Trip to the North

As the temperatures drop and the weather gets rainier and colder, we love taking advantage of the last bit of warm sunshine to travel and explore. This weekend’s choice destination was Rosh Hanikra, a beautiful geological site on the Mediterranean coast in northern Israel.

ImageIn order to access the geological site, one must take a cable car into the site and on the way enjoy stunning scenic views. The first stop to visit is the old railroad built by the British during the British Mandate in Israel. This railroad was built in attempt to create train access from Israel to Europe that would travel from Tel Aviv to London through Lebanon, Turkey and other countries.

The idea of a railroad that travels from the Middle East into Europe seems like a wonderful dream that in today’s reality seems impossible due to the Middle Eastern conflict.
The next stop are the beautiful grottos: cavernous tunnels formed by sea friction on the soft chalk rocks. We took a stroll inside the grottos and enjoyed the stunning views, some of the world’s most beautiful views in our opinion! The turquoise Mediterranean water was splashing everywhere and sunlight that crept in through the openings made this place appear even more magical.
ImageImageImageImageImageA nice ending to the trip was a long walk in the old city of Acre (see Acre travel guide and recommendations here) and lunch at one of the local seafood restaurants.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and wishing you a great week ahead!
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V& R

  1. caroline said:

    Wow what a truly beautiful spot! I I also wonder about how much history places like this have seen.

    • absolutely, this place is definitely rich in history!
      thanks for reading!! xoxo

  2. Michelle @ The Wardrobe Update said:

    What a beautiful place! Sounds like a perfect weekend getaway.

    • it was absolutely perfect! thank you! xoxo

  3. What a great way to spend a magical weekend ! These shots are truly spectacular ! XOXO

    • thank you!! itwas definitely a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  4. Mammu said:

    Wow how amazingly beautiful places!

  5. Abbi said:

    Beautiful place. I love the grottos!

  6. So beautiful, sounds like an amazing getaway!

    xx Cara

  7. Breathtaking scenery. There is so much great history… I hope to visit these places some day. Thanks for sharing!

    • our pleasure, we’re happy you enjoy our travel posts! thanks for reading, have a great weekend! xoxo

    • we definitely consider ourselves very lucky 🙂
      thanks for reading! xoxo

  8. OMG! You have been there! It’s incredible spectacular place, Magic!

    • hahah with pleasure, come visit us! thanks for reading Kat xoxo

    • Thank you so much! have a wonderful weekend!!

    • you should definitely come visit 🙂
      thanks for reading! xoxo

  9. That was a very nice trip and what a gorgeous photos you took, Israel have to be a beautiful country !

  10. What breathtaking scenery! I’m sure it was even more beautiful in person too!

  11. Hello again ! I’ve just read that Hanukkah had just started, so I wanted to wish you a wonderful and peaceful Hanukkah ! XOXO

    • Thank you so much darling!
      we’re not sure if you celebrate but if you do, have a wonderful holiday!! xoxo

  12. Thank you everyone! Rosh Hanikra is truly amazing and one of the best spots of the Mediterean sea!
    Happy Hanukkah and Thanksgiving everyone!!! :*

  13. Beautiful place! I’ve never been to Israel, but my fiance lived there for a while, so would like to visit it some time 🙂

  14. LFFL said:

    What beautiful pictures!

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