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Happy Monday everyone!

We like to lead a healthy lifestyle, we eat healthy and take care of our figures by exercising regularly. We try not to compromise our style, and stay fashionable even while sweating at the gym. If we make an effort to infuse fashion into our sportswear why not do the opposite as well: infuse comfort into our fashion wear! We did so by turning some of our favorite sportswear items into chic wardrobe staples that can be worn just about anywhere!

IMG_70991 IMG_71002

Sportswear and ready to wear have been mixing a lot recently, from designer collaborations at the big athletic clothes brands (case in point Stella McCartney for Adidas), to sneakers that sport the trendiest prints and colors. What’s not to love about a trend that doesn’t only look good but is also so easily wearable, flattering and comfortable!


Rony wore vintage pink running shorts with a striped button down blouse, gray oversized jacket and beige and pink flats.

IMG_71891 IMG_71861 IMG_71871 IMG_72071 IMG_71851

Rony’s super short shorts look great with oversized items on top, so as not to reveal too much skin.

IMG_70932 IMG_71391 IMG_71481 IMG_71343 IMG_71193 IMG_71521 IMG_71572 IMG_71602Vera wore an Adidas pencil skirt, striped button down blouse, yellow jacket, studded belt and studded flats.

IMG_71981 IMG_71991 IMG_72001 IMG_71961 IMG_72021 IMG_71931

Vera’s look is ready to tackle a long day at the office.

IMG_71281 IMG_71331 IMG_71271 IMG_71081

IMG_71092 IMG_71621 IMG_71671 IMG_71741 IMG_71761

Photos taken at Cinematec, Tel Aviv.

IMG_71051 IMG_71781 IMG_71801 IMG_71812

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Wishing you all a wonderful week,
V & R


We’ve posted about our love for vintage clothes many times and we often wonder what it is about vintage that lures us in so much. We think it must be the fantasy and the romantic aura of vintage pieces, that makes us feel like we’re playing a part in an old Hollywood movie.

A similar effect we’ve grown obsessed with lately are ethnic prints. April is the month of international concepts of style! How do we know? Pick up any of the latest issues of fashion magazines and immerse yourself in a sea of beautiful prints and cuts with traditional wear vibes.

Elle Spain Mar 2013Elle Spain, March 2013


Miss Vogue Paris, April 2013

Clothes can often make you feel like you’re living in a fantasy of your own making; maybe that’s why we love them so much! The trick is not letting the “role” turn into a full on costume. Ethnic prints should therefore be worn intelligently, and why not make the outfit more interesting by throwing in inspirations from around the world?!

IMG_69161 IMG_69152

Vera wore an authentic Chinese gold and green blazer with a white buttoned down shirt, dark skinny jeans, golden toe flats, a gold and rope necklace and a frog ring.

IMG_69311 IMG_69261 IMG_69291 IMG_69431 IMG_69451 IMG_69511

Vera’s gorgeous blazer with its bold colors and intricate detailing is so attention grabbing that the rest of the outfit can be kept more minimalistic.

IMG_69491 IMG_69681

A white shirt and dark jeans make this outfit office ready.

IMG_69701 IMG_69721 IMG_69781



Rony wore an Eastern European-inspired patterned dress, South American-inspired wool poncho cardigan, 70’s inspired heels, studded and patterned cuffs and a vintage gold necklace.

IMG_69232 IMG_69242 IMG_69391 IMG_69381 IMG_69371

Mixing different prints both in Rony’s accessories and clothes made her outfit unique and interesting.

IMG_69351 IMG_69573 IMG_69593 IMG_69621

Wearing Rony’s dress with a knit pullover rather than a jacket or blazer dresses it down and makes it more day to day ready.

IMG_69631 IMG_69811

Even a plain white T Shirt can go amazingly well with that poncho that you got from Peru and never dared to wear!

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IMG_69871 IMG_69851 IMG_69921 IMG_4993 IMG_69831 IMG_4991

Photos taken at Tzemach Garden, Tel Aviv.


V & R

Today marks Israel’s 65th Independence Day! For such a small and young country, Israel is home to a beautiful variety of landscapes and a beautiful diversity of people all united by their patriotism and love for life. Independence Day is celebrated with huge parties, barbeques and general joy and happiness.

Everyone dresses in the colors of the Israeli flag to celebrate. In honor of this beautiful country we love so much, and in honor of its flag, we too chose outfits in the colors of blue and white.

IMG_69982 IMG_70023 IMG_70011

Vera wore a vintage sleeveless blue button down blouse with loose white jeans, red ballerina flats and a red long cardigan.

IMG_70211 IMG_70202 IMG_70171 IMG_70282 IMG_70321 IMG_70341 IMG_70361 IMG_70591 IMG_70602 IMG_70641 IMG_70701 IMG_70731

IMG_70262 IMG_70253

Rony wore a white zip front blouse, blue high waisted skirt, gray tights, silver gold and rope necklace, and gray patent stilettos.

