What We Wear: Beach Edition

Hey friends!

Besides being one of nature’s most amazing creations, the beach is also sandy, humid, windy, wet and has the most revealing lighting. Not exactly the ideal runway for a fashionista. We do love going to the beach though, especially when we live so close to some of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful beaches. Ladies and gentleman, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: We give you What We Wear, the bathing suit edition!!

Beach fashion is no less important than any other fashion, and is much more problematic. What works on the street won’t work on the beach. When you have sand all over you the last thing you want is clothing that’ll stick to your skin. We chose beach dresses in flowy breathable fabrics.

Vera’s first dress is a 100% cotton fuchsia mini dress which can be worn with or without a string belt. This dress can be worn in winter as well with leggings and a jacket. She completed the outfit with black flip flops, black and white straw hat and brownish Ray Bans.

The second dress Vera wore is the perfect beach dress: it’s 100% silk fuchsia dress with bows on the shoulders to adjust the straps. This piece is really flowy and feels like you have nothing on so it’s great for super hot weather. My first dress is a %100 cotton pale pink dress. What’s great about this dress is that it’s loose, especially around the sleeves so that there’s maximum breathing space, but can also be adjusted by drawstring if it feels too big. I completed the outfit with gold strap sandals, a men’s straw hat and leopard print sunglasses. The second dress I wore is actually a %100 chiffon purple tunic I bought in a bigger size and wear as a dress. This is a piece that can be worn outside the beach, it’s classy and a bit dressy and goes with just about anything! The bright color of the tunic brings out my tan and blonde hair. Our advice is to buy your beach dress a size bigger than you usually wear so that it stays loose and comfortable. Colors are the fun part to play with, we usually go for brightly colored pieces that are attention grabbing and won’t fade in the summer sun. Don’t forget that at the beach accessories can be kept to a minimum besides the essentials: sunglasses, hat, etc.

And to the most important beach wardrobe staples: The swimsuits!

Vera wore a red retro bra-like top with brown bottoms. The little skirt attached to the bottom gives the bikini a bit of a flattering twist. Vera’s bikini was put together by mixing pieces from different sets. We recommend mixing different tops and bottoms to make your swimsuit more interesting. Especially in today’s fashion where different colors, prints, cuts and styles are put together and mismatched. Everything goes! I also mixed a top and bottom from two separate bikinis to create an interesting mix of colors. Although I prefer to tan in a strapless bikini as it leaves no tan lines, the triangle cut is much more flattering, especially on girls with a bigger bust.

Remember, no one has a perfect body, even the skinniest supermodels have cellulite; it’s all a matter of finding the perfect cut swimsuit for your body, wearing a suit that suits your shape and wearing it with confidence. Don’t forget to drink lots of water and apply lots of sunscreen. Being healthy and protecting your skin is always in fashion!

Photos taken at Hilton beach, Tel Aviv.


Rony and Vera

  1. very nice blog with lots of style and fun

    • Thank you Thierry, we’re really glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  2. The dresses in this post are adorable!!!

    • Thank you! we think so too, but the best thing about them is that they are so comfortable!
      Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Initiator ;-) said:

    Great blog and impressive photography…!
    nice to find you…!

      • Initiator ;-) said:

        You warmly Welcome…!

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