City of knights

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Travel is one of our all time favorite activities; to us it is life’s most amazing luxury! We love traveling abroad but we also love leaving the city every once in a while in search of our country’s hidden gems and most beautiful locations.

This time we travelled two hours north of Tel Aviv to the city of Acre, or Akko as it is called in Hebrew.

ImageAcre is one of the most ancient port cities in the world and according to historians was founded during the ancient bronze era; during biblical times. Acre was an important city due to its strategic location. It was conquered by different empires and rules by many different leaders. The location also attracted many sailors, poets, artists, warriors and visitors, who often visited as a rest stop along their route to other parts of the world.
ImageOur first stop in the old city was the knight halls, which is still undergoing restoration. Although the site isn’t fully refurbished, it still has quite dramatic effects. While walking the halls we could just feel the history of the place and envision in our minds the story of the knights preparing their next fight.
In the early 1900’s these halls were used as jail cells where prisoners of the British Mandate on Israel were held.
ImageImageThe second stop was the Turkish bazaar. We quickly discovered that this site is a tourist trap, as everything is pretty overpriced, unlike the authentic bazaars we have visited. The highlight of the bazaar was a really nice gelato shop with homemade ice cream!
The city has beautiful galleries and exhibits. One of our favorites was an exhibit featuring historical pieces, some dating back all the way to the early 20th century! As architects we were especially intrigued by the furniture exhibits, featuring amazing Turkish wooden furniture. We were in absolute lust!
ImageThe old city’s port is a beautiful spot for a romantic stroll. We of course did some shopping in the old city’s market, where one could find fresh fish and  Baklava (a dessert considered a delicacy in the Arab world), home goods, jewelry, and our favorite: lots of shoes!
ImageImageImageImageImageOn this summertime excursion Vera wore an oversized tunic, denim mini skirt, golden sandals, a hat and lots of sunscreen!
ImageImageImageImageWe would love to hear about some of your favorite travels, share them on our facebook page or twitter! Follow us on instagram for more travel and leisure and of course lots of fashion!
V & R
  1. Lovely photos with so much history. I loved traveling to Europe, that is before kids came along, lol. The baklava must be so good of my favorite sweets.
    -XOXO- Natasha

  2. Amria said:

    This place is beautiful! Have to mention- the chair with lady legs cracked me up ahahah

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