Fly Feet

Hello fashion darlings!

Last Thursday What We Wear was invited to the launch of comfort shoes label FLY FOOT’s winter collection, and not only did we have a blast but also learned a lot!

FLY FOOT is an Italian shoe label whose motto is “The beauty in comfort.” Yes that’s right, comfortable shoes made fabulous and stylish!

The label’s winter collection puts an emphasis on offering all the latest trends and styles in shoe wear, as well as some classic styles, while never compromising the shoes’ comfort.

The collection was launched with a few words from the label’s spokeswoman who explained why FLY FOOT shoes are so special in the comfort department, and what makes them so different from other comfort shoes.

The main feature which makes Fly Foot shoes so amazing are their specially designed thin soles which are cushioned from the inside for maximum comfort, while the cushion is hidden so no one notices that you’re wearing “comfort shoes”; all they notice is fab fab fab!

The next attraction was a special instruction on how to walk in high heels, the right way! As What We Wear should be considered professional heel walkers we didn’t think anyone could tell us anything we didn’t already know; we have to admit, we learned a lot and would like to share our new wisdom with you!

You can also watch the video Here.

The first thing you need to know is: When walking in heels, put your whole weight on the heel rather than on the cushion of the foot. If you are unable to do this it means that the heel is too high. Whenever you see a girl walking weird it means her heels are too high for her. While this looks ridiculous, it’s really not funny for her back, knees, feet, etc.
The second thing is: Take small steps, remember you’re not in a marathon and surely you want to look graceful. Treat the sidewalk as your runway!
The third thing is: Practice; as in everything in life, practice makes perfect!

The funnest part of attending fashion launches are the goodies! Our reward was an amazingly chic and of course incredibly comfortable pair of booties!

Have a great week and remember, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who feels good about herself!

V&R, What We Wear

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