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Hello fashionable people!

Last night we were invited to the first event of Tel Aviv fashion week! And with whom? None other than huge international bloggers Bryan boy, Robb Young, Daniel Dykes of, Ada Alti of Trendland, and Rumi Neely of! Israel’s biggest names in fashion were in attendance and five excelling fashion design graduates got to showcase their designs for the fashion world to enjoy!

We were highly impressed by the dresses on display, by the innovative craft in which they were created and by how couture-like they are in a city that has such a young fashion scene.

Fabric and stones

As we come from a background in architecture, one of our favorite projects was designed by Karin Leibovich, whose inspiration came from architecture and parametric CAD design.

Leibovich used Rhino software and digital production along with couture sewing to create the intricate folds and layering of her designs. We were impressed!

Another architectural project incorporated wiring and metallic elements with layered fabric in the dresses, giving them a very 3 dimensional look.

Knit dress

The event took place at Rothschild Hotel, a boutique hotel on Tel Aviv’s fabulous Rothschild boulevard, where the interior design was very retro and a wonderful backdrop for the beautiful couture creations. Rothschild boulevard is home to some of Tel Aviv’s most beautiful architecture, restaurants and bars.

The international bloggers fit right in to the Tel Aviv scene and everybody seemed to be having a blast!

What we wore:
Vera wore a vintage oversized print vest, black cardigan and top, leggings, and studded flats. She accessorized with a purple rope and gold necklace.

Rony wore a button down white blouse, black harem trousers, studded pumps, canvas clutch and accessorized with black and gold geometrical jewelry.

Follow us as we cover more events from Tel Aviv Fashion Week: Fashion Night Out, Meet and Greet with some major influential designers and bloggers, and all the big fashion shows!


Vera and Rony

Hello fashion darlings!

Last Thursday What We Wear was invited to the launch of comfort shoes label FLY FOOT’s winter collection, and not only did we have a blast but also learned a lot!

FLY FOOT is an Italian shoe label whose motto is “The beauty in comfort.” Yes that’s right, comfortable shoes made fabulous and stylish!

The label’s winter collection puts an emphasis on offering all the latest trends and styles in shoe wear, as well as some classic styles, while never compromising the shoes’ comfort.

The collection was launched with a few words from the label’s spokeswoman who explained why FLY FOOT shoes are so special in the comfort department, and what makes them so different from other comfort shoes.

The main feature which makes Fly Foot shoes so amazing are their specially designed thin soles which are cushioned from the inside for maximum comfort, while the cushion is hidden so no one notices that you’re wearing “comfort shoes”; all they notice is fab fab fab!

The next attraction was a special instruction on how to walk in high heels, the right way! As What We Wear should be considered professional heel walkers we didn’t think anyone could tell us anything we didn’t already know; we have to admit, we learned a lot and would like to share our new wisdom with you!

You can also watch the video Here.

The first thing you need to know is: When walking in heels, put your whole weight on the heel rather than on the cushion of the foot. If you are unable to do this it means that the heel is too high. Whenever you see a girl walking weird it means her heels are too high for her. While this looks ridiculous, it’s really not funny for her back, knees, feet, etc.
The second thing is: Take small steps, remember you’re not in a marathon and surely you want to look graceful. Treat the sidewalk as your runway!
The third thing is: Practice; as in everything in life, practice makes perfect!

The funnest part of attending fashion launches are the goodies! Our reward was an amazingly chic and of course incredibly comfortable pair of booties!

Have a great week and remember, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who feels good about herself!

V&R, What We Wear

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Hello fashion darlings!

When considering what to wear for a day in the office there are so many considerations; indoor and outdoor weather, comfort, what kind of job you have, how your co-workers dress and so on.
The “easy” solution will always be trousers and a blouse, but what kind?
There are so many options for that combination alone that you could be standing dumbfounded in front of your closet for hours!

For this post we’re making the “easy” easier!
First step is deciding what kind of mood you are in and what impression you want to leave on your co-workers: If you’re feeling bold and want everyone to notice wear something bright and colorful!
If you’re going for the young and fresh look yet want to look like a professional, keep it a solid mix
If you’re feeling sexy but still want to have everyone’s respect- a sheer top will do the job! (with a top worn underneath of course!)

For a casual office look Rony wore blue skinny jeans, a sheer blouse, fitted vest, oxfords and an army green canvas bag. Rony accessorized with lots of silver jewelry to keep it interesting yet clean and practical.

The mix of the different items and the mix of feminine with masculine make this a casual office look that is young and natural.

Vera had a day full of important meetings and wanted to make a lasting impression on her co-workers and clients. For her elegant office look Vera wore a black chiffon set of trousers and blouse, red patent flats, an eye catching statement gold necklace and of course her signature haute geek glasses.

While the black set is masculine and stern, the sheer fabric makes it more soft and feminine.

No matter where you work and what you do it’s a proven fact that dressing nicely to work makes your day all the more fabulous! Or at least we believe so!

Have a very productive day!

Photos taken at a Tel Aviv office building.


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What We Wear visited the Yohji Yamamoto exhibit and came out feeling inspired!
The exhibit featured pieces designed by Yamamoto over the past two decades and included a variety of garments, from coats to dresses to pieces designed for his Adidas collection, to menswear.

We were absolutely in awe of each and every piece and the thought and craftsmanship that went into creating Yamamoto’s masterpieces.

The exhibit was held at Holon Design Museum, quite the masterpiece in its own right. The museum was designed by Israeli architect and designer Ron Arad and was the perfect backdrop for Yamamoto’s creations.

Rony’s day at the museum outfit: romper with cutouts, slipper flats, and leather satchel.

A beautiful Ron Arad exhibit we visited.

