Shades of Gray

Hello friends!

A monochromatic palette is always in fashion! Black white and gray are colors that always look sharp and stylish; the secret is how to make them look unique and new each time.

This photoshoot was taken at (and inspired by) the new extension to Tel Aviv Museum, designed by American architect Preston Scott Cohen. The unique geometric structure of the building gives it complexity both from the outside and in the interior space created.

The building was built out of premade slabs of concrete supported by a premade steel structure, all designed using parametric design softwares. The simplicity of the geometries and the concrete “look” together with the innovative way in which the building and interior spaces were designed inspired us to put together outfits that are simplistic in their color palettes yet interesting and modern.

Vera wore a monochrome stained print tunic with gray studded leggings and a gray vest.

To mix different styles with the grayish tones Vera wore a metal and plastic necklace and a studded belt and black ballerina flats that softened the whole look.

I wore a sequined miniskirt with an off the shoulder lacy white blouse and a black men’s vest.

By wrapping the vest around my waist with a gray obi-like belt, I made the vest very feminine and flattering.

I completed the look with a print cuff, beige strappy wedges and a yellow clutch that gave the outfit a pop of color.

To keep a monochromatic outfit from going dull we like to wear items that add a bit of sparkle, such as sequins and studs which are very big right now!

Photos taken at Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Have a wonderful and inspiring day!

xoxo Rony & Vera

  1. Wow, love the architecture – reminds me of origami too!
    And LOVE that grey sequin skirt!!

    • that’s exactly what we thought when we saw the architecture, amazing how the architect made concrete look so light!
      Thank you, we’re glad you enjoyed 🙂

  2. I think the museum is a perfect backdrop for your looks. Love the clean, modern lines of the architecture as it complements the monochromatic scheme of your outfits 😀

  3. Bug said:

    Ooh, nice skirt…

  4. I love how your outfits are inspired by the structure of the building!

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