The Skirt Chronicles

Hello fashionistas!

As we’ve told you before, Vera and I have a tendency to wear matching outfits without ever planning to or discussing it; we like to call it style telepathy. It just so happens that we both bought the same layered H&M skirt in different colors.

Skirt Chronicles: One skirt worn two different ways, different body types and different personal styles, and lots of color!

Vera wore her maroon version with an antique looking sea green button down crinkled shirt, large beaded bangles, silver hoops necklace, and gray suede pumps.

I wore my pink and orange version with a bright blue zip front top, print silk scarf, gold and formica necklace, navy and cream satchel, waist belt, and peep toe heels.

The great thing about this skirt is it can go so many ways, casual, summery and day chic as I wore it, or posh, office or dinner date ready as Vera wore it.

Isn’t it awesome how the same skirt can look so different when worn in different colors and when put together with different tops, accessories and shoes?!
The lesson this time is mix your colors boldly; don’t be bashful, show off a little!

Photos taken at Tel Aviv’s sea port

xoxo Vera & Rony

  1. vagranttraveler said:

    Love when I find fashion for various body types ! Of only designers would take a page out of your book and realise we’re not all built like the models! Love the colour scheme though ( and the fact it was shot in Tel Aviv–can’t wait to get there eventually 🙂 ).

    • Thanks! We absolutely agree, real women are so much more beautiful than stick thin models..
      Alot of our posts are shot in Tel Aviv, check them out! And yea, it’s an a gorgeous city, you should totally come visit 🙂

  2. oooo…. I love the colors and the skirts! and the location!!! Thanks for visiting my page. 🙂

  3. I love both of these skirts! Great colors ladies. So chic!

  4. sarah said:

    Love these looks! So different, the both of them, yet so alike! Great way to wear the green top, by the way! I love how the blue looks on the orange and pink skirt, as well! The skirts give both the tops an extra pop!

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