Instagram of the Week: Escape to Nature

This week’s pick was taken while relaxing at one of our favorite spots for a weekend escape, Alexander River, which flows from the mountains of Samaria to the Mediterranean Sea. This is the natural habitat of giant tortoises, crocodiles, catfish and other beautiful species of fish; it is a great location for a walk through nature or a fun picnic.

194fe9ec734611e2bcc122000a1fa49d_7 (1)Now is the perfect time to enjoy convenient weather, not too hot and still not very cold, before winter starts, and have a lovely picnic in nature with loved ones!

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Enjoy your weekend!
V & R

  1. caroline said:

    Oh this looks so beautiful! How wonderful. xo

  2. I can picture myself under that tree with a good book and a chilled white wine and a nice nap after! So beautiful and calm, just what I need…

    • sounds perfect! it’s important to do once in a while, get away from everything and just relax.
      Thanks for visiting! xoxo

  3. This looks beautiful! There was a turtle in my drive way the other day. I went to help him to the other side of the road but then he ran… well what is considered running for turtles… moved briskly on his own! Those little guys aren’t as slow as we think! lol

    • awwwwwww!!!!! lol we love turtles, just wish they weren’t so shy:)
      Thanks for visitng! xoxo

  4. You are right … that picnic table looks so inviting 😉 Have a fabulous weekend! XOXO

    • Thank you girls, hope you had a great one! xoxo

  5. Spectacular view!!!! Enjoy girls, it’s perfect time!!!!!

    Thank you for lovely comment on my blog, have a great Sunday

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