Casual Glam

Lately fashion has been all about the opulent, the festive and glamorous, the excessive, the Baroque. Designers everywhere have been sending their models down the catwalk in clothes, shoes and accessories rich enough to suit 19th century duchesses.

While we adore this trend, not all of us regular day fashionistas have the guts, the confidence, the money and the body to pull off head to toe baroque like certain Vogue editors (ehemm Anna Dello Russo).

For us, practicality is usually the top priority and we must find a way to put together an outfit that -while never neglecting bon chic- works around the clock for our hectic schedules. While over the top always makes a statement, it must also be accessible.

Vera’s favorite Baroque pieces in her wardrobe are a knit golden threaded pullover and a purple rope and gold necklace.

Vera's baroque pieces

Vera's outfitThese pieces alone are so attention-grabbing they could make the whole outfit.

Vera's outfit


Vera went for the cool biker chic look, choosing mostly blacks to offset the dramatic pieces. Under the knit cardigan she wore a sheer top which made the outfit more romantic, leather jacket, dark jeans, and faux-fur trimmed booties.


Vera’s necklace is such a show maker she didn’t need any other major accessories.

Vera's outfit

Rony’s favorite Baroque pieces are a brownish gray lace dress and gold and emerald earrings.

Rhinestones, gold and emeraldPeplum and lace

Rony’s dress, with its feminine lace and curve hugging shape is too provocative to be worn during the daytime. Rony made the dress more demure by wearing a peplum rhinestones-adorned blouse.

IMG_54781 IMG_54881 Rony's outfit

The glamorous look can be achieved with just a few key items that keep everyone on their toes, yet don’t look overdone.

Rony's outfit

Rony's outfitWe took advantage of the location of the photoshoot to have a drink ; no matter how much we talk on the phone and see each other we still find plenty to chat about!

At the Cafe

IMG_54753xoxo V & R

Silly fashionistas

Photos taken at Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv

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  1. This is so true, a much needed post. I love the opulence but it’s so hard to wear….Thanks!

    • it is hard to wear! we think the funnest part of fashion is turning what we see in magazines into “real” everyday outfits!
      thanks for reading!!

  2. you both look amazing! I love the dress and the pullover!!

    love, Gongy

  3. It’s fun to step back and look at what you were wearing one year ago ! I really like these baroque pieces because they are opulent but classy too ! XOXO

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