IMG_70093 IMG_70061 IMG_70392 IMG_70402 IMG_70432 IMG_70802 IMG_70522 IMG_70531 IMG_70542 IMG_70551 IMG_70741

This photoshoot took place at a major center for Israeli arts and film: Cinematec Tel Aviv. The Cinematec features films by the most prominent Israeli filmmakers as well as by the most anonymous, independent ones. We love the architecture and the use of glass and graphic design to create a truly beautiful space.

IMG_69971 IMG_70811 IMG_70821 IMG_70911 IMG_70871


Photos taken at Cinematec, Tel Aviv.


Happy independence Israel, may you continue to rise and prosper! Happy celebrations to Israelis around the world!
love always,

Hello loves!

We absolutely love vintage. As far as we’re concerned, the more antique the better! We especially love romantic lace that makes you feel like a starlet from a different era. Lace has always been such an important part of fashion – from outerwear to knickers it is the ultimate symbol of femininity and grace. Worn with a certain jacket or shoe, lace can become a bit gothic or more soft and romantic.

While vintage and retro are beautiful, overdoing the style can get a bit.. well, granny-ish. To make our vintage pieces more current we spiked our outfits with a bit of punkish modern attitude. Here are the results:

Modern vintage outfits Modern vintage outfitsRony wore a Chanel-esque vintage crochet pullover and a black lace chiffon blouse.

IMG_67921 IMG_67971 IMG_67943 IMG_68242 IMG_68261 IMG_68311 IMG_68321 IMG_68301 IMG_68441 IMG_68491

Rony modernized the look with a black studded mini skirt, greenish gray tights, studded cuffs and Victorian peep-toe booties.

IMG_68661 IMG_68671 IMG_68681 IMG_68701 IMG_68841

IMG_67831 IMG_67871 IMG_67891

Vera wore a very babydoll-like vintage lace overlay mini dress.


IMG_68091 IMG_68171 IMG_68201 IMG_68351 IMG_68401 IMG_68531 IMG_68601 IMG_68631

Vera made the outfit modern punk with her black leggings, layered chain necklaces and tough-as-nails booties.

IMG_68751 IMG_68762

IMG_68771 IMG_68791 IMG_68831

What better location to photograph these outfits than at one of Tel Aviv’s most beautiful old buildings, the Beit Heseg building, located on one of Tel Aviv’s most beautiful streets, Rothschild Boulevard.

IMG_68991 IMG_69011 IMG_69052 IMG_68891 IMG_68941

This building was originally planned and built in 1924 by prominent Israeli architect Yehuda Megidovitch, is under preservation and has undergone restoration by important Tel Aviv architects such as Yaski architects. We just love the way this eclectic building blends with its modern surroundings!


Photos taken at Beit Heseg building, Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv.

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V & R

Happy spring loves!
Our favorite time of the year is here – Warm enough to parade around in your lightest, most colorful dresses, yet cool enough in the evening to still be able to flaunt your favorite blazers, cardigans, and tights!

Here are some of our favorite ice-cream colored outfits to welcome spring with.

Colorful spring outfits

Cherries and bubblegum – Vera wore a patterned pink minidress with a bright pink oversized jacket, burgundy tights, waist cinching belt, pearl and glass necklace, vintage Adidas quilted pink bag and brown brogues.

IMG_67121 IMG_67451 IMG_67491 IMG_67521 IMG_67551 IMG_67701 IMG_67321 IMG_67251 IMG_67241

Vera’s tip for super short dresses is to wear short shorts or Sophies underneath so that everyone will enjoy your long legs and not your knickers!

IMG_67711 IMG_67731 IMG_67752 IMG_67741

Peach and pistachio – Rony wore a turquoise A-shaped dress with a turquoise cardigan, asymmetrical cut jacket, peach tights, cutout high heeled oxfords, pink belt and gold V-necklace.

IMG_67013 IMG_67042 IMG_67051 IMG_67402 IMG_67431 IMG_67421 IMG_67392 IMG_67072 IMG_67091

An A-lined dress allows you show off all your best parts: If it’s your legs you want to emphasize, this cut will nicely frame and blur your upper body. If it’s your waist and chest you want to draw attention to, adding a thin belt will do the trick.

IMG_67633 IMG_67641 IMG_67651 IMG_67761

We love how everywhere you turn in Tel Aviv there’s a lovely surprise just around the corner! We found this beautifully painted wall just between a main street and a major construction site and just loved how well it went with our outfits!

Street art Tel Aviv

Photos taken at Ha’arba’a St. Tel Aviv.

We hope you enjoyed the holidays and wish you all a wonderful spring!
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V & R

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