Fashion presentation at Tel Aviv Fashion Week

Hello fashionable people!

Last night we were invited to the first event of Tel Aviv fashion week! And with whom? None other than huge international bloggers Bryan boy, Robb Young, Daniel Dykes of, Ada Alti of Trendland, and Rumi Neely of! Israel’s biggest names in fashion were in attendance and five excelling fashion design graduates got to showcase their designs for the fashion world to enjoy!

We were highly impressed by the dresses on display, by the innovative craft in which they were created and by how couture-like they are in a city that has such a young fashion scene.

Fabric and stones

As we come from a background in architecture, one of our favorite projects was designed by Karin Leibovich, whose inspiration came from architecture and parametric CAD design.

Leibovich used Rhino software and digital production along with couture sewing to create the intricate folds and layering of her designs. We were impressed!

Another architectural project incorporated wiring and metallic elements with layered fabric in the dresses, giving them a very 3 dimensional look.

Knit dress

The event took place at Rothschild Hotel, a boutique hotel on Tel Aviv’s fabulous Rothschild boulevard, where the interior design was very retro and a wonderful backdrop for the beautiful couture creations. Rothschild boulevard is home to some of Tel Aviv’s most beautiful architecture, restaurants and bars.

The international bloggers fit right in to the Tel Aviv scene and everybody seemed to be having a blast!

What we wore:
Vera wore a vintage oversized print vest, black cardigan and top, leggings, and studded flats. She accessorized with a purple rope and gold necklace.

Rony wore a button down white blouse, black harem trousers, studded pumps, canvas clutch and accessorized with black and gold geometrical jewelry.

Follow us as we cover more events from Tel Aviv Fashion Week: Fashion Night Out, Meet and Greet with some major influential designers and bloggers, and all the big fashion shows!


Vera and Rony

  1. Crocs Are Awful said:

    What a beautiful collection! The level of detail is just amazing! 🙂

    • We absolutely agree, we were very impressed by the young designers!
      Thanks for reading, Amy!

  2. Oh those dresses are so great! I feel like I’d love to be there.

    • Aren’t they amazing?!!! We could stare at them all day 🙂
      Thanks for reading!

  3. miymaven said:

    Wow…wow wow wow. Since I’m studying Interior design, I also ma drawn to the architecture of these felted pieces. So inspired! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for reading, we’re thrilled you enjoyed these pieces as much as we did 🙂

  4. Jess C said:

    Such unique and inspiring pieces!

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