Coming up next: collaboration with our favorite young and hip designer, the perfect office outfit, travel, fashion, street style and much more fabulousness! Follow us for more!

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Hello fellow fashionistas!

Us modern women are always busy – whether we juggle family, studies, work, supporting our men, a million errands and running a household and of course try to leave a little time for shopping. We don’t always have time to plan our outfits and really think about what to wear on certain occasions. What’s easier than wearing a matched set?! Minimum thought is required, 100% fabulousness achieved.

The return of 80’s and 90’s fashion brought back the perfectly matched sets. The modern take on this trend is much more exciting though: sets that are made effortlessly by putting together similar prints, colors, fabrics, etc. This goes hand in hand with the current fashion attitude of making the outfit all your own and letting your confidence and creativity shine.

Rony wore a sheer owl print chiffon blouse with sheer chiffon overlay shorts, gray fedora, gray peep toe booties, and leather satchel.

The matching fabrics and similar patterns and colors of the pieces Rony wore made this a perfect set and the masculine hat together with the ultra trendy booties made Rony’s outfit uber cool.

Vera wore a flannel button down shirt, turquoise denim skirt and green blazer with checkered All Stars.

Vera’s layered outfit is perfect for the in between seasons. While the jacket and skirt are all modern business woman, Vera’s slap-on-and-go shoes will make this outfit comfortable for any girl’s hectic day.

So when choosing what to wear for the busy day ahead of you we suggest using your creativity to put together your perfect set. One way you could always change it up and keep the matching interesting is with your makeup and nailpolish.

Photos taken at Ra’anana Park.

Coming up next: What We Wear collaborate with a fabulous up and coming young designer, the latest on travel, fashion, and styling, best places to shop and much more!

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Hello friends!

We have recently noticed that Vogue magazine, in its fashion spreads, has been noting not only which designer the clothes featured were designed by, but also the models wearing them. This goes to show that the model wearing the clothes matters; She (or he) is no longer just a hanger but a personality that is just as important in making the outfit what it is. Anyone can buy the latest trends, if not by the designer who made them then by the million stores that imitate them. However, not everyone can wear the latest trends and own them and make them all their own. In a world where the most successful pop stars are the kookiest (case in point Lady Gaga and Nikki Minaj) and fashion bloggers become style icons, we are entering an era of personal style where the statement matters more than the clothes.

 M.I.A wearing mixed prints, Paris fashion week. Photo courtesy of

In that spirit, the current rage in the fashion world is prints: the more the merrier, bold prints mixed together against all rhyme or reason. In this trend all rules go out the window; forget what you’ve been told before about what “clashes”, now it’s up to you to put together whatever you see fit and whatever makes you happy! What an exciting time!! Mixed Prada prints at London fashion week. Photo courtesy of

We decided to dedicate a post to this because we’ve always believed that it’s all about the person wearing the clothes and how they put their outfit together. Vera Watts is a Russian Born fashionista who was raised in Israel, grew up on punk rock, loves cats and has a background in modeling. Ever the punky funky chick, Vera always likes to put together outfits that keep everyone on their toes. This time she chose a totally unique look by putting together prom queen chic with punky accessories. Vera wore a sheer polka dot blouse over a print dress. She accessorized with a plastic and metal necklace, studded belt, and studded leather moccasins. Rony Shapira was raised in the United States, has been putting together outfits for herself and others since the age of three, collects fashion magazines obsessively, and has a background in art which won her nationwide awards and recognition. Always a lady, Rony has always been into the retro feminine look. This time she chose retro 70s, a look that is very big right now, and put a girly twist on the flower children chic. Rony wore a toucan print peplum blouse with heart print cropped pants. She accessorized with a rope and gold necklace, big cocktail rings, silk hair tie, and peep toe booties.
Besides being fashion fanatics, Vera and Rony aspire to open an architecture firm together. What about you? Tell us about yourself and your personal style statement!

Go on and shock everyone with your most plentiful and print-full outfit! Don’t forget to dare and let your personality shine!

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Photos taken at Ha’arba’a Street construction site, Tel Aviv

xx V&R

Hello friends!

In the days of Shakespeare it was sexy for a woman to reveal even just an ankle or her shoulders. Sometimes we long for that era when everything was more romantic, less obvious and in your face. Collections this season have been showing pieces with little cutouts here and there, revealing a bit of skin just enough to inspire epic romance!

Cut outs are so big this season, they’re everywhere you look! Dressy shirts with open shoulders, dresses with cut outs around the waist, trousers, shorts and much else!

In the spirit of romantic theater, this photoshoot was taken at Tel Aviv’s HaBima Theater which is home to some of Israel’s most wonderful plays. The theater was designed by architect Ram Karmi and both the building itself and its courtyard feature geometric elements which provide different perspectives on the urban space, and different gathering area for all the public to enjoy.

Rony wore a button down magenta patterned dress with shoulder cutouts. She wore the dress with leopard print slipper flats, quilted bag, and big gold cuffs and rings to set off the “sweetness” of the dress. The A shaped dress is very flattering and is a must for every closet! It creates a feminine look for even the most straight-lined shapes.

Vera wore a black and white patterned tunic with shoulder cutouts, which she wore with black leggings, black strappy sandals, and a big golden chain. The tunic is shapeless and baggy so it goes really well with leggings for a skinny leg effect. The strappy sandals compliment the graphic pattern of the tunic.

Cut outs are a great way of showing skin in a demure unexpected way without wearing anything too short or too tight. This trend is very flattering on all body types. Just beware of cutouts that reveal too much!

A little DIY tip for cutouts: take an old buttoned up shirt (your dad’s or brothers’ shirts would be awesome) and cut the area you want according to the stitch line so the cut will look good!

Have a great week!



Photos taken at HaBima Theater, Tel Aviv

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