which she wore with hand-printed leggings and a chain and glass necklace that attaches at the back of the dress.

rony multi1 Adi Ashur designs

This is the ultimate party dress: it has a sexy waist-cinching cut, it flows when you move and is so unique you don’t need to wear any accessories.


Back jewelry

However fun, this dress does not disappoint on the craftsmanship; it is a gorgeous couture creation!

Adi Ashur dress

Adi Ashur dress, leggings and shoes

Hand-made prints

Glass and chain necklace

Mixed prints and colors

Adi Ashur designs

The shoes worn throughout were hand-dyed and printed by Adi.

Adi Ashur outfits

Adi Ashur designs

Clothes like these require a very unique backdrop. And so we visited Tel Aviv’s Florentine neighborhood, a bustling center of design studios, workshops and furniture shops.

Out and About in Florentine

Florentine, Tel Aviv

The walls of most streets in this neighborhood are adorned with graphic designs, ads, writings and graffiti. This isn’t like any graffiti we’d seen before though, the graphics in this neighborhood are true works of art!

Florentine street art

Needless to say we felt like real stars walking down the streets of Florentine in Adi’s amazing creations! Thank you Adi!

What We Wear and Adi Ashur

What We Wear and fashion designer Adi Ashur

The inspiration for Adi’s latest collection came from old circus posters and the retro graphic quality they had. The posters announced the arrival of a new circus and the feeling of a magical phenomenon filled with lights and colors. Adi wanted to create in her collection the effect of walking placards, prints patterns and textures that become three dimensional, come alive and assume a life of their own. In her prints, cuts and techniques Adi brought the old circus into the 21st century.

For more information about the designer contact her at ADIASHUR23@GMAIL.COM.

It's a wrap!

V & R

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Rain drops keep falling on my head… but that don’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red!

Tel Aviv winterWinter in Tel Aviv. Photo courtesy of Ha’aretz, photographed by Moti Milrod

Winter is here! Of course Europe and the US have been enjoying wintery weather for a while now but Israel has only started getting rain and cold in recent months. So finally it’s time for us to break out the scarves, boots, umbrellas and our all time favorite winter must-have, the trench coats!

Made a style icon by Burberry, the trench coat is a must have for every winter wardrobe and goes with everything for everything: day to evening, high to low. This kind of fabulousness makes us wish it was raining all the time… ok well maybe not all the time!

Vera's trench

Vera wore her windbreaker version with a puffy knit turtleneck, plum skirt, cowboy boots, bright blue knit hat, leather drawstring bag and drop pendant necklace.

Vera's rainy day outfit IMG_51711

Vera's outfit

Vera's outfit

Vera's outfit

Blue and plum

sweater and skirt

cowboy boots

Rony wore her navy ruched sleeved version with a cowl neck sweater, print maxi skirt, knit scarf, faux fur booties, oversized patent leather bag, drop earrings and multicolored PVC and ribbon necklace by Marni for H&M.

Rony's trench

Multicolored jewelry

Rony's trench coat

Rony's outfit

Rony's winter outfit


Rony's outfit

Knit sweater and PVC necklace

Maxi print

Wedge booties

Share your favorite trench coats with us! What do you love to wear in winter?

Have a lovely winter!


Photos taken at the Cinematec square, Tel Aviv.

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